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We live in an era where the use of screens is nearly inescapable. It will not be wrong to say that screens are our companions more than any other thing. We work all day on screens to be in front of screens again at night. We are used to working with the desktops to make us feel extremely bored, stressed, and, most importantly, alone. Digital loneliness is a serious issue, and a little goofiness in your workspace can help you remain sane and more productive. It’s charming when you get to have something cute occupy some corner of your screen that you occasionally glance at and play with. These desktop buddies, also known as, virtual desktop pets, screen mates, screen buddies, desktop buddies, digital pets, desktop mascots, virtual pets, virtual companions, screen crawlers, screen wanderers, etc., are a fun solution to kill the boredom and to add a fun aspect to your computer.

What are desktop buddies or desktop pets?

id: two screenshots of ace attorney shimejis, or desktop pets. The first image shows apollo justice and klavier gavin sitting on top of a discord window. Apollo has his eyes closed and his hands in his lap and klavier is playing the guitar. The next image is three ema skyes standing on a taskbar and says 'aa4 shimeji!!'

Desktop buddies have revolutionized over the past few years and are becoming more popular in the modern world with “Social distancing” in action. People are avoiding social interactions, and screens are becoming the only companions to get us through these lonely times. And now would be the best time to bring your dull computer screen to life with cute and playful desktop buddies. The most renowned and favorite desktop pets are the Shimejis from the program called Shimeji-ee.

What is the Shimeji desktop pet?

Shimejis are the adorable little mascots or desktop buddies of any character you wish, that play and run around your screen while you browse the internet. You can choose the character from the vast collection of pet directory or create one yourself. The character you select will be running around your screen and will interact with you and even make sounds. You can add one or several mascots and let their presence make your desktop much more vibrant and playful.

More information about Shimeji-ee latest version 2020

Shimeji-ee (also known as Shimenji English Enhanced, Shimeji-ee) is the desktop program that creates the fun and mischievous desktop companions or mascots called the shimejis. Users can easily add one or more cute and fun characters to their computer screens. And entertain themselves with the Shimeji desktop pets. The latest updated version 2020 Shimeji characters can also make sounds like ‘Another One!’, ‘Bye Bye!’, ‘Follow Mouse!’, ‘Reduce to One!’, ‘Restore IE,’ and so on.

You can choose your desktop buddy from the variety of characters created by the best artists from around the world; these characters will be playing around and wandering on your screen, sometimes making cute sounds.

What are the requirements to download Shimeji-ee latest version 2020 on your desktop?

Shimeji-ee app has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. To run Shimeji on your desktop, you would only require:

  • Java and,
  • Window OS.

You can get yourself a virtual desktop pal with just a few simple steps. You can download and install Shimeji-ee latest version 2020 on your desktop in only a few minutes and let the fun begin.

How to download the Shimeji-ee desktop app?

You can find the download link of the Shimeji-ee desktop app on our website and enjoy the little desktop buddies. The actions and animations of these virtual desktop pets are defined by using XML files. After you download the app, you will be guided through the installation steps to bring the shimejis in action. The interface is simple and user-controlled. You can choose as many desktop pets as you want and add them to your screen. Since the program is open-source, new characters keep joining the Shimeji family, giving you more options.

How to control Shimeji desktop pets?

Shimeji-ee desktop has a simple interface, and users can easily customize the animation of their desktop buddies by simply right-clicking on the mascot. Right-clicking the character will bring multiple options from which you can choose what to do with the character. By choosing from the options, users can change the animations by jumping, climbing to ceiling, walking and sitting, jumping from the left edge of the screen, etc. If you spend the vast majority of your day working in front of the computer screen, Shimeji will be an excellent choice to make your dull computer screen come to life.

What are the alternatives to the Shimeji-ee desktop app?

Apart from the Shimeji-ee desktop app, there are many other desktop companions to choose from. A list of some free desktop companions is discussed along with their pros and cons in detail.

Number # 1 alternative to Shimeji desktop pet.

My Cute Buddy features a very playful kitten that will win your heart with its cute little paws. You can feed your kitty and ask her to go to the restroom or take a shower. When you get bored, you can ask the kitty to play the trumpet, show some dance moves, or do some athletics. This kitten will put a smile on your face and leave you in awe. When you are not interacting with your desktop buddy, she sits on your screen and looks at you with her big round eyes.

