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  • X-Mouse Button Control is a Cleaning and Tweaking application like SafeErase, Disk Defrag, and Process Check from Highresolution Enterprises. X-Mouse Button Control is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download.
  • X-Mouse Button Control is a Cleaning and Tweaking application like SafeErase, Disk Defrag, and Process Check from Highresolution Enterprises. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. X-Mouse Button Control is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users.
  • Xmousebuttoncontrol.exe is a process belonging to X-Mouse Button Control from Highresolution Enterprises. Non-system processes like xmousebuttoncontrol.exe originate from software you installed on.

For information and instructions, check out the user guide and the FAQ.
The user guide is included in the installation and you can find it in your start menu, under Highresolution EnterprisesXMouse Button Control. Alternatively, click here.

The latest version is 2.19.2 and it was updated on 2021-01-07 18:51:47. See below the changes in each version. X-Mouse Button Control version 2.19.2. Release Date: 2020-05-23. Changes: New features and options as well as several bug fixes. See the change log included (or online) for details.

You can download additional language packs here.

For a list of new features and changes, please check out the change log here.

If you want further information, or support, please check out the user forums here.

Remember, X-Mouse Button Control is NOT affiliated to any mouse hardware and is FREE for anyone to use.
If you paid any money for X-Mouse Button Control, ask your supplier (not me) for a refund!



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This year, the chosen charity is Epilepsy Research UK so perhaps, instead of donating directly to XMBC, you could sponsor us instead. Two years ago, XMBC users made a big difference to our fundraising so be sure to leave a comment mentioning XMBC so I can see how many donations are as a result of you good XMBC users.

Donations are welcome but please be aware that they will not buy you additional/faster support or new features. I certainly don't expect donations but at the same time, they are very much appreciated. You can donate with PayPal using the donate button.

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Please note that whilst the author actively runs and tests this software on several machines and different versions of windows, no warranty or guarantee on the performance of the software or that this software is free from bugs, is provided. Neither the author nor anyone else involved in the production, testing or delivery of this software shall be liable for any damages of any type.
All downloads are checked for known viruses at the time of publishing.

Here are some frequently asked questions about XMBC and their answers.
Why do I need X-Mouse Button Control?
XMBC is a small and efficient application to remap your mouse buttons. Originally, I wrote XMBC because Microsoft was slow to release a proper working Intellipoint package for Windows XP x64 back in 2003/4. They have released such a package now but as far as I'm concerned, they were too slow!. Anyway, XMBC is tiny in comparison, takes far fewer system resources and offers more functionality and configuration options, including different button mappings for individual applications!

When installing, I see a message saying 'Windows protected your computer'
This is Windows' SmartScreen in action. Sometimes it takes a while for it to 'trust' new applications that have not been seen before. You should be able to ignore this (hit the More Actions and say Run Anyway) although newer versions of windows make this more difficult.
Eventually Microsoft will figure out that XMBC is safe and should not present this message. Until then you either have to manually run the installer and hit the 'Run Anyway' button if prompted or disable/turn down smartscreen (I wouldn't recommend that).
This occurs more frequently when I release a new version with a new software signing certificate - i.e. that has not been seen before (the certificates expire yearly). I don't yet know how long it takes before trust is established - it depends on the number of installations world wide.

Is there a user manual?
Yes there is a relatively simple user guide (produced initially by MainTrane and updated by Phil) that explains the various screens in XMBC. It can be found on your start menu after installation, or online here or here (mirror).

My mouse has more than 5 buttons. How can I configure these buttons?
Can you add support for more buttons?

XMBC is currently only able to support 5 buttons primarily because the Windows mouse hooks (that XMBC makes use of to intercept the mouse button messages) only support up to 5 buttons.
XMBC is not a mouse driver, it uses windows mouse hooks to capture buttons and therefore it is only capable of responding to the messages sent (by the mouse driver) through the Windows mouse hook. The Windows Mouse hooks only support messages for the first 5 buttons. So until Windows mouse hooks recognize more buttons natively, XMBC will only ever support 5 buttons.

