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This thread will be to talk about desktop mascots, also known as a shimeji.

Many great stories about outlaw Jeff the killer become distorted and transformed into a being that is nothing like the actual person in question. Jeff the kid was nothing like the story suggests but many believe it. One such story was about the modern psychopath: Jeff the killer. His story on the web changed his actual involvement in the world and how he acts. People love, hate and are. This Jeff the Killer shimeji created by Comickit from the shimeji pack Creepypasta will move around on your screen and interacts with your browser windows while you browsing the web. Install the Shimeji Browser Extension for Google Chrome and download Jeff the Killer below to get this little Creepypasta character on your desktop. Shimeji jeff the killer dragon naturallyspeaking 12 professional fr torrent activator Pekin express saison 8 le passager mystere dvdrip iarchpr 4.54.rari Card studio 1.1 crack how to get the herobrine mod in minecraft pe Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (64-Bit) and Activator amtlib.dll. Ticci-Toby is considered one of the most popular creepypasta characters, alongside Slender Man, Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog. Due to their similar backstories, many people like to imagine Ticci Toby being romantically attached to Clockwork, another creepypasta character. Ticci Toby was born in April 28, 1997. Ticci Toby is 5'6.

Shimejis are small programs that will make a small character which will walk, run, climb, fly and for some shimejis talk, appear on your screen.
Some of you may have a few already, some of you may not.
The following example will show a few pony mascots / shimejis walking around my screen:
If you have a shimeji you want to share with the others here on the forums, please post a link to where it can be downloaded from.
I will add them to this post as they get posted on here, so others don't have to walk through the thread to see if 1 particular shimeji has been posted.
Hetalia:Shimeji jeff the killer and jane the killer
  • Denmark shimeji link:
    Russia shimeji link:
    Belarus shimeji link:
    'Don't let her near Russia!'

  • Complere collection so far link:
Marilyn Manson:
  • Download link and password needed born villain:
Animals (anthro and non):
  • Lillith (anthro fox) ..
    Brown anthro fox:
    Blue anthro fox: .. 36vk2a.rar
    Blue anthro racoon: .. 4ppsh9.rar

Shimeji Jeff The Killer

  • Renamon: .. 4od5hc.rar
Random ones:
  • Slime: ..

Jeff The Killer Shimeji

More to be added.