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Shimeji Download Windows 10

2020-2021 UPDATE
I'm currently busy with other avenues. I'll have my commissions opened regardless, but my time is now limited. Commissions may come out slower then usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Designer ★ Animator ★ Red Seal
Atreyu Emi Freelance Artist
Who am I
I'm a hairstylist by trade and enjoy creating and working with my hands. I've dabbled in art, animation, and light coding in my free time as passion projects.
I'm casually working at Jackalope Cove, creating apparel designs and as a video editor/artist for Wired Rabbit's channel (currently on hiatus).
Current Work Availability
Saturday 5PM - 9PM CST
Sunday 1PM - 5PM CST
Where you can find me
'Special' vs 'Sale'
Special services are more complex and, therefor, I won't be able to do them all the time. You will need to contact me to see if I'm available at this time to complete that service.
Sale services are on sale and will go up in price later on.
DM me via Twitter if you're keen on using PayPal instead. I'll be using Twitter's DM to keep you updated during the process.
Most of my assets are usually only available on one software program. I'm trying to include them in all the software that I use. [Paint tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo/Designer] If you purchase an asset before I include other software compatibility, you can reach out to me and I will give you the other asset for free.