Shimeji Throw Windows

This is a Shimeji made mainly for personal use that I wish to also share with other KagePro fans. Please respect my wishes to not abuse the art etc. His configuration is Calm, which is perfect for a work setting. He’s mainly made to sit around and keep you company. And to throw around your screen and junk.

  1. How To Use Shimeji On Windows 10
  2. How To Get Shimeji To Work On Windows 10
  3. Shimeji Throw Windows 10
  4. How To Get A Shimeji On Windows 10
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So! Someone had trouble getting the Shimejis to work, so I'm gonna do a Tutoriel.

First, you're gonna want to visit this website
You need to login to view this link
I think the only requirement is having Java
Anyways, the 3 options below are Calm shimeji, 'Normal' shimeji, and Mischievous Shimeji.
The first one will walk around and do absolutely nothing
The second will move faster and can randomly multiply itself. Protect your RAM
The third one can do all of that, and will also move your mouse and your open windows around. You can still undo it all with the click of a button

The options in the Shimeji menu, which you can access on the windows bar, under hidden icons, are as follows
-Add another one
-Follow mouse
-Reduce to one
-This one is probably revert all changes, so give your windows back and all that. Since I don't have that Shimeji I don't know for sure
-Goodbye all (closes shimeji)

How To Use Shimeji On Windows 10

Now you may be thinking
'that's cool and all, but I don't want a white blob around my computer!
And I have the solution to that!
Just visit this website, browse and choose your favorite shimeji!
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Afterwards, go into the IMG folder in the new shimeji, and place all of the images on the Original IMG folder, replacing all when prompted.
Then just run the Shimeji either from the .exe or the Java app, both in the main folder, and you should see your new buddy fall down into your pc!

And this is the result! You can choose your favourite model and have little buddys running around your pc, have them block your tabs and whatever you're writing
or amass an army of them and invade neighboring pc's with cuteness

Hu? Who said that?


If I don’t answered your question here, feel free to message me.

How to get a shimeji on windows 10

I hope you enjoy my little buddies :)

How To Get Shimeji To Work On Windows 10

Q: What are Shimeji?

A: The world’s most useless mascot :P

Q:What do they do?

A:Once you run the program, they fall from the top of your screen. They will usually stand up and walk around a bit. Sometimes sitting down to relax, or climbing along your monitor sides. They will multiply, sometimes at astounding rates, sometimes not at all. Depending on whom you download, they may grab your browsers and throw them off screen.

Q: I downloaded one of your files, but my computer doesn’t know how to open it.

A: The files have been compressed at .ZIP files, you’ll have to unpack them using compression/extraction programs. You can use 7-zip or WinRar or any other program.

Q: When I click the Shimeji.exe button, nothing happens.

A: This is usually caused by one of five things:

1. Your computer is just being a bit slow; it can take up to 30 seconds for Shimeji to appear.

2. You don’t have (the latest version) of Java.

3. The files were extracted incorrectly. Try extracting all the files again. You may have to re-download the .ZIP file.

4. You haven’t selected an image bank, when the dialogue box comes up make sure an image bank is selected.

Shimeji Throw Windows 10

5. The shimeji has gotten caught on your internet window. Simply minimize the window and they’ll fall.

Q: When I click the Shimeji.exe button, I get an error message.

A: If you have a 64-bit computer running Windows 7 and up, you have to use the .JAR or .VBS files. The .EXE file doesn’t work at all on new versions of windows. Sorry. Other than that, it will work on every version of windows (though Windows 8 is REALLY PICKY ABOUT IT).

Q: Does it Work on Mac?

A: At this moment no. Mac versions will be request only since I don’t know how to code the Mac versions. Their script is in Japanese and I don’t own a Mac. MEGAMAN WILL BE THE ONLY ONE TO ABSOLUTELY HAVE A MAC VERSION (when I get around to coding it)

Q: Will you make _____________?

A: I probably won’t do requests for characters since they are quite a bit of work, over 100 images per shimeji. I will be making them based on character popularity or personal preference.

Q: How do I add another Shimeji?

A: Click ONCE (or multiple times if you want multiple ones) on the taskbar Icon, OR right click, then click “Another One!”.


A: People have commented that they multiply quickly :D just right click on the taskbar icon and select “Reduce to One!”

Q: There is a black background around my shimeji occasionally. Why?

A: I believe that is a rendering problem when the computer is displaying the images. It has to do with transparency or something. I’ve attempted to fix it, but it’s not going to be perfect, because it doesn’t happen consistently enough.

Q: My buddy just sits around & doesn’t do anything. Is it normal?

How To Get A Shimeji On Windows 10

A: Typically yes it is normal. It is randomly scripted that way. You CAN throw them around the desktop. They do whatever they want. However, there is a bug in the program that causes them to enter an infinite loop when they are sitting. Just pick them up to reset the coding.

Q: How come my buddy doesn’t throw any windows? / Do they throw Google Chrome or Firefox?

A: Like I said, It’s randomly scripted. You must have your window into a little window and do not make them full screen. The buddy do whatever they want. They don’t typically throw windows OFTEN but it does happen. AND YES they do (or at least Chrome, I don’t have Firefox to confirm for you)

Q: My buddy threw my Window away and I can’t retrieve them! Help?!

A: To retrieve your window back. Go to your task bar and Right Click the icon. Once you have down that, click “Restore IE!”. You’re window will be back to normal.

Shimeji Throw Windows 8.1


A: You must have stepped away when they threw it. It’s off screen. You can’t access it now >:D (Refer to previous ask)

Q: Can I have 2 or more buddies at the same time?

Shimeji Throw Windows 7

A: Yes you can. Any buddy of your choice can be at the same time. The most I had open at once was 20, I believe. It gets VERY crowded though.