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The FRP lock, implemented on all devices running Android 5.1 and above, makes life difficult for people who cannot recall the password for the Google account synced on their device. If you do not know the password for the Google account, the only option you will have is bypassing the FRP lock. The ADB FRP bypass is one of the many ways you can bypass the FRP lock. We will show you how to use the ADB method, as well as a better tool you can use to bypass the FRP lock.

Do you want to perform Samsung Galaxy S9 FRP bypass without computer? If yes, here are different ways to bypass FRP on your Galaxy S9.

  • How to Remove FRP Lock Using ADB Command?
  • 2019 Best FRP Bypass Tool — LockWiper (Android)


How to Remove FRP Lock Using ADB Command?

To use the ADB FRP bypass, you will need to download both the ADB and Fastboot and install them on your computer. Download ADB and Fastboot and install them on your PC. Then follow the steps outlined below to bypass the FRP lock using ADB commands.

Step 1. Power on your Android device and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Enable the USB debugging. To do this, you will need to do the following: • Open Settings > About Phone > Scroll to the bottom > tap the Build Number 7 times. • Go back to settings and access the Developer options. Check the USB debugging option and tap OK on the prompt that appears.

Step 2. Open the CMD on your PC and type the following commands on the interface:

Note: You are supposed to type the commands 1 by 1. After typing each command, press Enter before typing the next command. Once the commands finish executing, you will need to reboot your device. The FRP lock should be gone.

Limitations of this method:

Although there is a chance that ADB FRP bypass could work for your Android device, the method is not recommended. The main reasons include:

  • The commands are too complicated and difficult to learn for most people.
  • If you make a mistake and omit even a single letter, space, or hyphen, the method will not work for you.
  • There is no guarantee that the FRP bypass method is capable of working on all Android devices. It may not work on the latest Android versions.
  • Some technical experience may be necessary to set up the ADB on your computer.
  • 2019 Best FRP Bypass Tool — LockWiper (Android)

    Having to deal with the Android FRP lock can be quite frustrating. You may prefer an FRP bypass method that is not complicated. Lockwiper (Android) is here to help. It offers the best and easiest solution when it comes to bypassing the FRP. Unlike when you are using the ADB FRP bypass, all you need to do is install LockWiper (Android) on your computer and then follow some simple onscreen steps to get rid of the FRP lock. LockWiper users report that the tool bypasses the FRP within a couple of minutes.

    7,500,000+ Downloads

    Benefits to bypass FRP via LockWiper (Android)

      Easily bypass the FRP lock without the Google account or password. /li>
    • Completely remove the old Google account and you can use a different account after the unlock.
    • Use your device without worrying about being tracked, monitored, or blocked from using the device via the previous Google account.
    • Re-access all the features available on the device.
    • User-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to use.

    Try It Free

    How to Bypass FRP Lock Using iMyFone LockWiper (Android)?

    Step 1:Download and launch LockWiper (Android), select Remove Google Lock (FRP).

    Step 2: After clicking “Start” on the next screen, connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.

    Step 3: Confirm your device information or correct it manually.

    Samsung Frp Bypass S9

    Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions to download your device’s data package. Extract the data package and install it.

    Step 5: After the data package installation, enable the USB debugging by following the instructions on your computer screen. Also, enable OEM unlock.

    Step 6: Download and extract firmware for your device by following the steps on LockWiper. After extracting the firmware, wait while LockWiper bypasses the FRP lock.

    If you cannot recall the password or you purchased a secondhand device featuring an account whose password you do not know, you will have to bypass the FRP. While you could use the ADB FRP bypass method, there is no guarantee that the option can work for you. If you use LockWiper (Android), however, the chances of bypassing the FRP lock increase. Why not try the easier way to unlock your device now?

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    Download FRP Bypass APK Tools to bypass google account Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, SONY, and all other android brands from below, scroll down to below, and from there you can easily Download FRP Tools for free of cost.

    You can download any frp apk tool that you need, if you came here to remove frp lock from your android device, we would recommend you to go top of this site, there you will see a “Search Box”, just type your device model number there, we hope you will get your frp bypass solution from there easily.