Can we say it is the best alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app? Well, you can check it for you by downloading it.

Supported Platforms: Windows OS

Price: Free. /shimeji-wont-perform-an-action/.

Number # 2 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

Love Squid: Desktop Buddy is the desktop buddy that will charm you and serve as an ever-present pal that will accompany you while you work, play, and surf the browser on your computer.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows OS
  • Price: Free.

Number # 4 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

AV Digital Talking Parrot is the best desktop pet for you if you ever wanted to teach a parrot to talk. When you install the desktop buddy, it is like a baby parrot and is ready to learn. This talking parrot can not only mimic sounds, but it also likes your voice and remembers whatever is being said. It can repeat everything due to the built-in database of some common phrases.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows OS
  • Price: Free.

Number # 5 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

RUNONCE (remember_me) is a very cute rabbit looking desktop buddy and stomps around on your screen and interacts with you with brilliant questions. You can choose to keep all your conversations saved with your desktop companion automatically in a folder. So even after you quit the app, you can still hold onto the memories with your pet.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac.
  • Price: Free.

Number # 6 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

Girb is a desktop buddy that hops around your screen like a tiny adorable rabbit. This desktop pal does nothing except jumping around. Sometimes it charmingly trips over itself and makes some cute noises. You can pick it up. The maker of this virtual desktop pet told in the description that she created Girb to help fight depression. And this cute little desktop buddy can never fail to put a smile on your face.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac.
  • Price: Free.

Number # 6 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

My Felix is a very adorable purring and meowing cat, a perfect virtual desktop pet for all cat lovers. This cute kitty plays around on your desktop while you work and occasionally meows and walks around, leaving cute little paw prints on your screen.

The kitty comes with its toys, chases the mouse, and feeds her anytime you want. She can sleep as long as you want her to sleep. This virtual pet seems like a real pet and playing with your virtual cat pet before work can boost your mood. Even if you turn your computer on after a long vacation, your kitty will be waiting for you with her big round eyes just the way you left her. This free virtual pet for your desktop guarantees big smiles on your face every day.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac.
  • Price: Free.

Number # 7 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

Desktop Buddy is a brilliant desktop buddy. If you are bored with animal characters and want to choose a male or female character. Desktop Buddy is the right choice. You can select the 3D character of your choice. Your virtual desktop pal reminds you of your pending tasks and reads to you if you get bored. It can read any plain text, including eBooks and News. The characters express six emotions: anger, disgust, fear, joy, sorrow, and surprise.

  • Platforms: Windows.
  • Price: Free.

Number # 8 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

eSheep is the iconic sheep created by Tatsutoshi Nomura decades ago. After 24 years, this sheep is back again to cheer you up and make your desktop lively again. The cute furry sheep features a lot of animation and walks and yawns on your desktop, and you can’t get enough. It runs across your desktop, and once it hits the screen border, it rotates and starts walking again. You can also pick your desktop pet and put it over a window. When the sheep get tired, it goes to sleep in the corner of your screen and looks like a cotton ball.

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Free.

Number # 9 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

VirtPet lets you choose a pet from a variety of animals and add them to your desktop. The pets include a penguin, a pig, a cat, a fish, a monkey, a dog, and several other pets. The application has 17 pets, and you can choose from a variety of pets whenever depending on your mood and play anytime with a cute penguin, a furry cat, a vibrant fish or feed your dog or monkey, and much more.

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Free.

Number # 10 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

My Pet Ghost is a Tamagotchi-style idle game, which means your pet remains on the desktop, but you can get back to your desktop with alt+tab. Your desktop pet grows every 30 minutes, depending on how much you took care of it, and leaving it for a long time can eventually kill it. So do not neglect it for so long.

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Free.

Number # 11 alternative to the shimeji-ee desktop app.

Electric Love Potato is a virtual desktop pal that tells real insights and serenades while working and creates delicious potato recipes. Oh, and sings well!

The creators have recently released an updated version called Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) The second iteration of Electric love potato and come with advanced features. You can hug your potato pal and water or brush it. Love Potato (Two Point OH!) is very entertaining and never fails to make you laugh. If you are up for loads of fun and endless laughs, Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH! is the best suited virtual buddy for you.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Price: Free.

