Shimeji Desktop Strip

Chili cut to strip. Stir fry the mushroom, chili and shrimp in high heat with oil, salt and light soy sauce. You can always substitute the chili with green bell peppers or chili. Stew Spring Chicken with Shimeji Mushroom Cut chicken in small chunks of 4cm, high heat sauce pan, add spring onion in short length. Ginger, star anise, bay leaf; Stir. 6、shimeji是免费软件,可以为用户提供个性化的桌面效果 7、让一个卡通角色在自己的屏幕上走动可以缓解使用电脑疲劳. 使用方法 1、如果电脑没有安装jre就直接打开jre6u37.exe安装 2、双击Shimeji-ee.jar直接进入角色选择界面 3、点击use all使用全部角色.

Downloadable Shimejis

Shimeji is a free program that creates a small mascot to walk around your desktop, generally causing mischief. You can download the original program here. There is also an english codefork here, if all the Japanese intimidates you.
By replacing the images in the img folder with your own, you can create your own desktop mascots. I wrote a more detailed tutorial on how to do that here. Upon finding this out I immediately started making zombie ones because I have a problem.

Shimeji Desktop Stripe


1. Download the rar of your choice.
2. Double click the downloaded .rar file and a new window should pop up with a 'Shimeji_Hunterzombie1.7' folder. If that doesn't happen, you need an extractor like Winrar or 7zip
3. There should be a button in your program saying something like 'extract to'. Celebrity facetune fails. Click it, and specify an easy to remember location. This should extract the whole folder to this location (MAKE SURE YOU EXTRACT THE WHOLE FOLDER, NOT JUST THE EXE FILE)
3. Go to the folder and doubleclick shimeji.exe (or shimeji.jar, i heard that works too). The shimeji should fall on your desktop.
4. To remove the program, delete the folder.

If you get an error message in Japanese, your java is not up to date. You can download an update for that here, I've heard. Shimeji is designed to work on Windows, but there have been workarounds made for Macs! You can read more about Mac Shimejis at this page, although be warned, I can't help you too much with this since I don't have a Mac. As far as I can tell though, basically download the Mac template Shimeji, then replace the /conf/ and /img/ folders of the template with the /conf/ and /img/ folders of the Shimeji you want to use.

Once it's running, you'll see a small icon in your taskbar for that shimeji. Right click on that to bring up a menu. Translated, it goes:

1. Spawn a Shimeji
2. Come here!
3. Remove all Shimejis but one
4. Bring back IE screens (They will sometimes throw your browser windows around if they aren't fullscreen, and also MSN messenger I think)
5. Exit

You can also rightclick an individual shimeji and select Baibai to get rid of one at a time.

Hunter was the first shimeji that I made and has a few rough edges here and there as a result. But on the whole I think she came out pretty well, haha.

Her conf files have been specially edited for her. The edits are:

-Two new idle animations (usually triggered when you call her to your mouse, if you aren't seeing them, or when she's on an IE window)
-Two new running animations (one for jogging, one when you call her)
-Fixed her crawling animation
-Fixed some timing things here and there
-Added an extra frame at the beginning of her fall

If you want to see her in action, I recorded a quick video of me playing with her.

Download - Here

IF YOU HAVE SHIMEJI-EE - Unzip this rar in your Shimeji-ee/img/ folder, then run Shimeji-ee as normal and select her from your img sets.

Shimeji for pc

Smoker was the second one I made, and is a bit more polished as a result. Like Hunter, her conf files have been specially edited.

-An uneven walking cycle to give her a limp
-A separate running animation
-Extra falling/jumping frames
-An idle animation while standing still and sitting
-Two new idle animations while sitting
-More frames for one of the default sitting animations
-Changed the alignment for her kicking-her-legs animation
-Adjusted crawling/climbing-a-wall frame orders

Unfortunately she's not size-matched to her partner, and they can't interact with each other.

Here's a video of what she looks like in action.


IF YOU HAVE SHIMEJI-EE - Unzip this rar in your Shimeji-ee/img/ folder, then run Shimeji-ee as normal and select her from your img sets.

Preinfected Hunter and Smoker are a joint shimeji, and will wander around together. These two have a lot of new animations and extra frames (some 200!) so are much bigger and more complicated than their infected counterparts. Their conf files have been edited quite a bit. They have:

-Unique jogging/running animation
-Extra frames while falling
-Extra frames while landing
-Separate and new tripping animation
-Separate animation after a particular spawn
-New idle animation while climbing an IE window (and sometimes your monitor, reportedly, although they don't do it on mine)
-Adjusted timing on their crawling sprites
-Hanging frame when you pick them up
-Fifteen new idle animations while sitting
-Five new idle animations while standing
-Added animation after throwing an IE window
-Added frames to an existing sitting idle

Shimeji Desktop Striped

They can't interact with other Shimejis, but they will definitely interact with each other, haha.I recorded a quick video of what they look like in action.


IF YOU HAVE SHIMEJI-EE - Unzip this rar in your Shimeji-ee/img/ folder, then run Shimeji-ee as normal and select them from your img sets.

Shimeji Desktop Buddies

Shimeji Desktop Strips