X Mouse Button Control V 2.7

  1. X-Mouse Button Control is a software solution that allows you to reconfigure the buttons of your mouse. The user interface of the program is based on a standard window in which you can add, edit.
  2. The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is an app that helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC. This app is not available for Windows 10 in S mode. Download the latest release of Mouse and Keyboard Center: 32-bit version.

V-btn is the only component that behaves differently when using the dark prop. Lua c api hello world. Normally components use the dark prop to denote that they have a dark colored background and need their text to be white. While this will work for v-btn, it is advised to only use the prop when the button IS ON a colored background due to the disabled state blending.

This article is about the game controls. For the combat mechanics, see Control.

Controls are functions used by the player to open menus, activate skills and abilities, and otherwise allow the character to interact with the game mechanics. Key-mappings, or hot-keys, are shortcuts that allow the player to quickly access or open skills and windows. The following list is the current listing of hot-key options at their default settings. Those listed as Unassigned do not have a key mapped to that action by default. All of the following actions may be mapped to different keys by the player allowing for the player to customize the shortcuts to their own preferences. Currently, mouse camera controls can not be remapped and are limited to the left and right mouse click buttons, except when action camera is toggled on.

In game appearance Controls


See also: Options#Control Options
W,Move Forward / Double tap to dodge forward
S,Move Backward / Double tap to dodge backward
Q,Strafe Left / Double tap to dodge left while standing and forward left while moving forward
E,Strafe Right / Double tap to dodge right while standing and forward right while moving forward
ATurn Left
DTurn Right
R,Num LockAuto-Run
SpaceSwim Up
UnassignedSwim Down
UnassignedAbout Face
`Swap Weapons / Drop bundle, or exit transformation (excludes Polymorph Moa and Death Shroud)
1Weapon Skill 1
2Weapon Skill 2
3Weapon Skill 3
4Weapon Skill 4
5Weapon Skill 5
6Healing Skill
7Utility Skill 1
8Utility Skill 2
9Utility Skill 3
0Elite Skill
F1Profession Skill 1 — (e.g. F1 activates Fire Attunement for elementalists)
F2Profession Skill 2
F3Profession Skill 3
F4Profession Skill 4
F5Profession Skill 5
-Special Action
Shift+T Alert Target
Ctrl+TCall Target
T Take Target
UnassignedNearest Enemy
TabNext Enemy
Shift+TabPrevious Enemy
UnassignedNearest Ally
UnassignedNext Ally
UnassignedPrevious Ally
Unassigned Lock Autotarget
Unassigned Snap Ground Target
Unassigned Toggle Snap Ground Target
Unassigned Disable Autotargeting
Unassigned Toggle Autotargeting
User Interface
EscCloses any open dialogue or opens the Game Access Dialogue
OBlack Lion Trading Dialog
YContacts Dialog
GGuild Dialog
HHero Dialog
IInventory Dialog
KPet Dialog
UnassignedMail Dialog
F11Options Dialog
PParty / Invite, kick, or leave party
Unassigned PvP Panel
Unassigned PvP Build
BScoreboard or World vs World standing in PvE
NInformation Dialogue
Chat Show / Hide
/Chat Command — (e.g. '/wave' activates the wave Emote)
Enter,Return (NUM)Chat Message
BackspaceChat Reply
Ctrl+Shift+HShow / Hide the user interface
Shift+Show / Hide Squad Broadcast
Shift+/Squad Broadcast Chat Command
Shift+Enter,Shift+Return (NUM)Squad Broadcast Message
X Mouse Button Control V 2.7
UnassignedFree Camera
Page UpZoom In
Page DownZoom Out
UnassignedLook Behind
UnassignedToggle Action Camera
UnassignedDisable Action Camera
Print ScreenNormal
MOpen / Close
Page DownFloor Down
Page UpFloor Up
+, =Zoom In
-, _Zoom Out
XMount / Dismount
VMount Ability 1
CMount Ability 2
UnassignedRaptor Mount/Dismount
UnassignedSpringer Mount/Dismount
UnassignedSkimmer Mount/Dismount
UnassignedJackal Mount/Dismount
UnassignedGriffon Mount/Dismount
UnassignedRoller Beetle Mount/Dismount
UnassignedSkyscale Mount/Dismount
Shift+TabNearest Fixed Camera
TabNearest Player
1Red Player 1
2Red Player 2
3Red Player 3
4Red Player 4
5Red Player 5
6Blue Player 1
7Blue Player 2
8Blue Player 3
9Blue Player 4
0Blue Player 5
Ctrl+Shift+FFree Camera
EFree Camera — Boost
WFree Camera — Forward
SFree Camera — Backward
AFree Camera — Left
DFree Camera — Right
SpaceFree Camera — Up
VFree Camera — Down

X Mouse Buttons Control Download

Alt+9Clear All Location Markers
Alt+Shift+9Clear All Object Markers

X Mouse Button Control V 2.7 Free

UnassignedAoE Loot
FInteract / Revive / PvP Finisher — (performs context-sensitive actions)
Left CtrlShow Enemy Names
Left AltShow Friendly Names
UnassignedStow / Draw Weapons
Right CtrlLanguage Quick Toggle
UnassignedRanger Pet Combat Toggle
Alt+Enter,Cmd+EnterToggle Full Screen
UEquip/Unequip Novelty
UnassignedActivate Chair
UnassignedActivate Musical Instrument
UnassignedActivate Held Item
UnassignedActivate Toy
UnassignedActivate Tonic
UnassignedBuild Template 1
UnassignedBuild Template 2
UnassignedBuild Template 3
UnassignedBuild Template 4
UnassignedBuild Template 5
UnassignedBuild Template 6
UnassignedEquipment Template 1
UnassignedEquipment Template 2
UnassignedEquipment Template 3
UnassignedEquipment Template 4
UnassignedEquipment Template 5
UnassignedEquipment Template 6

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X Mouse Button Control V 2.7 Download

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