Samsung J105h Frp Lock Remove

Users of Android-based devices may encounter problems during the activation of their Google account. If a user can’t pass authorization, they have probably encountered the so-called Factory Reset Protection function. To activate the device and continue using it, you must reset FRP. How to accomplish this without damaging your smartphone?

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What is FRP Used For

The abbreviation stands for Factory Reset Protection. This feature first appeared in Android 5.1.

As most people know, the developers of the operating system are trying to protect the smartphones of their users. To this extent, FRP doesn’t allow a person that stole a mobile device to activate it for further use. That is, when trying to reactivate the device, the attacker will see a message on screen stating that the smartphone only supports the owner's Google account.

Of course, Factory Reset Protection is a useful feature. However, problems with activating a new account can also occur with a person that bought a used smartphone. In this situation, there is no theft involved. Still, the buyer doesn’t have the option to activate their account.

How to Bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini SM-J105H

Unfortunately, the problem with activating a new Google account occurs quite often when the smartphone is purchased used. There are 2 ways to resolve the issue:

  • the official way;
  • the unofficial way;

These names are rather arbitrary. Still, they adequately explain what operations the user will have to perform. In the first case, the user must contact the previous owner of the smartphone to reset their Google account. In the second option, FRP bypass occurs by its own means without using the data of the previously established account.

The Official Way

This method is used under the assumption that the current owner of the Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini SM-J105H smartphone has the means to contact its previous owner. To officially reset FRP, you will need the previous Google account data: the linked email address and password.

  1. In the Greetings window or phone settings enter the details of the previous account.
  2. Log in on the PC in the same way.
  3. On the computer, unlink the smartphone among the listed devices.
  4. On the phone, go to the Google account settings and delete the account.
  5. In the developer settings, enable the Unlock OEM option.

If everything is done correctly, FRP will be reset and the corresponding device will be unlocked. After rebooting the smartphone, you can enter your Google account data.

The Unofficial Way

There are several ways to bypass the Google Account on Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini SM-J105H without having email and password information.

The 1st Option:

  1. Insert a SIM card into the phone, turn it on.
  2. Skip the starting menu for device activation.
  3. Call the smartphone.
  4. Accept the call and save the new contact.
  5. In the dialer, enter the following command: *#*#4636#*#*.
  6. Press the Back button in the opened menu to go to phone settings.
  7. Go to Recovery and Reset, then Backup and Restore.
  8. Disable data backup and perform a factory reset.

The 2nd Option:

  1. Turn on the phone with the installed SIM card.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi at the primary boot-up.
  3. Enter some letters and highlight the text.
  4. Select the Share option to send this text via SMS.
  5. Put 112 as the receiving number.
  6. A notification will appear that the message has not been delivered after you attempt to send the text. This is just what we need.
  7. Open the texting menu with the 112 number and press the Call button.
  8. Delete 112 and enter the following command: *#*#4636#*#*.
  9. Similarly to the previous method, go to the Recovery and Reset menu, reset your smartphone back to factory settings and restart.

Whichever reset method the user chooses, it will be possible to enter the details of a new Google account after restarting the device. The FRP function should be disabled.

What to Do if Nothing of the Above Worked

All people buying smartphones used are advised to ask the previous owner for documentation. This will help you bypass FRP without having to tamper with your mobile device.

If it’s not possible to find the data of the old account to disable it, you visit the store where the device was first purchased. The info is indicated on the receipt or warranty certificate. If you visit the store, you will need to take all the documents that come with the smartphone. The telecom store employee will help you with Factory Reset Protection. If the previous owner sold the phone without its packaging, your only option is to use the unofficial reset methods.

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How to Reset FRP lock on Another Phones

Samsung J105H Combination File

Samsung J105H Combination File

Removing FRP on Samsung with Combination File
Many people think that they will bypass or remove the FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy just by installing the stock firmware via Odin. I remember doing an equivalent to repair the firmware reset protection on a friend’s Galaxy S7 Edge. the reality is, you can’t remove FRP lock Google account issue on Samsung mobiles with a traditional firmware flash.

Below, I’ll be describing the tactic to flash combination firmware on Samsung devices to get rid of the FRP lock.
1. Download Samsung Firmware
Since we’ll be employing a combination of specific firmware binary components, you’ll got to download the newest Samsung firmware for your Galaxy device. you’ll grab or get the firmware file for your device model from any of the sources mentioned below.
2. Create Samsung Combination File
Okay, now that you simply have downloaded the right firmware for your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab, it’s time to make the mixture firmware to get rid of the FRP lock on your Samsung device.

Samsung J105H Combination File

Follow the steps given below to make a mixture firmware from the regular firmware files.

