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Lua script for GrafX2 hi! Recently i finished a Lua script for GrafX2, allowing to 'clean' pixel-art pictures to 2 colours in each 8x8 or 8x1 cell - i think this script can be useful for people.


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Published at: 3 years ago
Jul 9th, 2017

Lua C Script Music Id

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Lua C Script Music
  1. pushvalue -4
  2. emptystack
  3. getfield -1 Sound
  4. setfield -2 Name
  5. getglobal workspace
  6. pushnumber 1
  7. emptystack
  8. getfield -1 LuaC_Music
  9. setfield -2 Volume
  10. getglobal workspace
  11. pushstring rbxassetid://702865148
  12. emptystack
  13. getfield -1 LuaC_Music
  14. pushvalue -2
  15. emptystack
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Lua C Script Music Video