7DS/SDS Grand Cross is a strategy RPG for Android & iOS. Read on for 7DS Grand Cross Tier List global featuring the best 7DS characters guide June 2021.

Article Contents⇓

Shimeji Desktop Pet – Shimeji EE Download

7DS Tier List Global 2021 – June 2021⇓

Click here to see the full image. Stranger Things Eleven/Mike/Jim, Valenti, Eastin, Mono are yet to be added to the image tier list. Scroll down to check the text version of the 7DS tier list global 2021.

In this 7DS Tier List Global 2021, we have ranked all the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross characters. Before you scroll down and check out the tier list, we would like to describe the tier description; all the 7DS characters are ranked based on their overall performance in the end game. We have ranked the 7DS Grand Cross characters in x6 tier ranks; tier 0 features the 7DS characters that are OP/best, tier 1 features the characters that have good to best ratings(not OP), tier 2 features the good ones(not the best), tier 3 showcases the characters that are average, tier 4 showcases the 7DS characters with below-average ratings. And, tier 5 features the characters that are the worst/not recommended. Now, let’s check out the 7DS Tier List Global 2021: –

7DS Tier List 2021: Tier 0 Characters⇓

  • Holy Warrior Elizabeth – Tier 0
  • Invincible Avatar Escanor – Tier 0
  • The Four Archangels Sariel – Tier 0
  • The Four Archangels Tramiel – Tier 0
  • The Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther – Tier 0
  • Halloween Gowther – Tier 0
  • Mastermind Lilia – Tier 0
  • Lostvayne Meliodas – Tier 0
  • Elite Demon Zeldris – Tier 0
  • Divine Protection Merlin – Tier 0


Gowther is the best top-tier character in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. He can help you clear the waves of enemies in no time – thanks to the AoE skills he possesses.

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 0(OP/Best)
  • Type – Strength
  • The Goat Sin of Lust
  • Gear Build: HP/Defense
  • Skills – AoE Damage, Buff allies(base stats, damage, skill ranks)
  • Global – Yes(Now available in global version)

Mastermind Mage Lillia

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 0(OP/Best)
  • Faction – Mastermind
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Color – Blue
  • Grade – SSR
  • Gear Build – HP/Defense
  • Role – Attacker, Debuffer, Regeneration
  • Skills – AoE DMG + depletes x3 ULT move gauge orbs, AoE Healing + Dispel debuffs.
  • Unqiue Skill – Increases Pierce Rate of allies

7DS Tier List 2021: Tier 1 Characters⇓

  • Camelot’s Sword Arthur – Tier 1
  • Ten Commandments Derieri – Tier 1
  • Sweet Temptation Deriery – Tier 1
  • Sunny Vacation Eastin – Tier 1
  • Holy Knight Escanor – Tier 1
  • The Lion Sin of Pride Escanor – Tier 1
  • Ashen Desire Hendrickson – Tier 1
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King – Tier 1
  • Signs of Maturity King – Tier 1
  • KOF ’98 Kyo – Tier 2
  • Advent of Destruction Lilia – Tier 1
  • The Four Archangels Ludociel – Tier 1
  • Knight of Wrath Meliodas – Tier 1
  • Assault Mode Meliodas – Tier 1
  • The Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin – Tier 1
  • Collector Merlin – Tier 1
  • KOF ’98 Rugal – Tier 1
  • Halloween Roxy – Tier 1
  • Stranger Things Eleven – Tier 1
  • MAGIC WEAPON MK-II Valenti – Tier1

New King Arthur – SSR

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Attribute – Strength/Red
  • Unique Skill – Increases Human allies’ HP-related stats by 15%
  • Other Skills – Inflicts massive damage, disables recovery skills, increases the basic stats of all allies, removes debuffs from all allies
  • Global – Yes
  • Gear Build – HP/DEFENSE


  • Attribute: – Strength/Red
  • Form: – Ten Commandments
  • Build: Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Skills: – massive single-target DMG, self-stat boost, amplify damage

Holy Knight Escanor

Holy Knight Escanor was added in the April patch of the 7DS Global Version. He is a top-tier character who excels in attacking enemies with powerful skills. He is quite good at PvP.