    Download FRP Tools From Below:

    You have 3 sections below:

    1/2/Download FRP Bypass APK Android Tools3/Download PC FRP Tools

    You can easily download frp tools from below, just double click on your desire apk apps, and it will start downloading, if you are not sure which frp bypass app is good for your device, you can CLICK HERE and select your device model to get complete details regarding bypass FRP.

    Download Google Account Managers:
    ⇒Google Account Manager 7.X.X Nougat 7.0 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google Account Manager 6.X.X Marshmallow [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google Account Manager 5.X.X Lollipop [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google Account Manager Latest Versions from 8.1.0 to 4.0 [DOWNLOAD]

    Download FRP Bypass APK Android Tools:

    ⇒Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Quick Shortcut Maker 2.0 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒HUAWEI Phone Clone [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒File Commander [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Sidebar 4.4.0 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Shortcut Master Lite 1.2.3 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒MENU Button [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Account Login [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Test DPC 4.0.5 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Test DPC 2.0.6 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Development Settings [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Bypass Any Samsung Google Account [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒ Access To Settings [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒FRP Bypass Easy [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒DParser Mode Calculator [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Apex Launcher [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Apex Launcher 3.1.0 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Apex Launcher 3.3.3 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google Play Services 13.2.78 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google Play Services [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google APP Access [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Google APP Settings APK [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Go Launcher Z [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Nova Launcher 5.1.1 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Launch Share Options [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Launch Google Settings [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Amazon_Offers (Ad Removal Tool) [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Setup Wizard LG [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒LG Mobile Switch [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒All Samsung FRP Tools [DOWNLOAD]

    PC FRP Tools are available below, there are many PC FRP Tools, like Odin Software is used for Samsung devices to flash with firmware, and Realterm and frp calling software both are used to make call from pc to Phone. etc

    Remember:Kindly let us know, if you find violation error or missing in any one of the link from below, do comment below, we will fix that link ASAP.

    Thanks for Download FRP Bypass APK Tools, FRP Bypass PC Tools from techeligible, if you’ve any question regarding any frp apk app, you can ask us in below comment area.

    FRP Bypass – это не совсем обычное Android приложение и даже не утилита. Это дополнительный элемент системы, предназначенный для обхода блокировки Factory Reset Protection на вашем устройстве. Инструмент станет незаменимым помощником в процессе снятия ограничений с любого аккаунта Google, не зависимо от версии ОС Андроид. Давайте поговорим о файле-помощнике более подробно. Несколько лет назад при покупке нового устройства, нас ожидал неприятный сюрприз – производители всех моделей гаджетов, начиная с 5.1 версии, навязали пользователю обязательную учётную запись от Google. Заранее об этом никому известно не было, предупреждений от компании не поступало. Неожиданно в сфере мобильных технологий появился новый термин FRP – аббревиатура от Factory Reset Protection. Это ни что иное как механизм, позволяющий заблокировать доступ пользователя к своему Андроид в том случае, если он решил сбросить настройки до заводских или выполнить самостоятельную переустановку ОС, другими словами перепрошить устройство. У вас не будет проблем если вы хорошо запомнили свой пароль, закреплённый за учётной записью Google. Но и в противном случае выход есть. Необходимо скачать FRP Bypass чтобы полностью отвязать своё устройство от учётной записи Google. Apk инструмент подходит для Android 7.0 или любой другой версии операционной системы. Далее просто выполните инструкцию для обхода ограничений Factory Reset Protection. Однако, помните, что вы должны чувствовать себя уверенным пользователем и понимать все возможные риски.

    Функции FRP Bypass на Андроид:

    &#9733 Обход неприятных ограничений, связанных с учетной записью Google&#9733 Возможность беспрепятственно перепрошивать своё устройство или делать сброс до заводских настроек каждому пользователю&#9733 Отличная работа на Android 6.0 или 7.0, да и вообще любой другой версии ОС, старше 5.1&#9733 Установка плагина как обычного apk файла&#9733 Возможность лучше узнать возможности собственного устройстваНо при всех достоинствах данного помощника, мы должны все же предупредить вас и о различных трудностях. Во-первых, использовать FRP Bypass на Андроид рекомендуется только опытному пользователю. Во-вторых, доверяйте только проверенному руководству по обходу FRP с хорошими отзывами других владельцев устройств. В остальном перед вами отличный инструмент, который поможет вам в непростой ситуации, а может быть даже станет настоящим спасителем. FRP Bypass Apk скачать бесплатно [3,22 Mb] (cкачиваний: 7387)Последняя версия: 4.4.0 Версия Андроид: Автор: Язык: Ссылка Плей Маркет: Перейти

    Скриншоты FRP Bypass

    All Samsung ADB Enable Files for Removing Security FRP, to help you Enable ADB on your Samsung devices to remove Frp easily and quickly through any software or box which works with Adb procedure. ADB Enable Files .tar file extension flashing with Odin.

    remove Frp through any software or box which works with Adb procedure.