Does XMBC support Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10?
XMBC supports Windows XP through Windows 10, both x86 and x64 editions. It also runs just fine on Windows Server should you choose to do so. Generally I test on the latest version of Windows only (currently Windows 10) but there are many other people participating in the (open) beta tests that use older OS's from XP upwards.
NOTE That different versions of Windows can have different button mapping options available, depending on what that version of Windows offers. For example on Windows 10 you can open the charms bar, on Windows 10, search with Cortana and navigate between virtual desktops etc.
NOTE: Prior to version 2.6, if you are using UAC (on by default) then XMBC will not work with programs running in Administrator mode unless XMBC is run in Administrator mode. Version 1.39 and later attempts to circumvent this using a system service to launch XMBC elevated if your account has the ability to do this but obviously a standard user will still be limited to non elevated processes unless you explicitly launch XMBC as administrator and provide account credentials.
NOTE: As of version 2.11, XMBC no longer supports Windows 2000 and require to be installed under the Program Files folder in order to interact with elevated windows (see below).

Installation Location
Why should I/shouldn't I use Program Files for During installation, what difference does it make?

In Windows Vista and later, XMBC operates as an accessibility tool in order to interact with elevated (UAC) windows and send certain simulated keystrokes.
Microsoft's rules for accessibility tools are quite strict, and include that they *HAVE* to be installed under either the Program Files folder or the WindowsSystem32 folder. If that is not the case (you choose a different location), then Windows will stop XMBC from running as an accessibility tool and you simply wont be able to operate with elevated windows or send simulated keystrokes that require elevation (like WIN+X on Windows 8 and later).
Of course, you can get around this by running XMBC as Administrator but that (a) requires and Admin account and (b) if you have UAC enabled, requires accepting/entering credentials every time you run XMBC - hardly an acceptable solution!

I've installed XMBC , now what?
XMBC will run automatically when you start windows (or log on to windows). it is also available to run in your START menu under 'Highresolution Enterprises'. When XMBC runs, a little mouse icon is visible in the system tray (by the clock). Double click the icon to open the setup window. Right click the icon to show the menu.
NOTE: On Windows Vista and later, the system tray icon may be hidden. You can normally see the hidden icons by clicking the 'show hidden icons' link (up arrow) to the left of the system tray. You can also drag the icon from the hidden (customize) window to the task bar area where it will then stay.

What's with the PayPal/Bitcoin button - isn't XMBC free?
XMouseButtonControl is free. The donate button is just that, if you want to show your thanks and support feel free to use it. If you don't, it doesn't matter. It is not my intention to charge for XMBC, or give people who donate any special treatment or quicker fixes/responses.
Of course, all donations are appreciated and do help with the motivation sometimes
Can I use XMBC in a corporate environment - what is the license?
As I said above, XMBC is free - you can use it where ever you want. All I ask is that if you want to redistribute XMBC (for example on a magazine cover CD or direct download on another website) you ask me first.
As for license - it is displayed when installing XMBC but it effectively says you can use XMBC for free when and wherever you want, but I can not be held responsible for anything (the usual cover all!).
XMBC is a hobby project, not commercial. The only important things are that you use XMBC at your own risk and I cant be held responsible for anything, as described in the installation license page.
XMBC does not capture any personal information nor does it send anything back to me without first prompting (for example, if the program crashes, it does prompt you asking if you want to send a crash report & log file to me to help debugging).

X Mouse Button Control High Resolution

My simulated keystrokes do not work in games, what can I do?
Some games do not react well to simulated keys. There are various reasons for this, for example, some actively block injected keystrokes to prevent cheating. I have created a dedicated thread for this issue, with some suggested actions to try to resolve the problems.

I have a keyboard with extra buttons. Can you support the extra buttons in that don't currently work in XP64?
Unfortunately, the keyboard support for extra buttons is limited to the driver. You will find, certainly on a MS keyboard, that some of the extra buttons work and some don't. The ones that don't work can not be changed because it would require a driver (like the extended mouse buttons above). Therefore, I am unable, in a program such as XMBC to map these buttons. More to the point, XMBC is for configuring the mouse not the keyboard!

Can you implement this extra functionality for me?
PM or Email me or post to this forum your request and as much detail as possible. Maybe I can help - but don't expect an immediate response - and don't be upset in the unlikely event that I say its not possible!,
XMBC is pretty stable now and there are alternatives like the proper Logitech drivers - so its not going to change in big ways too often!

I've found a bug, can you fix it?
Again, PM/Post here, follow the forum rules and include as much information about the problem and I'll do my best to help. Don't forget that XMBC is something I do in my spare time so there will be no promises on timescales!

Can I have the source code?
XMBC is not currently open source, its just free to download and use.
This is mainly because I cant be bothered to make it nice and tidy. I don't plan on giving the source away - but the principle is very simple - it just uses windows mouse hooks. I found all the info required to build XMBC in MSDN (look for SetWindowsHookEx())