  • Role – Attacker
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Faction – Sunshine
  • Skills – massive single-target damage, fills ULT gauge, ignite effect(more damage on the enemy), dispel buffs from the enemy
  • Unique Skill – dispels buffs and debuffs and becomes immune to the harmful effects when ULT gauge is completely full
Stranger things shimeji

Escanor(The Lion Sin of Pride)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – Strength
  • Color – Red
  • Faction/Form – The Lion Sin of Pride
  • Skills – amplify damage on one enemy, AoE DMG, and depletes ULT move gauge orb
  • Unique Skills – buffs HP-related stats at the beginning of the fight.


King is another top-tier character in 7DS Grand Cross Global. He does the supporter role in the team by healing the allies, removing debuffs – also, he can inflict AoE damage.

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – Speed
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth
  • Skills – Healing, Removes Debuffs, AoE DMG
  • Global – Yes
  • Full Name – King the Fairy King

Great Mage Merlin(The Boar Sin of Gluttony)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – HP
  • Race – Unknown
  • Faction – The Boar Sin of Gluttony
  • Global – Yes
  • Skills – Single target damage + depletes the ultimate move gauge, Shield all the allies with a barrier, Seals the attack skills. The unqiue skill fills the ULT move gauge of allies
  • Gear Build/Set – Attack/Defense(More firepower and survivability)
  • One of the best PvP Heroes

7DS Tier List 2021: Tier 2 Characters⇓

  • Destined Heir Arthur – Tier 2
  • Light of Hope Arthur – Tier 1
  • KOF ’98 Athena – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Derieri – Tier 2
  • The Serpent Sin of Diane – Tier 2
  • Creation Diane – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Drole – Tier 2
  • The Ten Commandments Drole – Tier 2
  • Ruler of Stormy Seas Eastin – Tier 2
  • Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Estarossa – Tier 2
  • Ten Commandments Fraudrin – Tier 2
  • Chivalrous Gilthunder – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Gloxinia – Tier 2
  • Champion Griamore – Tier 2
  • Reincarnation of Revenge Helbram – Tier 2
  • Tempest Howzer – Tier 2
  • Harlequin King – Tier 2
  • KOF ’98 Mai – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Melascula – Tier 2
  • Greatest Soldier Mikasa Ackerman – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Monspeet – Tier 2
  • Mad Destroyer Roxy – Tier 2
  • Dungeon Raider Shin – Tier 2
  • Earthshaker Valenti – Tier 2
  • The Ten Commandments Zeldris – Tier 2
  • Advent of Destruction Mono – Tier 2


  • Attribute – Speed/Blue
  • Form: Destined Heir
  • Build: Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Skills: – single-target DMG + stun, AoE + disable attack skills, severe damage


  • Form: Elite Demon
  • Attribute: – HP/Green
  • Build: – Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Skills: – single-target DMG + depletes ULT move gauge, AoE DMG + fills ULT move gauge, amplify damage

Weapon Researcher Valenti: –

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Faction – Earthshaker
  • Attribute – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Race – Human
  • Gear Build – HP
  • Grade – SSR
  • Role – Tank, Debuffer
  • Skills – Single-enemy damage, decreases enemies’ defense-rated stats, AoE DMG, decreases enemies’ attack-related stats, unique skill decreases all foes’ pierce rate
  • Added to the global version on June 2, 2020.

