Shimeji Won't Appear

The c api lua. Some people told me that my old shimeji didn’t work and wouldn’t start (the tray icon wouldn’t show up). So, I re-download them and tried to run them and still working just fine. However, when I tried it last night for the umpteenth times, I did experienced the same thing with them.

  1. Why Won't My Shimeji Work
Shimeji Won

I couldn’t figured out what’s wrong with the problem, but then I noticed the problem occurred after I installed the newest tuneup utilities (I’m using XP btw). I thought it was because the newest tuneup utilities treated the shimeji exe as an old outdated program which won’t run properly and might cause damage to the system. I’m not too sure about this though.

In case you have some troubleshootings like this, I prepared another alternative. Moreover, it’s an English-friendly U.I. shimeji. So you won’t see any gibberish or japanese words when you right click on shimeji’s tray icon.

The English U.I shimeji are nice. They act like a manager. At the startup, you can choose which shimeji you want to run. You can pick one of them or select them all. One by one or all go in one-click.

When I was using my 64-bit java the program was running, but would not show the actual Shimeji, only the select screen. Can 32-bit programs run on windows 10? Go to and check the box for 7zip, run the installer and then use it to unzip all your needs.

Why Won't My Shimeji Work

All you have to do is just download it and copy the old shimeji’s ‘img’ folder into the english U.I’s ‘img’ folder and you’re ready to go.

Instruction with image: