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Facetune is exactly what it sounds like -- a mobile photo-editing app that lets you tweak pictures of your face to your heart's content.

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It's like Adobe(ADBE) Photoshop for your phone.

Oct 17, 2020 The site is the third-largest social network in the world after Facebook and YouTube, and as of June 2018, the app has over 1 billion monthly active users. The platform has all of the basic photo editing tools you might need, including filters, effects, text, stickers, overlays, and more. Months after Facetune’s release, the word “selfie” was added to the Oxford Dictionary, foreshadowing the app’s almost immediate success. Within a year, Facetune was the top-ranked photo and video app in the App Store across 120 countries, and by 2016, Lightricks had launched Facetune2, a more advanced version that was also an instant hit. Subscribe to Facetune Video VIP for UNLIMITED access to all features for even more control over your videos. Here are all the payment details: - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Facetune Video. Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

For the past two years customers and reviewers have rated Facetune as one of the best photo and video apps available. It has a 4.8 average rating among U.S. iOS users, and perfect 5 rating in numerous countries, including Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada.

Apple(AAPL) has featured it on the iTunes App Store 359 times since its launch, according to App Annie. In 2014, Google(GOOGL) Samsung galaxy note 8 frp bypass without computer 2018. listed Facetune as one of the best apps of the year, and rumors are that celebrities including Kim Kardashian use it on their selfies.

Part of the reason Facetune has been so successful is that it's a well-made product. It's professional-grade software, but it's simplified for mobile use.

The other huge driver is its target market -- people who want to look good in their pictures. That's pretty much everyone.

Is Facetune Monthly
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  2. Price: Free version; Full version with extra functions – $7.99 per month, $35.99 per 12 months and $69.99 – one-time purchase. Facetune 2 is one of the best selfie apps using which you can edit your photos very fast. With this app, you can correct skin defects if there are any.

For $3.99, Facetune is a no-brainer option if you want to touch up your photos but don't know how to use something like Photoshop -- or can't afford it. It's a fast, powerful and simple way to adjust portraits on the go.

The app lets you alter small, specific areas of your face for a subtle or dramatic effect. It can whiten teeth, remove blemishes (like Photoshop's clone tool), and change the shape of your features to create a wider smile or slimmer chin.

The widgets are easy to use, and the app's precision compensates for any sloppiness. Changes can be made with a few zooms, drags and smudges. Facetune also provides more than 20 in-app tutorials to help you make edits look natural.

Despite these great features, there are also some drawbacks. It's difficult to control the intensity of changes, for example. Once you start smoothing wrinkles, there's no option to tone it down so that only the cute crow's feet remain.

Another annoyance is that basic editing functions like brightness, contrast, and color correction are hard to find. They're buried within each feature, and you have to dig through a little bit to get to them.

My main grudge is that Facetune makes everything a little too easy.

Now, there's no excuse for not looking your best. But I don't like being put in this position. If I use it, am I a phony? If everyone else uses it too, does it really matter?

There are clearly good and bad uses for this app. If you want to look a little less tired in your profile picture, or pretend you never drink coffee, there's little harm in a little tune up. For four bucks, it's cheaper than a pack of Crest Whitestrips or concealer, and requires less time.

But if you want to touch up every single selfie you post from now on, you might want to consider taking down all of your old photos..

CNNMoney (New York) First published April 24, 2015: 12:39 PM ET

The Brief: FaceTune is a photo editing app for quickly editing selfies.


FaceTune has a free app called FaceTune2 and a premium app that costs $3.99. FaceTune2 has an option for users to subscribe to a full version for $5.99 per month. The apps have photo editing features including teeth whitening, red-eye remover, blemish erasers, filters, and more.

Photo editing raises issues of authenticity and perceived perfection online. As FaceTune makes tools for photo editing more accessible to the public, there is the possibility that the practice of editing or “perfecting” images will become an expectation rather than an option.

FaceTune can also be an empowering tool for people to be able to control their own image, especially if they are dealing with body dysmorphia. For some trans women, apps such as FaceTune allow them to curate images of themselves that reaffirm their femininity, especially if they cannot access gender reaffirming surgery. However, photo editing can also exacerbate body image issues for people who struggle with the dissonance between their edited images and the way their bodies look in the mirror.

Photo editing and perfecting is a hot-button issue as it moves from the realm of celebrities and magazines to become a tool available to anyone with a smartphone.

I don’t know what real skin looks like anymore. Makeup ppl on instagram, please stop with the smoothing (unless it’s me) just kidding (I’m torn) ok maybe just chill out a bit. People of social media just know: IT’S FACETUNE, you’re beautiful, don’t compare yourself to people ok

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) February 12, 2018

Is Facetune Monthly Cost

Another issue with FaceTune is that some people have been using it to alter the shape of their body in pictures, making them appear thinner, or with certain features enlarged. Although this does not line up with the intended purpose of FaceTune – to “tune” faces – it has become a common practice.

“We did not create FaceTune for body manipulations, but I’m not sure it’s our place to decide how people use the app…Social media is not a reality show, it’s a director’s cut of your life. Some people are more successful in creating that director’s cut than others.” -Zeev Farbman, CEO of FaceTune’s parent company

Some plastic surgeons have reported that increasing numbers of patients request surgeries in order to look more like facetuned versions of themselves. This phenomenon, often called “Snapchat dysmorphia,”points to how issues with body image shift as technology does.

Is Facetune Monthly Subscription

With all this in mind, FaceTune is not a great app for young, impressionable people to use. Media literacy plays an important role in helping people understand how the images they see online often do not match IRL appearances and realities.