How To Correct Red Eye On Facetune

In today’s world, we already know that every glossy lip and toned stomach is photoshopped to the finish. So why do we continue to look up to these images, then?

Facetune is an app that allows you to smooth, edit, tweak details, reshape, patch, adjust tones, fix redeye, defocus, add frames, add filters, and so so, so much more to any of the photos that you've taken on your iPhone! It acts a little bit like Photoshop, but is way less complicated, so if you want to edit on the go, this is going to be the.

Because, as everyone hates to admit (and fails to attempt), we want to look like them. It’s a natural instinct to want to look better than you currently do (just don’t be one of those that hogs the bathroom mirror). Although, most people just do this through Instagram by adding a filter over their face and calling it a day.

But what if there was a better way to do it? Perfect your face, filter your photo, add some other cool effects and share it? Oh, wait there is. It’s called Facetune and it’s just $2.99 in the iTunes App Store (or you can get a free version with limited tools).

Facetune makes all of their tools and settings extremely accessible and user-friendly. The first time you use the app, it even shows you how to use each tool and gives you a short video on how to use them effectively on photos. It does everything for you.

Here are the 6 reasons why you need to get Facetune (and do it fast, adding on yet another Instagram filter isn’t making your face any more flattering).

Before and after using the Whiten tool on Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

1. It Whitens Your Teeth Facetune body app.

Teeth are one of the first things that people notice when looking at a picture. Why not help yourself out and get a gleaming smile?

Once you’ve uploaded a photo, all you have to do is click the Whiten tool on the bottom toolbar.

Then, zoom in on your picture to make your teeth large and easier to draw on with your finger.

Once it’s zoomed in on your teeth, just brush over your teeth with your finger and you’ve got yourself an instantly white smile.

2. You Can Smooth Out Your Face (And All Your Flaws)

One of Facetune’s tools is the Smooth tool, which basically blurs and blends together pixels to disguise all kinds of facial flaws: wrinkles, blemishes, shine, grease, the list goes on.

To use it, click on the Smooth tool at the bottom toolbar.

Then, just swipe your finger over any part of your face that you want to fix. You can zoom in to get to smaller, harder to reach places.

Faces after using the Smooth tool on Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

3. It Corrects That Annoying, Instagram-Ruining Red Eye


Tired of looking like the devil in your nighttime photos with flash? Easy fix with Facetune.

First, scroll over on your toolbar to the Red Eye tool. Click on it and then you will see the red eye option or white eye option.

Then, zoom in on your eyes in the photo.

Click on the red eye option and a small, transparent black dot will appear within a circle.

Using the Red Eye tool in Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

Move the circle over your eye, and then pinch it to make it small or large enough to cover your hideous devil’s eye.

You can also use the white eye option to fix any overly white circles in your eyes caused by the flash.

4. You Can Create A Professional-Looking Photo With A Blurred Background

While most photographers call this the focus foreground, it’s a lot easier to put it in terms of blurriness.

When a photo has a completely blurred background, it makes the subject in the foreground stand out more and can sometimes come off as a high quality photo.

To achieve this effect, scroll over to the Defocus tool.

Before and after using the Defocus tool in Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

Then, use your finger and color in any areas of the background of your photo to make them blurry. You can use zoom in later and use the erase tool to fine tune any mistakes you might’ve made.

5. You Can Add Filters, Play With Lighting, And More

Even with all of the high-tech tools that edit your face, Facetune still offers more. Once you’re done perfecting your complexion, you can add filters, adjust lighting, play with different lens effects and more.

Using Filters tool in Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

All you have to do is scroll over to the Filters tool and a variety of filters will pop up as well as other tools at the bottom of you toolbar. Each tool at the bottom is pretty self-explanatory, adjusting the photo in different ways.

6. Once You’re Done, It’s Shareable

So you’ve gone through a virtual makeover. And now you want to share your brand new face with your friends . . . and play it off as “natural beauty” (if only they knew).

Facetune makes it really simple to share your newly adjusted photo to all forms of social media.

Sharing off of Facetune is an easy click. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

When you’re done editing your photo, just click on the little diagonal arrow in the upper right corner of the app. Then, a screen will slide over, allowing you to save your photo, send it, or share it.

How To Correct Red Eye On Facetune Screen

All Done: Before & After

Before and after using Facetune. Photo by Katelyn Piziali.

Overall, Facetune has a lot to offer, especially for being a mobile app that you simply use with your finger. It’s amazing how much you can change in just one app. While some of you may be skeptic as to whether it’s worth the $3, it is.

Next time you get a red eye in a photo, or you want to get rid of the one zit, Facetune will have your back. I know I’ve used it before and afterwards, I’ve gotten so many compliments on the photo.

I wish I’d discovered it sooner, so I’m doing you a favor by introducing it to you now.

You won’t regret a flawless, white smile when that hot guy/girl comments on your Instagram, will you? Didn’t think so.

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