    All Samsung ADB Enable Files – Removing Security FRP:

    • install Samsung USB drivers, tutorial: Android USB drivers for all Smartphones and Tablets
    • Download the latest version of Odin: Download Odin Tool for Samsung Devices – All Versions
    • Download Samsung ADB Enable files:
    Download PC FRP Tools:
    ⇒Odin Latest Software v3.13.1 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Odin Latest Software v3.12.7 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Odin Software v3.12.3 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Odin Software v3.09 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Realterm Serial/TCP [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒QDloader HS USB Driver [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Samsung USB Driver [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒RB Soft 1.6 With Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Qualcomm Driver [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Sidesync Software [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒FRP Calling Software [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒ADB FRP Bypass [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Z3X Samsung Tool All Versions With Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Octopus Samsung Tool 1.7.4 with Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Octopus Samsung Tool 1.9.4 With Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Miracle 2.27 + NCK Software [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒NCK Dongle AndroidMTK [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Miracle 2.54 Software With Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    ⇒Miracle 2.58 Software With Loader [DOWNLOAD]
    Samsung Galaxy A3ENABLE_ADB_SAM A310F.tarSM-A310F Download
    Samsung Galaxy A5ENABLE_ADB_SAM A510F.tarSM-A510F Download
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ENABLE_ADB_SAM N930F.tar SM-N930FDownload
    Samsung Galaxy A5ENABLE_ADB_SAM A510Y.tarSM-A510Y Download
    Samsung Galaxy A7ENABLE_ADB_SAM A710F.tarSM-A710F Download
    Samsung Galaxy A7ENABLE_ADB_SAM A710Y.tarSM-A710Y Download
    Samsung Galaxy A9ENABLE_ADB_SAM A910F.tarSM-A910F Download
    Samsung Galaxy METROENABLE_ADB_SAM B350E.zipSM-B350E Download
    Samsung Galaxy G120FENABLE_ADB_SAM G120F.tarSM-G120F Download
    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3ENABLE_ADB_SAM G398F.tarSM-G398F Download
    Samsung Galaxy G510GENABLE_ADB_SAM G510G.tarSM-G510G Download
    Samsung Galaxy On7ENABLE_ADB_SAM G600F.tarSM-G600F Download
    Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoENABLE_ADB_SAM G903F.tarSM-G903F Download
    Samsung Galaxy S6ENABLE_ADB_SAM G920P.tarSM-G920P Download
    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ENABLE_ADB_SAM G928F.tarSM-G928FDownload
    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ENABLE_ADB_SAM G928G.tarSM-G928G Download
    Samsung Galaxy S7ENABLE_ADB_SAM G930F.tarSM-G930F Download
    Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeENABLE_ADB_SAM G935F.tarSM-G935F Download
    Samsung Galaxy J1 NxtENABLE_ADB_SAM J105.tarSM-J105 Download
    Samsung Galaxy J1 MiniENABLE_ADB_SAM J105H.tarSM-J105H Download
    Samsung Galaxy J1 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J120F .tarSM-J120F Download
    Samsung Galaxy J2ENABLE_ADB_SAM J200H.tarSM-J200H Download
    Samsung Galaxy J3 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320F.tarSM-J320F Download
    Samsung Galaxy J3 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320P.tarSM-J320P Download
    Samsung Galaxy J3 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320Y.tarSM-J320Y Download
    Samsung Galaxy J5 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J510F.tarSM-J510F Download
    Samsung Galaxy J5 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J510H.tarSM-J510H Download
    Samsung Galaxy J7ENABLE_ADB_SAM J700H.tarSM-J700H Download
    Samsung Galaxy J7 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J710F.tarSM-J710F Download
    Samsung Galaxy J7 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J710G.tarSM-J710G Download
    Samsung Galaxy Gear FitENABLE_ADB_SAM R350.zipSM-R350 Download
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM T580.tarSM-T580 Download
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 4GENABLE_ADB_SAM T585.tarSM-T585 Download
    Samsung Galaxy T677DENABLE_ADB_SAM T677D.tarSM-T677D Download
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2ENABLE_ADB_SAM T813.tarSM-T813 Download
    Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2016 ENABLE_ADB_SAM A910F.tar SM-A910FDownload
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VEENABLE_ADB_SAM T819.tarSM-T819 Download