7DS Tier List 2021: T3 Characters⇓

  • King of Prophecies Arthur – Tier 3
  • Outlaw Ban – Tier 3
  • Ale Collector Ban – Tier 3
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deathperce – Tier 3
  • Halloween Elaine – Tier 3
  • Sweet Temptation Elaine – Tier 3
  • Liones Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • A New Adventure Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • New Legend Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • Reverse Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • Mascot Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • Mobile Tavern Elizabeth – Tier 3
  • Titan Form Eren Jaeger – Tier 3
  • Ten Commandments Galland – Tier 3
  • Elite Demon Galland – Tier 3
  • Rapier Guila – Tier 3
  • Knight of Ice Gustaf – Tier 3
  • Forest Guardian Helbram – Tier 3
  • Sweet Temptation Jenna – Tier 3
  • Godspeed Knight Jericho – Tier 3
  • New Legend Jericho – Tier 3
  • Forest Guardian King – Tier 3
  • Greatest Soldier Levi – Tier 3
  • Bringer of Disaster Lillia – Tier 3
  • Ten Commandments Melascula – Tier 3
  • The Dragon Sin Of Wrath Meliodas – Tier 3
  • New Legend Meliodas – Tier 3
  • Deathbringer Mono – Tier 3
  • Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo & Hawk – Tier 3
  • Overpower Slater – Tier 3
  • Sweet Temptation Zaneri – Tier 3
  • Reincarnation of Conviction Zaratras – Tier 3
  • Stranger Things Will – Tier 3
  • Stranger Things Mike – Tier 3
  • Stranger Things Jim – Tier 3

Slug Like Creature

7DS Tier List 2021: T4 Characters⇓

  • Beard of the Mountain Cat Alioni – Tier 4
  • The Fox Sin of Green Ban – Tier 4
  • Nunchaku Ban – Tier 4
  • The Six Knight Of Black Bellion – Tier 4
  • Burning Ember Cain – Tier 4
  • Executer of Darkness Camila – Tier 4
  • Heart of the Land Diane – Tier 4
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Diane – Tier 4
  • Matrona Diane – Tier 4
  • Kungfu Master Diane – Tier 4
  • Eternal Promise Diane – Tier 4
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Dogedo – Tier 4
  • Omen of Chaos Dreyfus – Tier 4
  • Break Dreyfus – Tier 4
  • Boar Hat of Tavern Elizabeth – Tier 4
  • Wings of the Sky Elatte – Tier 4
  • Ten Commandments Estarossa – Tier 4
  • Elite Demon Fraudrin – Tier 4
  • Memories of Years Gerharde – Tier 4
  • Thunderbolt Gilthunder – Tier 4
  • Star of Kingdom Gilthunder – Tier 4
  • Ten Commandments Gloxinia – Tier 4
  • Weird Fangs Golgius – Tier 4
  • Lioness Hero Gowther – Tier 4
  • Wanted Man Gowther – Tier 4
  • Explosion Guila – Tier 4
  • Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Hawk – Tier 4
  • Royalty Helbram – Tier 4
  • Omen of Chaos Hendrickson – Tier 4
  • Adventurer Jericho – Tier 4
  • New Generation Jericho – Tier 4
  • Roars of Dawn Jillian – Tier 4
  • Boom Boom Pow Marmas – Tier 4
  • Fang of the Land Matrona – Tier 4
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas – Tier 4
  • Boar Hat Tavern Meliodas – Tier 4
  • Halloween Meliodas – Tier 4
  • Infinity Merlin – Tier 4
  • Tyrant of Destruction Milim – Tier 4
  • Ten Commandments Monspeet – Tier 4
  • Rule of Monsters Rimuru – Tier 4
  • Slime Rimuru – Tier 4
  • Weird Fangs Ruin – Tier 4
  • Roars of Dawn Slater – Tier 4
  • Confirmation Twigo – Tier 4
  • Reincarnation of Obsession Vivian – Tier 4
  • Roars of Dawn Weinheidt – Tier 4

7DS Tier List 2021: T5 Characters⇓

  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Arden – Tier 5
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deldry – Tier 5
  • Snatch Ban – Tier 5
  • Roars of Dawn Hugo – Tier 5
  • Roars of Dawn Simon – Tier 5
  • Vaizel Fight Festival Taizoo – Tier 5
  • Adventurer Griamore – Tier 5
  • Melt Hendrickson – Tier 5
  • Star of the Kingdom Howzer – Tier 5
  • Lioness Royalty Howzer – Tier 5
  • Weird Fangs Jude – Tier 5
  • Weird Fangs Friesia – Tier 5
  • Undead Ban – Tier 5
  • Kijin Benimaru – Tier 5
  • Protector of Dolls King – Tier 5
  • The Seven Deadly Sins King – Tier 5
  • Fairy King’s Forest Elaine – Tier 5
  • Iron-Wall Knight Griamore – Tier 5

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So this would be all in this post on 7DS Tier List Global 2021(Seven Deadly Sins Tier List).

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