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The latest version is 2.19.2 and it was updated on 2021-01-07 18:51:47. See below the changes in each version. X-Mouse Button Control version 2.19.2. Release Date: 2020-05-23. Changes: New features and options as well as several bug fixes. See the change log included (or online) for details.

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for a few weeks now, XMBC fails to launch automatically at windows start up.
This may have started to happen when I upgraded from version 2.2 to 2.3, but I'm not sure.
My OS is Windows 7 64bit. From what I've understood by digging in this forum, XMBC should be started as a service on Win7. I searched the list of installed services and haven't found a service for XMBC, so I guess the service is not installed properly. I tried to re-install XMBC several times, but that didn't change anything.
At the moment, I start XMBC manually when I need it.

Make a habit of using functionally assigned extended mouse buttons, at which point you'll see how amazing it is in everyday activities with your computer.

Network Administration - You mean that the most frequently used mouse actions are for clicking the 'Close' button of windows (the X icon in the upper right corner), and clicking the 'Back' button (in the process). browse and other programs)? How much time do you spend each day to bring the mouse pointer to the 'Close' button or the 'Back' button to perform the click action? How is your mouse using - how many buttons does it have, in addition to the two main buttons? And why don't we assign extra mouse buttons for frequently used actions, this will definitely be a way to save you a lot of time every day.

High Resolution Enterprises X-mouse Button Control Software

If your mouse is manufactured by one of the famous mouse manufacturers (Microsoft, Logitech, .), it almost comes with driver software and these software allow you to customize the control and use. Use the special features of the mouse. For example, Microsoft provides driver software called IntelliPoint, while Logitech provides SetPoint. However, it is also possible that your mouse has many extra buttons but does not have its own driver software (in this test we use Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, the mouse is not supported by IntelliPoint software. Microsoft). If this is the case, you can use a free product called X-Mouse Button Control , from Highresolution Enterprises. This software will provide a variety of configuration options for the mouse, such as assigning actions to certain buttons.

When X-Mouse Button Control is downloaded, its installation process is quite simple. Cara melewati verifikasi account google samsung j3 2016 bypass frp.

Once the download is complete, you can start the program via Start / Highresolution Enterprises / X-Mouse Button Control . You will see the program icon in the system tray:

Right-click the icon and select Setup. The configuration window of the program will appear:

Surely no one wants to change the functionality of the two main buttons of the mouse (right and left buttons), so let's look at the remaining options to the right of the window.The Middle Button refers to the third button, in the middle (in the old mouse), or pressing the wheel as a button (if you don't know if you can press the scroll wheel to perform the mouse action, try will be clear). Mouse Button 4 and Mouse Button 5 often refer to extension buttons located next to the mouse, often close to your thumb.

So what can we use these extended mouse buttons for? Clear and Back are obviously the brightest candidates. Each button has options for them in the drop-down menu next to:

When these two options are done, the window of the configuration interface will look like the following:

If you're not interested in choosing Back or Close , you can try some other options on the list, including:

  1. Cut, Copy and Paste
  2. Undo
  3. Show Desktop
  4. Next / Previous track (for media playback)
  5. Open the program
  6. Simulate shortcuts or combinations of shortcuts
  7. . and many other options. You can open the drop-down list to see all of them.

For example, you can decide to close the current document (as well as the current program ) which will be a good way to use Mouse Button 5 . In other words, we need to simulate the action of pressing Ctrl-F4 . Let's see how we do that.

First, select Simulated Keystrokes from the drop-down list:

Simulated Keystrokes window opens:

The instructions on the page are quite comprehensive. If you want to simulate the action pressing Ctrl-F4 , you need to type {CTRL} {F4} into the input box:

. and click OK .

Assign actions to buttons by application

One of the most powerful features of X-Mouse Button Control is the ability to assign actions to buttons by application. This means that if we are opening a certain program, then your mouse will act completely differently - the buttons will perform actions that are not normal.

For example, when we open the Windows Media Player program, we may want to have the buttons assigned to the Play / Pause , Next track and Previous track functions , as well as change the sound with the mouse! This can be done easily with X-Mouse Button Control. We start by opening Windows Media Player. This action will make the next step easier. Then return to X-Mouse Button Control and add a new 'configuration'. Do this by clicking the Add button.

A window will appear containing the list of running programs, including our newly opened Windows Media Player program:


Select Windows Media Player and click OK . A white 'configuration' will be created.

Repeat the above steps to assign buttons for Play / Pause , Next track and Previous track actions, assign mouse wheel to change the sound output.

To save all changes and close the window, click Apply .

Now take a few minutes to think about which applications you use the most, what tasks are great in those applications. These tasks will be perfect candidates for assigning in each application.

There are indeed many configuration options and many other possibilities of X-Mouse Button Control. Therefore we recommend that you take the time to research more about the Setup window. Then, most importantly, don't forget to use your new mouse buttons! Make a habit of using them, then you will see how amazing it is in everyday activities with your computer.


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