    Flash Samsung ENABLE ADB file

    1- Restart Your Samsung Mobile in DOWNLOAD MODE:

    • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Device.
    • Press & hold at the same time the Home button+ Volume down +Power button.
    • Once the warning “WARNING!” Is displayed, release the three keys & press the “Volume up button” to Continue.
    • Connect your Samsung Mobile to your PC via the USB cable

    2- Run the “Odin” Tool as an administrator.

    3- Check that the USB port number is displayed in the “ID: COM” box.

    4- Click on “AP” &import the Samsung ENABLE ADBfile.

    5- Click “Start” to begin the installation.

    6- Once the message “PASS!” Displayed, unplug your Samsung mobile from your PC.

    7. Well done! You have just Enable ADB on your Samsung Mobile.

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    HomeFrp ToolsDownload FRP Tools Free – Bypass FRP APK PC TOOLS

    FRP lock became a big problem for all Android devices, If you have forgotten your Google Account ID/password or purchased a second-hand mobile, it is important to know how to bypass a Google Account. Below you can Download FRP Tools Free which can help you easily bypass Google Account verification process. There are alternative frp bypassing ways offered, a number of them work & some don’t work anymore.

    If you want all FRP bypass tool that can help you to bypass Google Account easily then you are in the right place, All FRP tools are tested and updated for the process of bypassing Google verification.

    You can easily bypass Factory Reset Protection using our FREE unlock service via this FRP apk & FRP bypass tool that would save you time, so if you get to know how to use this tool, FRP apk & tool search for your device in the site, & if you don’t find your device, just comment below and I will try to respond to any questions asap.

    When you added a Google Account on your Android phone you automatically Active the FRP protection, so Due to a large number of the FRP problem, helps you to find The quick solution to Bypass FRP and remove Google Account from your smartphone with a very easy way.

    Download Google Account Manager

    Read more: Download MTK FRP Remove Tool for all MediaTek devices

    NOTICE: Worried about your apps and data on a smartphone? Easily unlock your smartphone and access your apps and data remotely by loading android emulators onto citrix vdi at an affordablecitrix xendesktop pricing powered by

    Используемые источники:

    Bypass Frp Lock Without Otg

    [ROM] Share rom combination for Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960)

    Combination ROM Advantages:

    Frp Bypass Samsung Galaxy S9

    Samsung S9 Sm-g960u Frp Bypass
    • Its help you to repair imie number in some models
    • Its very useful in bypass Samsung Account in too many models.
    • Its very useful in bypass Google Account in too many models.
    • Its very useful for downgrade in some models.
    • Its help you to enable usb debugging.
    • its help to remove any security FRP / Reactivation Lock via tips

    1. Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)

    • COMBINATION_OXM_FA80_G960FXXU2ARG2.rar(Binary 2)
    • COMBINATION_OXM_FA80_G960FXXU3ASD1.rar(Binary 3)
    • COMBINATION_OXM_FA80_G960FXXU5ASF1.rar (Binary 5)

    2. Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U)

    Samsung Sm G960u Frp Bypass

    • COMBINATION_FAC_FA80_G960USQU2ARG1.zipbinary 2
    • COMBINATION_FAC_FA80_G960USQU3ASB1.rar binary 3
    • COMBINATION_FAC_FA80_G960USQU4ASC1.rarbinary 4
    • COMBINATION_FAC_FA80_G960USQU6ASG1.rarbinary 6

    3. Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U1)

    4. Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960XU)

    Frp Bypass Samsung Galaxy S9 Sm-g960u

    5. Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960N) Korea

    How to flash: