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Top 5: Facetune 2 – Beauty and Makeover to Slim Face. Facetune 2 is another face slimming app to retouch your selfie and have a personal makeover. When you want to have a skinny face, you can adjust the jaw and smile to make a skinner face. NAME: Facetune COST: $3.99 OPERATING SYSTEM: iOS and Android CREATOR: Lightricks USER RATINGS: Apple, (5,300 ratings); Google Play, (31,000 ratings) REVIEW’S BOTTOM LINE: A good one to keep away. As mentioned, Facetune is a photo editing app specifically for selfies and portraits. In addition to editing static photos, you can also use their Facetune video app to apply similar effects to videos. Facetune has also recently released Seen, an app that provides animations and graphic editing functionalities for Instagram Stories. Facetune2 is the world’s best selfie editing app with over 160 million+ downloads. Edit any selfie with Facetune2 in just seconds! Facetune2 is the ultimate selfie editor for all platforms: whether you want to tune your photos for Instagram and Facebook, retouch your Tinder pics, or use it for your professional selfie editing needs on LinkedIn. Facetune is not free, in fact, it is not even $.99, it costs $2.99, which is quite a bit for a mobile app, but again, you get a lot for your money. I would say that the coolest part of Facetune is the fact that while it is as powerful as the best photo editing apps out there, it is fully optimized for the mobile touch experience.

Facetune is exactly what it sounds like -- a mobile photo-editing app that lets you tweak pictures of your face to your heart's content.

It's like Adobe(ADBE) Photoshop for your phone.

For the past two years customers and reviewers have rated Facetune as one of the best photo and video apps available. It has a 4.8 average rating among U.S. iOS users, and perfect 5 rating in numerous countries, including Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada.

Apple(AAPL) has featured it on the iTunes App Store 359 times since its launch, according to App Annie. In 2014, Google(GOOGL) listed Facetune as one of the best apps of the year, and rumors are that celebrities including Kim Kardashian use it on their selfies.

Part of the reason Facetune has been so successful is that it's a well-made product. It's professional-grade software, but it's simplified for mobile use.

The other huge driver is its target market -- people who want to look good in their pictures. That's pretty much everyone.

For $3.99, Facetune is a no-brainer option if you want to touch up your photos but don't know how to use something like Photoshop -- or can't afford it. It's a fast, powerful and simple way to adjust portraits on the go.

The app lets you alter small, specific areas of your face for a subtle or dramatic effect. It can whiten teeth, remove blemishes (like Photoshop's clone tool), and change the shape of your features to create a wider smile or slimmer chin.

The widgets are easy to use, and the app's precision compensates for any sloppiness. Changes can be made with a few zooms, drags and smudges. Facetune also provides more than 20 in-app tutorials to help you make edits look natural.

Despite these great features, there are also some drawbacks. It's difficult to control the intensity of changes, for example. Once you start smoothing wrinkles, there's no option to tone it down so that only the cute crow's feet remain.

Another annoyance is that basic editing functions like brightness, contrast, and color correction are hard to find. They're buried within each feature, and you have to dig through a little bit to get to them.


My main grudge is that Facetune makes everything a little too easy.

Now, there's no excuse for not looking your best. But I don't like being put in this position. If I use it, am I a phony? If everyone else uses it too, does it really matter?

There are clearly good and bad uses for this app. If you want to look a little less tired in your profile picture, or pretend you never drink coffee, there's little harm in a little tune up. For four bucks, it's cheaper than a pack of Crest Whitestrips or concealer, and requires less time.

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But if you want to touch up every single selfie you post from now on, you might want to consider taking down all of your old photos..

CNNMoney (New York) First published April 24, 2015: 12:39 PM ET

Facetune is a photo-editing app which was introduced in March 2013. It allows its users to easily edit how they look in their photos by doing things such as whitening teeth, smoothing out skin and removing acne or pimples. Sounds simple enough, so how bad can it really be?

Well, to start, many of us know that this would probably cause people to develop negative body image, but this has been happening for decades. Now, however, it has moved from shiny magazine covers to virtually everywhere on social media… But how bad is it really? It wouldn’t cause a huge problem if you edited your pictures slightly to make them look better… or would it?

It has. From the 7 years Facetune has existed, it helped perpetuate the same boring “Instagram face”- basically: plump lips, white teeth, a thin nose, big eyes, clear skin and a skinny body. Within 2 years of Facetune being in the app store, it had made about 18 million dollars from 4.5 million downloads, in which the app cost 3 -4 USD. In 2015 [source] and by the end of 2016, the company that created Facetune, Lightricks, had launched Facetune 2, which is free to download but requires its users to pay a monthly fee of $5.99 to unlock all of the features. Its features even include a live-editing feature which allows users to change their photos before they’re taken, and by spring 2018, the app had already been downloaded more than 20 million times, with nearly half a million people paying for all of the features [source].

How Good Is Facetune App

What makes it so popular in comparison to other apps such as Photoshop, is its simplicity. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, which requires a full course to understand, Facetune has simple symbols to show the user how to use it. It’s only gotten worse over the years as more and more people are undergoing plastic surgery [source].

All-around, despite the many communities of self-love and body positivity on social media platforms, there are just as many communities (if not more) who regularly post their Facetuned selves, hoping for likes and shares- only, they have to be subtle enough so as to avoid getting ‘called out’ for changing their appearance. The truth is that trying to balance authenticity and wanting to make oneself look as good as possible all the time is near impossible.

Now, as stated at the beginning of the article, this does create body image issues, especially in younger people, who may not be able to see a curved fence or background (a key giveaway of an edited full-body photo); they would instead see ‘#body goals’.

However, it isn’t all bad; people are becoming increasingly aware of this. For example, on Instagram, there are many accounts showing before-and-after pictures of the effects of Photoshop on people, one such (highly popular) account is @celebface with 1.3 million followers. There is even a subreddit (R/Instagramreality) that shares the same thing, ensuring that Internet users across all platforms are aware of this distortion of reality.

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If there is one thing to take away from all of this, it is: do not believe everything you see on the Internet- and do not compare yourself to online ideals that you know in the back of your mind are unrealistic. This is something we all struggle with, but by succumbing, you are only giving imaginedrules power over you. Stay confident and sceptical (and wash your hands!).