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LuaJIT adds some extensions to the standard Lua/C API. The LuaJIT includedirectory must be in the compiler search path (-Ipath)to be able to include the required header for C code:

The Lua script can serve to initialize the C program, or the Lua script can install a callback routine in the C program. Calling a Lua script from a C program can be daunting without the right information. Different computers have different names and locations for libraries and include files, and it's difficult to figure out what's causing. Today I’m going to talk about storing Lua tables and variables in scripts. Storing data in Lua is great. You can easily store stuff in neat way and you can also store functions which you can later call from C. You can store tables (or other variables) in scripts in two ways: as global variables and as local variables. Let’s talk about.

Or for C++ code:

This is a C API extension to allow control of the VM from C code. The full prototype of LuaJITsetmode is: LUAAPI int luaJITsetmode (luaState.L, int idx, int mode); The returned status is either success ( 1) or failure ( 0 ). The second argument is either 0 or a stack index (similar to the other Lua/C API functions). Lua problems with C. Lua is written in C, the whole Lua API is C based. Hence converting Lua into the C world would seem rather difficult, but Lua does provide abilities to do this. I have read many reports saying that Lua cannot be used with classes but through a bit of manipulation this can be achieved. To embed Lua is.

luaJIT_setmode(L, idx, mode)— Control VM

This is a C API extension to allow control of the VM from C code. Thefull prototype of LuaJIT_setmode is:

The returned status is either success (1) or failure (0).The second argument is either 0 or a stack index (similar to theother Lua/C API functions).

The third argument specifies the mode, which is 'or'ed with a flag.The flag can be LUAJIT_MODE_OFF to turn a feature off,LUAJIT_MODE_ON to turn a feature on, orLUAJIT_MODE_FLUSH to flush cached code.

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The following modes are defined:

luaJIT_setmode(L, 0, LUAJIT_MODE_ENGINE flag)

Roblox Lua C Script Pack


Turn the whole JIT compiler on or off or flush the whole cache of compiled code.

luaJIT_setmode(L, idx, LUAJIT_MODE_FUNC flag)
luaJIT_setmode(L, idx, LUAJIT_MODE_ALLFUNC flag)
luaJIT_setmode(L, idx, LUAJIT_MODE_ALLSUBFUNC flag)

This sets the mode for the function at the stack index idx orthe parent of the calling function (idx = 0). It eitherenables JIT compilation for a function, disables it and flushes anyalready compiled code or only flushes already compiled code. Thisapplies recursively to all sub-functions of the function withLUAJIT_MODE_ALLFUNC or only to the sub-functions withLUAJIT_MODE_ALLSUBFUNC.

luaJIT_setmode(L, trace,

Flushes the specified root trace and all of its side traces from the cache.The code for the trace will be retained as long as there are any othertraces which link to it.

luaJIT_setmode(L, idx, LUAJIT_MODE_WRAPCFUNC flag)

This mode defines a wrapper function for calls to C functions. Ifcalled with LUAJIT_MODE_ON, the stack index at idxmust be a lightuserdata object holding a pointer to the wrapperfunction. From now on all C functions are called through the wrapperfunction. If called with LUAJIT_MODE_OFF this mode is turnedoff and all C functions are directly called.

The wrapper function can be used for debugging purposes or to catchand convert foreign exceptions. But please read the section onC++ exception interoperabilityfirst. Recommended usage can be seen in this C++ code excerpt:

Note that you can only define a single global wrapper function,so be careful when using this mechanism from multiple C++ modules.Also note that this mechanism is not without overhead.