Java 6 For Shimeji

I have Java 8 but after knowing that the shimejis I have in my computer need Java 6 to work, I'm not too sure whether to uninstall my current version or not since I'm learning software engineering at university with NetBeans, which is the program that I use for programming that uses Java 8. 1) Download shimeji-ee package. Ste p 2: 1) Using 7-Zip open shimeji-ee package. 2) Extract.bat file from it to your Shimeji folder. Clash of clans hack tool 2017. Ste p 3: 1) Open.bat file using any text editor (for example Notepad) 2) Replace text in.bat file with path to Java portable that you have installed (extracted) before. 3)!Update: remove 'pause' from.bat file.

Shimeji + Java 7 + Windows 7 or Windows 8 HOW TO =*^_^*=‎ > ‎


WARNING: this guide is deprecated since it describes how 2 make shimeji non advanced.
if u have found this page while searching, i recommend u 2 go 2 main page

in fact u have no reason to do this cuz u can downloadworking Shimeji advanced with window issue fixed for Windows 8.
  • site (download attached to #8 comment)
But if 4 some reason u wanna make it by yourself, here's the gude:

Step 1:

1) Using 7-Zip open shimeji-ee package
2) Extract .bat file from it to your Shimeji folder

1) Open .bat file using any text editor(for example Notepad++)
2) Replace text in .bat file with path to Java portable that you have installed(extracted) before
3) save .bat file

Download .bat file
1) If you have more than one Shimeji, just copy .bat file to each folder
2) Run .bat file! Now you again have something wonderfull in your life ^_^

Shimeji English Enhanced is far more advanced(convenient interface), less buggy, and consumes less CPU and RAM.
u can convert characters from old shimeji format to use with shimeji-ee using Notepad++ with python scripts plugin installed.

This page last updated at 19.09.2016
First u gonna need 2 install java portable, since shimeji wont work with latest version.
Then u can install and configure shimeji advanced 4 comfort usage.

Installing java portable
Before u can run shimeji advanced u need to install java portable.

Step 1:
1) Download Java 6 portable

1) Run setup
2) Specify following path: 'C:portableJava 6 u 22'

There are 2 ways of getting shimeji advanced running:
1) u can simply download working Shimeji advanced with window issue fixed for Windows 8. download locations:

  • this site (if u cant download - open new private window in FireFox or Chrome and try again. or logout from all Google accounts and try again. this file is already shared publicly, you dont need to request access from file owner)
  • site (download attached to #8 comment)
then extract it to any location ('C:portableShimeji-ee' recommended) and run 'RUN VBS^_^.bat'
2) or if u wanna make it yourself this guide can help you with that.

to run shimeji advanced just open this file: 'C:portableShimeji-eeRUN VBS^_^.bat'

Enjoy your new life with Shimeji characters running on your Windows 7/8 with Java 7(or later) installed =*^_^*=

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Java 6 For Shimeji

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