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Discover top 9 alternatives to Facetune on Product Hunt. Top 9 alternatives: MakeApp 3.0, Selfissimo!, FaceApp, Panda, Meitu, Posemoji, Wing, AirBrush, Manly. The maker of Facetune, the hugely successful selfie app, is launching a new photo filter app called Quickart that you can download now for free on iOS. Quickart’s filters go far beyond Instagram.

Thin Camera, Facetune, Make Me Thin, Bikini, Retouch Me, and many more all available to download for free on the iTunes app store to ages 4+, and simple enough for anyone to use. Facetune Video is the first video editing app designed specifically for retouching selfie videos. All your fave Facetune features are now available for video: smooth skin, whiten teeth, shape and contour facial features, add makeup and more. Creating an amazing selfie video is now easier than it’s ever been before.

Everyone in this modern era wants to make an impressive impact on social platforms through attractive videos and pictures. Facetune is here to help you people in making your dreams true. As the basic problem is that with the original camera, the image does not give a sense of attraction so people need to edit the selfies or pictures.

The app allows you to use a collection of tools to edit photos such as teeth whitening, remove blemishes, acne and pimples, skin toning, contouring and makeup. Moreover, you can add a variety of filters to the images such as lighting, textures, contrast, and frame options. An interesting feature of the app is the sharing of images with others directly on social networks.

Reason for exploring similar photo-editors like Facetune.

Well, the app with crazy and multiple features affects the people, and definitely, people like that editor, which costs them nothing and has the best impact. Here are some alternatives to Facetune that will offer a good experience to you.


B612, no doubt, is one of the famous photo-editors and selfie cameras and is popular for his best filters and clearance of the image. Want a funny selfie or a romantic one? You can explore every sort of sticker over there.

Either you on a birthday or in a special event, make the journeys memorable, just open B612, and catch your unforgettable moments. You can create collages to pack all your best moments in one place. The app allows you to make boomerang videos that play on a loop.

InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera

People always want to experience free of cost editors, and this app is free-to-use with endless features. Create a beautiful collage using up to 200 styles and edit images by changing the orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa.

Where ever you are, it does not matter, just open the app, take photos using the app camera, and edit them without any hassle. The amazing thing is that you can also create videos by adding effects and music to increase fame over social media platforms.

Sweet Camera

More Apps Like Facetune

It might not be wrong if we consider Sweet Cameraan alternative to Facetune because of its similarity. With tons of content, beloved AR stickers, and the fashion-centric options for you to change hair color and apply makeup on the images makes it quite different.

Whether it is a selfie or photo, remove the pimples and blemishes, apply filters, and export on the social platforms directly. For a selfie lover, just choose the auto-beauty effect and make your selfie more gorgeous. Make your face slim, remove acne, enlarge eyes, and whiten your teeth for better results.


FaceLab is also an app like Facetune because it offers you the best ever tools and a built-in camera for aggressive photos. Available for both Android and iOS, it offers a wide range of functionalities to adjust and fine-tune the images. For professionals, it is best because you can edit multiple photos at once and all the photos will gain a similar result if you apply it on one image.

More Apps Like Facetune

Best apps like facetune

Match the various makeups and pick the best combination that fits your needs to get flawless skinned photos.

Facetune 2 For Desktop

ModiFace Photo Editor

Facetune App Free

ModiFace Photo Editor is the best means of editing the selfies or pictures in full high-definition resolution. Like other editors, the app has an assortment of makeup tools to enhance the effects of the images. Simple to use, pick a bunch of photos, edit them, and share on the social platforms to get fame.

The availability of hundreds of contact lenses, multiple makeup options, and photo retouching tools are the reason for its fame. The app also features weight adjustment options, jaw contouring, photo enhancement, blemish removal, photo frames, etc.