What Java Do I Need For Shimeji

It will say what you need to rename them to in the description. Now, (after you renamed the files if necessary) to start up the your little desktop buddy, all you need to do is double click the Shimeji Executable Jar File. It has the little Java icon on it. You may need to wait a moment after you click, be paitent!



Radio Science Shimeji edition!

They kiss and crawl and jump and fall, not to mention they’re fun little desktop companions. (Though these little bastards multiply quickly.)

  • To open please DOWNLOAD HERE
  • The file is RAR so you must have WINRAR to extract
  • Once extracted click CLICK ME, not Shimeji
  • Right click the icon for the option, in order, add another shimeji, move to cursor, delete all shimeji but one, call back windows, and finally close program.
What Java Do I Need For Shimeji

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Original set thanks to Yuki Yamada

(I’ll probably go back and fix them up one day)


Shimeji Pc

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