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So, you want to become a Roblox admin and want to execute commands in-game?

That’s where my COMMAND GUIDE comes in handy. Keep Reading, As You’ll receive step-by-step information to use admin command for free.

What are admin commands in Roblox?

The Admin Commands in Roblox are codes to be written in-game to carry out amazing features. Access the admin command by typing :cmd into your chatbox. Here is a list of the current Roblox admin commands: :god me, :respawn me, :explode me, :zombify me, :freeze me, :sparkle me, :jump me, :smoke, :rich me, :banana me, etc.

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How to get Admin Commands on Roblox
Is the ROBLOX Administrator Badge Free?

Top 30 Roblox Commands Shortlisted

Admin command is not just for fun only. You can get access to various stuffs inside the game also. After getting the Admin Command Activation Pass, you can access admin commands simply by typing :cmds in the in-game chat box.

There are some cool commands in ROBLOX. Currently, you can use 200 ROBLOX commands including custom commands, batch commands, anti-exploit commands, and bans.

I haven’t included all of them because some of them can give you frequent errors like roblox error code 610.

Here are the list of some Roblox Commands:

:FireStarts a fire around your player
:UnFireEliminates the fire
:JumpYour character will jump after using this code
:KillKills your player. If you type ;kill and then name of the person you want to kill then it will kill that person.
:LoopkillKills the player you want to kill again and again.
:FfIt will Create a force field around player
:UnFfEradicates the force field
:SparkleCreates a sparking effect around the player
:UnsparkleEliminates the sparkle effect
:SmokeCreates a smoky effect around the player
:UnsmokeTurns off the smoky effect
:BigHeadMakes the player’s head bigger than usual
:MiniHeadMakes the player’s head smaller than usual
:NormalHeadGets back the original head size
:SitMakes the player sit in a position
:TripMakes the player trip over for no reason
:VisibleThe player becomes visible to everyone
:InvisibleThe player becomes invisible to everyone
:GodModeThe player becomes deadly and impossible to kill
:UnGodModeThe player returns back to its previous form
:KickKicks a player out of the game just like banning
:FixFixes a broken script by using ;fix
:JailPuts the player in the jail( depends on game)
:UnjailCancels the effects of Jailing player (depends on game)
:RespawnBrings the player back to life. Respawns at the same place the player died.
:RemoveToolsRemoves the player’s tools without letting them know
:ZombifyTurns a player into an infectious zombie who can’t kill others
:FreezeFreezes the player in place for a certain period of time
:ExplodeMakes the player explode in a second
:MergeAllows you to control another player. They will feel like they were hacked

The Commands are not that easy to redeem. But once it is executed properly, you can have access to cool features in ROBLOX. You can also have fun with other players using these Codes without even letting them know.

Can you get the Admin Commands on Roblox for free?

Yes. You can get the admin codes in Roblox for free. But the process of redeeming the codes might seem complicated for beginners. To use Admin Commands, the Admin must allow other people to use the codes by changing the game script.

No permission, no commands that’s the first rule.

Don’t worry. Read the whole post as I am going to show you the exact ways to redeem the Admin Commands easily.

Also check out the quick fix for roblox error code 277.

How to Use Admin Command on Roblox for Free

/spss-23-for-mac-free-download-full-version-crack/. First let me tell you how to actually use the Admin Commands inside of the game. Later on, I will tell you how to Access the Admin commands for free.

So, here are the steps to use Admin Commands for free:

  1. Open ROBLOX, you will notice a huge amount of ROBLOX game page.
  2. Search for that game which has the Admin Pass by checking it inside the store section under that specific game photo.
  3. Enter the game which has the Admin Pass.
  4. Open the chat box and type :cmds. You will notice a bunch of Commands after you have typed :cmds.
  5. Type the specific command you want to use.
  6. Put a colon mark(:) before each commands. For example, :kill me or if you want to use the command on anyone else then just type :kill [USERNAME].

Not only that, after you access the Admin Pass, you will get upgrades for your Avatar in the Avatar dialog.

Also check out how you can fix roblox error code 279.

How to get Admin Commands on Roblox

Roblox Admin Commands Download Pc Game

You need Admin Pass or permission from Admin to use Admin Commands. Only then, you will get access of using Admin Commands in game.

I am going to show you 2 ways to get Access to Admin Pass.

Here are the steps to get admin commands in Roblox:

Step 1: Use ROBUX

The easiest way to get Admin commands is to buy ADMIN PASS using ROBUX. I know you don’t wanna use money. But theres no other choice. You have to.

Don’t know how to use ROBUX to get Admin Commands?

Go to the Store section of the game page beside About and buy that pass. It will take about 900 ROBUX. Then use the commands as I instructed you.

How much dollar for 100 ROBUX?

Well, it depends on which country you are residing.

Step 2: Search the Commands List

I have provided the top 30 commands list on Roblox. So, scroll up to know the details of every commands.