  1. Extract the downloaded Samsung firmware Zip file. you’ll use a zipper archiver like WinRar, 7Zip, PowerArchiver, etc. for the aim .
  2. Open the extracted folder and you’ll find 5 firmware binaries including AP, BL, CP, CSC, and Home_CSC.
  3. Make sure you’ll view the .md5 extension of the files. If you see only .tar, click on the View tab on the Windows Explorer window and check the choice that says ‘File name extensions‘.
  4. Now, right-click on the firmware file that starts with AP in its name and choose the rename option and add a .zip extension after .md5.
  5. Then select the BL file and alter its extension to .zip too
  6. You can now extract the AP and BL zip files.
  7. Open the AP folder, copy the boot.img.lz4, and system.img.lz4 files and paste them during a new folder.
  8. Similarly, open the BL folder and move the file names sboot.img.lz4 to an equivalent new folder.
  9. Open the folder where you saved the boot.img,lz4, sboot.img.lz4, and system.img.lz4 files. Select all three files and zip them into one file by
  10. selecting the Compress to “New” option from the Windows context menu
  11. Now, change the Zip extension of latest file to .tar and rename it with the firmware name as shown below.
    You have successfully created the Samsung combination file to get rid of FRP on your Galaxy device.

Samsung J105H Combination File

3. Reset Samsung Device and Enable USB Debugging
Before you proceed to put in the mixture file, you would like to perform a knowledge factory reset. Since you can’t do this via the device settings of your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab, you would like to try to to that via the Recovery Mode. the tactic to access the Recovery mode on Samsung devices dif5fers from model to model. you’ll ask my detailed tutorial on booting into the Samsung Recovery Mode.

  1. Once you get into the Android Recovery menu screen, select the Wipe data/factory reset. you’ll use the quantity up/down keys to navigate and therefore the Power button to verify the choice .
  2. Perform a data/factory reset then select the Reboot system now option.
  3. When your Samsung device boots up, you’ll see the Samsung factory binary screen almost like one like shown below. Tap the mosaic icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Doing so will show you the app drawer screen. Navigate to Settings > Developer options and enable USB debugging. If you don’t find that
  5. option, here is how you’ll activate the Developer option on Samsung devices.
  6. Now, close up your phone or tablet device by holding the facility button.
    Flash Samsung Combination File with Odin
    Okay, you now have the Samsung combination file that you simply created from the stock firmware. you’ve got also enabled USB debugging on your Galaxy device to make sure that Odin can it. you’re ready to get rid of the FRP lock on your Samsung phone or Tab.

Samsung J105H Combination File

Download the patched version of Odin and extract the Zip file on your desktop.

  1. Odin3 3.14.1 3B PatcheD (for devices released 2018)
    Odin3 3.13.3 3B PatcheD (for older Samsung models)
  2. Download and install the newest Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC and reboot your system.
  3. Open the Odin folder and launch Odin3.exe as an administrator.
  4. It’s time else your Samsung device into the Download Mode
  5. Connect your device to the pc employing a compatible USB cable.
  6. When your phone or tablet is recognized by Odin, the ID:COM port are going to be highlighted.
  7. Click the choices tab in Odin and confirm that only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are enabled there.
  8. Then click on the AP button and add the Samsung combination file you created earlier.
  9. Finally, click the beginning button to trigger the installation.
  10. Wait until the mixture firmware installation finishes and you’re greeted by the PASS!! message in Odin. Your Samsung Galaxy device will reboot automatically.
  11. Just wait until your device boots up and that’s it. you’ve got successfully removed FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
    Please get the approval to use factory binary (PIT)
    Sometimes, Samsung’s security feature might block the installation of custom firmware and throw the subsequent error on the Download Mode screen of your Samsung Galaxy device.
    To fix this, you’ll flash Hell (Partition Information Table) file for your device along side the Samsung combination enter Odin. If you don’t skills to urge the right PIT file, read my tutorial describing the steps to extract Samsung PIT from firmware.

Please confine mind that if you put in Hell file, you’ll need to check the Re-partition option under the choices tab in Odin also . Moreover, you’ll got to add Hell enter Odin by clicking Hell tab in Odin. If the Samsung combination file doesn’t assist you to get rid of the FRP lock, you ought to also try the NAND Erase method using Odin.

How To Flash

Follow these steps to enter Download Mode/Odin Mode

Power off your device
Press and hold Volume Down key, tonic key and Power Key
When your device vibrates, release Power key while keep holding the quantity Down key and residential key

Samsung J105H Combination File

Warning before getting into download mode

Samsung J105h Frp Lock Remover

In the initiative cut your phone by holding the facility key for a cpuple of seconds. Then press and hold together Volume Down + Bixby + Power button a few seconds.
After that, you ought to see a menu with two options. Finally, enter Download Mode by pressing Volume Up

Samsung J105H Combination File

Connect your device to PC.

Your device should be automatically recognized by Odin. At the lower-left of the Odin interface, it should show a message that says “Included!“Added!” and within the meantime, you ought to see a light-blue box at the ID: COM section stating “COM:3” (the number depend upon which USB port you’ve got plugged the device cable and is irrelevant).

Click “PDA” or “AP” to feature the tar.md5 file that you “Start”.

Whether it’s “AP” depends on the version of Odin that you simply used. But the md5 file goes to either “AP”.

Samsung J105H Combination File

Add *.md5 to Odin.

adding the file, click “Start” the flashing process.

Samsung J105h Frp Lock Remove

Click “Start” to flash


Samsung J105H Combination File

Ongoing flashing process. don’t remove your device.

When the flashing process is completed, you ought to see an enormous green box saying “RESET” or “PASSED” (depends on the version of Odin is used). By now, the device should be rebooted and it’s safe to remove/unplug your device.

Samsung J105h Frp Lock Remover

Flash succeeded.

Samsung J105H Combination File

Samsung J105H Combination File
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