Shimeji Papyrus Underswap

Canonical XMI Tools Tools to support the exchange of models and diagrams using Canonical XMI and DI formats from OMG. 1041 papyrus 51 papyrus underswap 41 papyrus the 40 papyrus girl 38 papyrus human 30 papyrus underfell 30 papyrus undertale 29 papyrus great 25 papyrus mirrored 23 papyrus skin 19 papyrus disbelief 19 papyrus by 15 papyrus us. Papyrus keeps on going away tho and sans follows after and sits if papyrus sits oh em gee, this is. This sans shimeji from the shimeji pack undertale will move around on your screen and interacts with your browser windows while you browsing the web. Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans and a major character in UnderSwap, made by P0pc0rnPr1nce. He appears in the place of Original Sans.

'isn't my brother the coolest?'Decided to give Papyrus the ol' Underswap treatment. Tried my best to make this feel right at home next to Sans' theme.Please enjoy!


Comment by Peter Kennedy

This is cool

Comment by Swap Papyrus

hey, could i use this for a video/ stream?

Comment by Robot_Playz (MV!Bloxtale)

bad time + nyeh heh heh = swap papyrus

Comment by Not bobby Stuff


Comment by Not bobby Stuff

papyrus a skeleton that has a penis

Comment by I'm tiky!! 😱 no clickbait!

when high. act like it.

Comment by I'm tiky!! 😱 no clickbait!


Comment by Literally Empty

This is my theme song when im high asf

Comment by YASAR

my life explained in one music

Comment by Zachary

brother of blueberry

Shimeji Papyrus Underswap 2

Comment by Sonic and undertale plush productions


Comment by ElectricGamer

yes, this is so pawsomesacuce!

Comment by Last Puzzle Productions

@user-557664405: yes lmfao

Comment by dustdustdust! sans

comic papyrus comic sans OwO

Comment by phosphortea

sounds like the word 'stoned'

Comment by ᴛ.ᴏ.ɴ.s.


Comment by sus_the_sloth

@user-711694755 just kidding

Comment by sus_the_sloth

When Pap lookin at them titties

Comment by ✨ V ᴀ ɴ ɴ ʏ (online) ✨


Comment by 👄makki🥶sees👻you😩


“uh, ey kid. you kmow where the cigarettes are, right…?”

Comment by ~ r u v ~

@user-881105691 Mate its undertale but everybody’s roles are swapped, thats why its called UNDERSWAP

Comment by Sanity Breaker


Idk, it's just the way how it sounds like, I wish I had an explanation, but I know I can't think of one

Comment by Makrus

@user-207097887: and 'papyrusquarrel'sounds unoriginal af

Comment by Hugo The PowerDisco

@conkerthenotsomaster: maybe PG Swapswap papyrus theme would be call papyrusquarrel

Comment by iRuinMusic

@conkerthenotsomaster: since you're probably on mobile the title to that one is 'the legendary fart master. + Oldest Trick in the Book'

Comment by iRuinMusic

@user-207097887: yeah no i'm still boggled by this 3 months latter how the fuck are you so mentally off the charts that you have to assign alternative names to your ideas to different aus to justify not considering these names? also, wouldn't the pg!swapswap trousle be a play on the title of this?:

Comment by jackmeister

Underswap Papyrus Shimeji

@user-922699452 this is amazing dont hate

Comment by Silverv2


Shimeji Papyrus Underswap 3

Comment by the dude

@user-881105691 undertale fangame or also called 'au'

Comment by Sexy Man

Shimeji Papyrus Underswap Game

What is underswap