Here are the steps to get ROBLOX Commands for free:

  1. Go to ROBLOX search bar. Search for HD Admin (by Forever HD).
  2. Add HD Admin to your inventory.
  3. Open ROBLOX Studio.
  4. Navigate to Toolbox > Models > My models and Select HD Admin.
  5. Now Go to File and click Publish to ROBLOX.
  6. Copy the link and open the game until you get the ROBLOX Admin Rank.
  7. Once you got the Rank, open any game that has the Admin Pass and type your commands in the chat box.

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Is the ROBLOX Administrator Badge Free?

ROBLOX Administrator Badge is given to players when they become the admin of a game. Every player can get an admin badge if they want to. Work for the Roblox community to get the admin badge easily. You must be 18+ to work in Roblox as a paying job.

The Admin badge appears to be a shield that is half light gray and half dark gray, sitting on a small white panel.

Don’t worry. I will show you the easiest method to become a ROBLOX admin. If someone tells you they are an Admin, but don’t have the badge, report them immediately.

Also learn how to fix error code 524 roblox.

How to become a Roblox Admin

Almost everyone wants to become a ROBLOX Admin. This is because, if you become ROBLOX Admin then only then you can get access to premium features.

Roblox Admin Commands Download Pc

The Admin has to grant permission so that you can get access to Admin Commands. If either of these two is not done then you won’t be able to execute free Commands.

Here are the ways to become a ROBLOX admin:

  • Work for ROBLOX.
  • Try ROBLOX games that has Admin Access.
  • Go to Join us > ROBLOX to join the ROBLOX community if want a admin badge and also become the ROBLOX Admin.

Becoming a ROBLOX Admin is not as easy as you think. You can either choose the Easy way or the Hard way. But if you do it wrong then you might get error 267 roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can Another Player hack the Admin Commands in Roblox?

Roblox Admin Commands Download Working

Answer: No. It’s impossible. ROBLOX doesn’t allow Admin Command hacking. Do report players who claim themselves as Admin but don’t have any admin badge.

Question: How safe are Admin Commands in Roblox?

Answer: It’s safe as you won’t get banned if you use the Admin Commands as the steps I told you to do. If you are new to ROBLOX, then you should stick with the Commands I provided.

Question: How do I use Admin Commands on other players in Roblox?Answer: Use the Admin Commands on other players, give a colon (:), and type a command like :kill and then type the username of the player you want your commands to work on.

Question: Do I have to use the admin commands in capital letters on Roblox?Answer: You can write the commands in both Capital Bold letters and small letters. Provide a colon mark (:) before typing the command.

Final Thoughts

Admin Commands are used just for fun and just for upgrading your Avatar. You won’t be banned if you use these commands on other people.

But I would recommend you not to annoy any Players as they will report you.

You don’t want to be kicked from your favorite game don’t you?

Do mention in the comment section which admin Commands you thought to be the best of all.

Roblox is a beautiful gaming platform where you can connect with people by adding them as friends.

Playing Roblox with your friends is very enjoyable since you know each other. You can form groups with them and become a part of the fantastic Roblox community.

Moreover, you will also be able to chat with people worldwide after becoming friends with them.

So, Why can’t I add someone on Roblox?

You cannot add friends on Roblox if you reach the maximum limit. The maximum limit for adding friends is 200 unless you upgrade the game to its premium version. Re-assure your account restriction option from your Privacy Settings, and then try adding friends.

Keep Reading, Because, in this post, I am about to show you how to make friends on Roblox easily.

Also, check out our free Roblox admin commands list for having premium features in the game.

How to Add Friends on Roblox – PC, Xbox, & Mobile
For PC

How to Find Friends on Roblox

For finding your well-known buddies, you have to import your contacts from a mobile device. If your friends have a Roblox account, they will automatically be on your friend’s list. Even if they don’t have an account, you can invite them to download Roblox and play with you by copying the URL from the tab, Invite Friends.

Feel secured, as no user can see your phone number or personal details. Roblox maintains strict privacy by not sharing your contacts with any third parties.

Invite Friends via Contact Requirements:

  • It would be best if you reside in the US.
  • You must be 13 years or older.
  • And you must have a mobile device with minimum Android OS 7.0 or newer, or iOS 9.0 or newer.

After you meet the requirements, you have to log in to your Roblox account and go to settings. Click on the Account Info Tab and provide your mobile number and Email address.
Once you are all set, Refresh the page and go to Friends Tab. Grant Roblox permission to sync your contacts to find friends. Tap the Add button next to the usernames to send a friend request.

If your Roblox app closes showing Roblox error code 524 then be sure that it’s not a server error. Check whether Roblox is down today.

How to Add Friends on Roblox – PC, Xbox, & Mobile

It is fascinating to make new friends on a gaming platform. You can play with each other on a single server, chat, and explore the world together. It is like a whole new experience to grab.

You are not alone if you are unable to add friends to your list. And so, I am here to help you make new friends on Roblox.

Despite reaching maximum limits, you can add more friends if you unfriend one of them from your friend’s list or one of them unfriends you. Check out some amazing Roblox facts you may not knew.

