Samsung A10 Frp Bypass Without Sim

What is FRP Lock / Google Account Lock?

Now every Samsung mobile phone user faces a common problem FRP lock / Google Account lock. Generally, this kind of problem is seen when mobile hard reset/factory reset. But we don’t know what is FRP lock? or how to remove FRP lock?. FRP meaning is “Factory Reset Protection”. Recently Android developer increases security system their latest Android OS Marshmallow and Nougat same like as Apple cloud lock.

Let’s Begin FRP Bypass On Samsung Galaxy A10s; Remove SIM card, if your device has. Connect Wi-Fi connection first to your device. Go back to very first “Welcome or Start” screen. Insert SIM Card. After inserting SIM card, you will see screen of “Enter SIM Card Unlock Pin”. Now Remove SIM Tray.

Generally, if we face such problems, such as mobile phone hang problem, automatic android apps download, internet connection problem, pattern lock, the user password is forgotten etc. we know that hard reset or factory reset is the solution of this kind of problem. But now if your hard reset or factory reset your cell phone then you will be facing an FRP lock problem. Ok, FRP lock, not a big problem, if you carefully read our method you can bypass your Samsung FRP lock without PC and without any cost. See below our Samsung google account lock solution.

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How To Bypass Samsung FRP Lock / Google Account Lock Without PC

Step 1: First Turn ON your Samsung phone and select your language.

Step 2: Now Turn ON WiFi and connect to a WiFi network.

Step 3: After connecting Wifi network tap on Next button, again tap Next button. Now, wait few seconds for Google account Sing In option.

Step 4: Now press 3 times Home button for enabling Voice to Text option.

Step 5: After enabling Voice to Text option draw “L” on your smartphone screen. After drawing you see on your mobile screen some options. In this several options double tap on Text-to-Speech settings option.

Step 6: Now disable Voice to Text option by pressing 3 times Home button.

Step 7: Tap on the back icon 3 times, after that, you will be entered in your phone settings.

Step 8: Now Scroll up and go to User Manual option. Here you see an internet browser is open.

Step 9: Type “Samsung Galaxy Apps” on the browser URL box and then tap Go. Now find this link: and go to this the website. After entering the website tap on Samsung Galaxy Apps logo.

Step 10: Now you go to the Samsung official Android apps website. Here search UC Browser and then tap on download icon. After taping on download icon you need a Samsung Account. If you already have Samsung account then enter your ID and Password, otherwise, create a new Samsung Account. Wait few seconds for downloading UC Browser APK.

Step 11: After download UC browser tap on play icon and install it.

Step 12: After installing UC Browser Type on the URL box this link: after entering the website download below 2 Android apps.

Step 13: After download android apps go to UC browser download option and install 1st apps “Android 6 Google Account Manager.apk” and then install 2nd apps FRP Bypass. After installing second app tap on the open button.

(Note: When you try to install this kind of unknown source apps, You have to Turn ON the Unknown Source option)

Step 14: After open FRP Bypass apps, you see Retype Password Page. Here tap on the 3 dot icon from your phone top right corner and then click on Browser sign-in option.

Step 15: Here type on your Google Account ID and password if you have, otherwise create a new Google Account. After successfully Sign In Google Account restart your Samsung phone.

Step 16: After Turn ON your phone, As usual, ‍setting your Samsung phone.

Samsung has updated its security patch on its devices. so that’s why the old talkback method is not working now for bypassing FRP lock from Samsung A10 devices. So that’s why we are here to demonstrate to you how to unlock FRP bypass from Samsung A10 very easily. If you forget the Google Account password after the factory reset of your device, then it comes very usefully to access your device home screen once again. check below you can find the latest Samsung A10 FRP Bypass process shared in the below guide to solve your FRP lock issues.

What is FRP lock Protection

Google has introduced a new feature with the released of Android 5.0 (Lolipop), maybe you might hear about FRP (Factory Reset Protection) feature on Android. yes, this is the new feature Google has introduced to all Android users to protect their personal data, if you found a lost phone or maybe some problem if you are factory reset your device and forget the old pre-sync Google account then this app and the below guide will help you a lot. before you start the process you need to enter your device into the recovery mode and check the software version of your device. because this method working on a new patch only.

Samsung A10 Recovery Mode:-

There was a two-process for put your Samsung device into the Recovery Menu. First step works on old Samsung Galaxy devices, which devices have the Home button in front of the device:

Press and Hold Volume UP and Power key until you see the Recovery logo on your device.

Then wait for a few secs you will redirected to the Recovery mode, Then check below pic you will where you can find the Android version of your device.

Once you see your device software version then, if your device has the latest version of the security patch then you can follow the below process carefully. to unlock FRP from your device you need a Wifi connection, A pin lock enable sim card and this new FRP bypass apk.

How to enable Pin lock on any Sim card

This guide will help you how to enable pin lock on any sim card, first of all, you need any other Android or any device that you have,

-After that, insert the sim card on your other Android.

-Open the menu and then go to the settings application.

-Now if you have an Android device then go to the lock and security feature. or if you have any keypad phone then just go to sim setting from there, or if you have ios device then go to sim settings from there.

