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Download Clash of Clans for PC. V 1.0.12067.123. (605) Security Status. Clash of Clans free download. Always available from the Softonic servers. Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. How to download clash of clans, Low end PC, 2 GB ram, Without graphics card.#viralclash#subscribe#coc.

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Generally, games are considered just to pass your free time, but many games help you to improve some of your skills like reflexes, quick decision making, and many more. There are many games available that test your leadership quality and strategy making. One such game in which you have to play with strategies and planning is Clash of Clans. Plan your village join clan groups, and enjoy the game. All you need is an Android App Player on your PC/Laptop, and you can enjoy playing this game. An Android App Player is a software or hardware that enables the use of Android Apps on your PC/Laptops. The emulator behaves like another computer system in the host computer system. Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to imitate another program or device.

Clash of Clans is a free multiplayer mobile strategy video game developed by Supercell, a Finnish game developer. In this game, you play the role of a village chief who has to build his village, collect resources and build units, train troops, and combat against other players. Upgrade your defenses and traps using the resources to protect your town from attacks and earn rewards. As you progress further in-game, you will get your clan level upgraded. You have to make your strategies and plan your village accordingly. The suggested emulator to play this game is BlueStacks, which you can be downloaded on your Windows and macOS that virtualizes an Android Os enabling us to use any Android App on our Windows or macOS.

Features of Clash of Clans

  1. Clans:- Anyone playing this game can join or create a group called clan once they rebuild the clan castle building. All the players can help each other by donating troops to defend the clan castle.
  2. Clan war:- The most enjoyable part of Clash of Clans gameplay is clan war. In clan war, you witness a clan vs. clan battle. It is a two-day event, one day to prepare and another to attack. Based on the amount of destruction caused by the respective clans, you receive battle stars, and the clan with the most battle stars wins the battle.
  3. Troops:- Barracks and the dark barracks are used to create troops. As the base advances, more powerful troops are unlocked—the more powerful troops mean more success rate of the attack.
  4. Fantastic Gaming Experience- This game provides amazing gameplay where you plan your strategies, build your village, build your defense.

How to Install Clash of Clans on your PC/Mac/Windows?

  • 1- Just click on the download button and select a location where you want to download the file.
  • 2- After the download finishes, open the Clash of Clans folder and extract the content from it.
  • 3- Now open the Clash of Clans folder and double click on the Clash of Clans setup file.
  • 4- Now an installation window appears, now agree to License Agreement and select a location for installation.
  • 5- It will take a few minutes to install Clash of Clans, click on the Finish button after installation.


  • Amazing multiplayer game to play with your friends.
  • Easy to download, install and play.
  • Simple gameplay, easy to understand.


  • You need an emulator to play this game on your PC/Laptop.

App Name: Clash of Clans for PC

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V1.0.0

Latest Update: 2020-12-09

Developer: Supercell

User Rating: 4.34

Category: Games

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Download Clash Of Clans for PC for free at BrowserCam.Developed by SuperCell, Clash Of Clans app is available for Android and iOS. You should also be able to download Clash of Clans for PC and install it on your Windows or Mac computers. You will find some guidelines below before you start to download Clash Of Clans PC.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game designed keeping mobile devices in mind. It is available for Android and iOS phones. Like many other games in the genre, you care required to build your town using the resources available or earned by attacking other players. You can team up with other players to create a clan (max 50 per clan) and go to war with other clans.

Free Download For Pc Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you build a clan, create your army and train it and attack other players to earn resources like gold, elixir and dark elixir. Gold and elixir can be used to strengthen your defenses against attacks from your opponents. Elixir and Dark Elixir are used to train and upgrade your troops and spells.

You start off with nothing in your town. So you have to attack other villages, gain resources and start building your defenses. You can create different kinds of buildings, various types of army and spells. The pace of the game is rather slow if you don't want to spend real cash to speed up the game. For example, to build or upgrade a building, you sometimes need to wait for days. /tony-stark-shimeji/. Although this kind of freemium model is being adopted by a lot of games, it is a deal breaker for the impatient gamers who don't want to spend money.

Being a strategy game, you have to manage, plan and maintain your town and army. To excel in the game, you have to keep yourself updated about all events happening in your town. Thus, Clash of Clans forces you to open the game multiple times in a day, just to keep a tab on the events around your town. People of all age groups can play this game. If you are addicted to this game, be ready to spend a few cents. At times it can be very challenging not to give in to the trap of the freemium model.

The game seems to be very popular, because of its concept and the successful execution of the idea, constantly iterating and updating the app with new features. The graphic details are awesome, and it performed well on all kinds of phones we played. Although you could be overwhelmed at trying to remember so many things about the game, the interface does a great job of giving you cues. It's a great time killer, but you could easily be addicted to keep yourself ahead of the competition in this multiplayer game. Clash of Clans is not hard to play and is enjoyed by kids and adults of all age groups. You can find many tips and tricks online to improve yourself in this game. If you love strategy games, you will definitely love Clash of Clans.

How to Install Clash Of Clans for PC:

1. Download BlueStacks for PC using the download link available on this page.

2. Start installing BlueStacks emulator by opening the installer when the installer is downloaded.

Free Download Clash Of Clans For Pc Windows 7

3. Move on with all the straightforward installation steps by clicking on 'Next' for a couple of times.

4. On the very final step click the 'Install' option to start the installation process and click 'Finish' when it is done.

5. Start BlueStacks emulator from within the Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut that the installer would have created.

6. Before you can actually install Clash Of Clans for PC, you will need to connect BlueStacks App Player with a Google account.

7. To finish up, you will be taken to Google Play Store which lets you search for Clash Of Clans appvand then install Clash Of Clans for PC or Computer.

Free Download Games For Pc Clash Of Clans

You could also install Clash Of Clans for PC through the apk file if you do find the app on Google Play Store by just clicking on the apk file. BlueStacks Android emulator will install the app. You can proceed with the above procedure even if you want to go with Andy OS emulator or if you prefer to opt for free download Clash Of Clans for MAC.