For PC

You can add friends on Roblox in two ways. One is by adding friends from the Roblox Homepage, and the other is by adding inside the game. Both methods are comfortable to perform.

Here are the ways to add friends on Roblox:

1. Add People from Roblox Homepage

For this method, you have to know the username of that person. You can see the username on top of the avatar’s head.

Here are the steps to add friends on Roblox PC:

  1. Login to your Roblox account.
  2. Click on the Friends tab from the left panel.
  3. Click on Search and type the username of that person you want to add to your friend’s list.
  4. Press on Search for the Username in People and click on Add Friend to send them a Friend Request.
  5. Type a message to help that person remember you.
  6. Wait for the response. If the friend request is accepted, that person gets added to your friend’s list.

Check our separate post on how you can fix ROBLOX Error code 267 easily.

2. Use the In-Game Feature

For this method, it is not necessary to know the exact username of that person. If you don’t remember, there is an alternative option on Roblox that enables you to add friends instantly from any game.

  1. Start any Roblox Game by joining a server.
  2. Click on the Game Menu situated at the top left corner.
  3. Select the Add Friend Button with whom you want to be a friend.
  4. Wait for the response.

For Xbox

For Xbox platforms, you cannot perform the same steps as done on PC. I recommend you to sign in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox device.

Here are the steps to add friends on Roblox Xbox Edition:

  1. Go to the Home Page and select My games and apps.
  2. Click on See All > Apps > Microsoft Edge.
  3. Type in Roblox in the search bar and log in to your Roblox account.
  4. Tap the Search button on the top right corner and type in your friend’s username to send a friend request.
  5. Wait for the response. You can also add friends in-game, but this feature is different for different games.

You may face ROBLOX error codes like ROBLOX error code 610, ROBLOX error code 6, ROBLOX error code 279, etc.

For Mobile Devices

If you want to add friends from mobile devices, you must sign in with an email account. You cannot add friends if you play as a guest.

Once you sign in, go to the friend’s tab and click on the search icon. Type the username of the player you want to add. Click on the Add Person icon and wait for the response from the other end.
You can also add friends inside a game. While playing any game, click on the Three-dashed icon. You will see a bunch of usernames and an option to add a friend. Click on Add Friend to send a friend request.

Sometimes you can’t add friends because the username you are searching for doesn’t exist anymore.

Roblox Admin Commands Download Apk

Also, check our separate post for fixing Error Code 277 on Roblox.

Roblox Admin Commands Download Pc Windows

Add People in Roblox Xbox One from PC

Ever wondered why doesn’t Roblox combine PC and Xbox servers for playing with each other?

They have this cross-platform feature, but you don’t know how to utilize it.

For adding friends on Roblox Xbox One from PC, go to settings > Account from your Xbox Device and Enable Cross-Platform Play.

Remember to link your console Microsoft account with your PC. Then switch to your PC and login with that same account, and add friends using their username.

This process will automatically add friends to your Xbox device as well. Play with your PC friends using Xbox, login to Roblox using Xbox and go to your Device settings > Account and Enable Cross-Platform Play.

Roblox Admin Commands Download Pc Windows 10

Also, check our separate post for fixing ROBLOX Error Code 268.

Benefits of Having Friends in Roblox

  • Friends on Roblox are needed for playing games on the same server and for online chatting.
  • You can undoubtedly play any game alone, but it is more entertaining when you play Roblox with friends and family members.
  • You can also ask your friend to be a team in-game and beat opponents together to win.
  • My recommendation will be to join a group. That way, you can talk with more people, and eventually, you will make more friends.


Question: How to send a friend request on Roblox?
Answer: To send a friend request on Roblox on PC, Mobile, Tablet, and Xbox, type in the username in the search button after logging into your Roblox account. You can also add friends in-game by clicking on the More icon (on Mobile) or the Esc button (on PC).

Question: What happens after I send my request on Roblox?
Answer: You will see a pending message when you send a friend request to a player. And the player you sent a request will have two options to either accept or reject your friend request. You can see whether the player accepted or denied your request from the Friends Tab.

Question: How do I check my friend requests on Roblox?
Answer: All pending requests are on the friend’s tab. It is up to you whether to accept or deny any request.

Question: How do I delete friends from my Roblox Friends List?
Answer: Log in to your Roblox account and go to the Friends Tab. Select the person you want to unfriend and tap on the Unfriend Button.

Question: How do I set an alias for a friend in Roblox?
Answer: Aliases is a feature to set a nickname for your friend in Roblox. To use the Alias feature, you need to click on that person’s profile to nickname. Click on About, and under About, you will see an option named Alias. Set any nickname of your wish and click on Save.

Question: How to join the games other people play when they’re not my friend on Roblox?
Answer: You cannot join a game other people are playing unless you are friends and modified their settings to follow.

Final Thoughts

Roblox maintains an outstanding balance of peace and harmony. Adding friends to your friend list is one of the great features for socializing with others.
Always make new friends and avoid bullying or harassment. If you notice any violence, don’t forget to unfriend that person.