-After that, tap on the enable pin lock option from there.

-Then type your password that you can remember easily because if you forget the pin code you will get only 3time to enter the password, if you type the wrong password more than 3times your sim card will be blocked.

-So follow these above steps very carefully.

-Once you enable the pin lock on your sim card, then follow the below process to Samsung A10 FRP Bypass successfully.

Samsung A10 Frp Bypass Without Sim

Let’s start to Samsung A10 FRP Bypass

First of all, connect your device to a wifi network,

Next, a setup wizard will open where you need to follow the basic instructions.

Once the Google Account screen appears. Then you need to enter the google account login credentials.

Samsung A10 Frp Bypass Without Sim 2021

But because of the reason you lost the phone or don’t remember it, you need to follow the below steps.

Now, you need to insert the pin enable sim card,

How to enable Pin lock-in Sim card:

insert the sim card in your any other device,

Then go to sim settings,

Now there you will get the option “enable Pin lock”.

Then put the password there.

Ok now remove the sim card,

After that, insert the sim card in your FRP lock enable device.

After that, Your device will ask you to put the sim pin lock,

Now follow this instruction very carefully, otherwise, this method will not work.

Ok now enter the pin code, then press the ok and power button same time.

Now you will get a notification on your display.

Then swipe the notification left to right and then you will get the bell icon.

Tap on that, now you will get notification setting in the notification bar.

Ok, tap on the notification settings.

Then you will be redirected to the Notification settings page.

There you see See All option, just tap on that,

Now tap on the Most recent and select All option from there.

Then go down and select the Youtube app from there.

After that, go down and tap on the In-app Notifications settings.

Then there go to About and then tap on the Youtube terms of service there.

Congrats now you will access the chrome browser.

Now download the FRP Bypass apk to FRP Bypass from your device.

Check below you will get the download link of FRP Bypass APK.

Once downloaded then tap on the 3 dots from the top right corner.

Then tap on the downloads and then install the FRP Bypass apk on your device.

Now you will get another popup, tap on the settings from there.

Enable the Allow this source from there.

Once done, then install the FRP Bypass apk from there.

Once installation is completed, then tap on the open button.

Now install the Google account manager 6 from there.

Once installation completed then tap on the Done button.

Now tap on the FRP bypass option and then tap on the Browser Sign-In.

Once done, then tap on the 3dots from the top right corner.

Then tap the browser sign-in option.

Now login there with your Gmail ID.

Then Restart your device.

Once restart your device,

Next, a setup wizard will open where you need to follow the basic instructions.

Now you can access your device your home screen once again.

Done, Now you have successfully done Samsung A10 FRP Bypass. Once restart you won’t face any FRP bypass issue anymore. Once restarting your device, you won’t face any FRP lock issue anymore.

Download FRP Bypass Apk

-To Samsung A10 FRP Bypass you need to download this FRP Bypass APK from here, with this link you can easily able to download the latest FRP Bypass apk file for sure but on your lock screen you need to follow the below step:

First step: Type on your browser search bar:

Then you will visit our FRP Bypass apk download page.

Check the article and then go to the download section and download the FRP Bypass apk from there.

That’s it guys, this is the easiest way to download the FRP Bypass Apk on your FRP lock enable phones easily.

Samsung A10 Frp Bypass Without Sim Card 2020

Watch Some Video Tutorial to Fix FRP Lock (Google Account Verification) look Easily

Method 2:-

Samsung A10 Bypass Google Account Without Sim


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FAQ Samsung FRP Bypass

In this post, we are trying to covering most frequently asked questions in Google related to FRP bypass apk. So let’s take a look at them:

Q. Does its work on all Google Android device?

Well, we are trying to covering all the latest FRP Bypass methods that’s helps to bypass almost all Android devices, and the FRP bypass apk support almost all latest and old Android devices very easily, if you are the latest version of Android device users then its also work on that too.

Q.How to turn off FRP lock from Samsung devices?

Ans. Well go to settings menu then scroll down and select Account & management then click on the Signed in Google account, check below then you will get Remove Account option, remove the Google account to turn off the Frp feature or turn sync off to turn off the FRP lock feature from Samsung devices.

Q. FRP bypass apk can be used only on Samsung devices or all android devices?

Samsung A10 Frp Bypass Without Sim

Well, you can use this application to Bypass factory reset protection on your Android devices, This application compatible with all the latest and old Android devices. There is no limitation on that.

Q. FRP Bypass apk is safe or not?

Ans. This application is completely safe, no need any worry using this application.

Q.FRP Bypass apk is free or not?

Ans. Well, this application is 100% free, you don’t need any extra money to buy this application.

Q.How does this application works?

Ans. Check out our detailed guide, just download the app then install and open the application then sign in there with you’re any google mail id that’s it.

Q. Can I use this app in all Samsung FRP lock devices also?

Yes, FRP bypass application support almost all the latest and old Android devices very easily, if you are a latest version of Android users then its also work on that too.

Q. There are many other methods available to Bypass Factory Reset Protection?

Ans. In this article, we already mention all those FRP bypass methods and tools, but every two or three moths android has updated there security patch system, so check out our website we also published some other method to Bypass FRP lock from various Android devices.