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Hi there. It’s Thursday, meaning it’s time for another blog. Mom, how are you liking these so far? This is how my mom and I communicate because I know it’s 100% private. No one else here. Mom: I need to borrow some more money, this radio gig isn’t paying well.

100 Hottest Instagram Models to Follow – Part 1. By Terence Y; Posted on October 5, 2018 March 16, 2021; Discover the most popular, sexiest, and hottest Instagram models you should be following right now. This list is released annually. If there’s a model you don’t see on this list who you think should be here, just let us know! Facetune and the internet’s endless pursuit of physical perfection. On the Instagram accounts of influencers and celebrities. It is bad to narrow already-thin models’ waists. R/Instagramreality: Social media is a breeding ground for facetune and photoshop, it's unbelievable how some people get away with it while others Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Hey guys welcome back, this video isn't meant to be mean but its just me reacting to before and after facetune pictures of instagram models and youtubers!
  • Let's also get another thing clear. Instagram model is a self proclaimed title that means literally nothing. I get some people make money on insta. They're not models, they're shills. Any self proclaimed instagram model is just a vapid thot who requires constant attention from.

Anyway, here’s the topic for today: Instagram models. Yes, those perfect-looking creatures who have their pictures liked by boys you have crushes on. This is what I’m always surprised by — men have no idea about FaceTune. Women know. If you don’t FaceTune is basically an app to easily photoshop your pics before posting em online. There’s even a Reddit forum for it called r/Instagram Reality.

OKAY — I’m not trying to shame any of these people. They’re literally 1% of people who photoshop their IG photos. It just annoys me that men buy it. Women know it’s fake, I think. I decided I wanted to be an Instagram model too.

See, you can barely tell where I’ve photoshopped!

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Oh, I see you over there working the camera. You know your angles, you’re all about good lighting, and you’d rather eat glue than post a bad selfie to Instagram.

You are a selfie model, after all.

Wait, what? A selfie model? Come on, is that really a thing?

This is probably a question you’re prettttttttty darn use to, but honestly, Instagram influencers make their whole careers out of—well, influencing— so really, aspiring to be an Instagram model isn’t such a wild career path.

But hey, it’s not like you can just start posting selfies and assume you’re going to become the next Charli D’Amelio overnight (we wish).

Nah, you’ve got to get some traffic over to your winning selfies before you get that elite status, and using the right hashtags is just one of the ways that we can help you get there.

And so, next time you’re spinning your wheels trying to think of selfie hashtags that will get all eyes on you, try out some of these:

1) #selfiegirl #selfietime #selfiesunday #selfiequeen #selfiegram ##selfieaddict #selfielove #selfiegamestrong #selfiemode #selfies #selfiemodel

I mean, why overcomplicate it?

If you’re looking for the perfect hashtag for your selfie, use one of these popular selfie hashtags. They’re easy, descriptive, and will get eyes on your photo.

Plusssssss, a little insider tip: If you want to try some selfie hashtags that are maybe a little less overused, try typing “selfie” after your hashtag. Instagram will recommend some of the top selfie hashtags to you.

From here, you can certainly pick some of the more popular ones, which you’ll find listed above, but if you go with one that is equal parts popular but also unique, you’ve got a better chance of getting your selfie seen.

You’re welcome.

2) #thisisme #myself #self #portrait #selfportrait

Oh, don’t forget, there are other words for “selfie” that get the same point across.

A little synonym action, if you will.

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3) #model #modelling #instagrammodel #modellife #modelstatus

Let’s break this down for a ‘sec.

You’re a selfie model.

So you take a lot of selfies, butttttt you see how we’ve also got the word model in there.

Use that to your benefit in your hashtags.


4) #blondegirl #blueeyes #redlips #longhair #big eyes

As a selfie model you should also feel free to describe yourself with hashtags.

‘Ya know, if you’ve got blue eyes, well, tell us about them with your hashtag.

Not only is this an easy hashtag to think of, but it also helps you get very specific about what kind of selfie model you are.

5) #mirrorpic #selfiestick #selfiemirror

If you’re struggling with hashtags, simply tell us how you took your selfie.

Do Instagram Models Use Facetune

(We know you love showing off your #ootd in that mirror pic…And hey! There’s another hahtag for ‘ya! Bonus)

5) #girl #coolgirl #prettygirl #chicgirl #NYCgirl #LAgirl #stylishgirl #bloggergirl #bossgirl #gymgirl

Now, now, we want you to be careful here.

We love our IG, but there’s no denying you can find some total creeps floating around on the platform, which makes the use of #girl a little troublesome.

Instagram Models Without Facetune

See what we mean?

This is why we encourage you to play with the #girl idea a little.

Maybe you live in New York City, so #NYCgirl would suit you, or perhaps you’re all about fitness so #gymgirl would get you the right kind of attention.

We want you to think a little outside the box rather than just using the same hashtags that every aspiring selfie model uses (you’re better than that).

Instagram Models Facetune

And don’t worry, men, all these ideas apply to you, too!

Instagram models without facetune

So go ahead, get creative with your selfie model hashtags, and just you wait, the likes are ‘gonna be ‘rollin’ in like hot cakes.

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