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Though the Facetune 2 app is free, there is an in-app subscription you can purchase to have access to the full app and tools like automatic touch ups, easier feature edits (instead of just a. See also: Top 10 Apps like BeautyPlus-Snap,Retouch,F. 209182 votes - Photo & Video - First release: 2013-04-25T02:33:30Z. Selfie camera and photo editing app used by 800 million users worldwide. Get the perfect photo EVERY time with our signature Auto-Beautification tool. 30. FaceLab is also an app like Facetune because it offers you the best ever tools and a built-in camera for aggressive photos. Available for both Android and iOS, it offers a wide range of functionalities to adjust and fine-tune the images. For professionals, it is best because you can edit multiple photos at once and all the photos will gain a.

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Download free cyberlink mediasuite 10 mac. Like to take selfies? Have lots of portrait photos? Usually we take photos spontaneously, so they are often poor quality. Mobile users can edit photos easily with the Facetune app: a smart program for enhancing portrait photos. Facetune is packed with various features, like auto correction, teeth whitening, skin retouching, collection of filters and so on. It also allows you to choose trendy effects before taking a shot.

It comes as no surprise now that users on other platforms want something like that too. What to do if you need Facetune for PC? Since the app is created for mobiles only, you’ll need a decent alternative.

Check out PhotoWorks - a powerful but easy to use portrait editor that works fine on all Windows versions (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP). Just like Facetune, it has some magic under its hood too - an AI that can do all the hard job for you. PhotoWorks can also auto correct photos, apply makeup, reshape faces and top it all with gorgeous filters. Let’s take a closer look!

  1. Facetune is a featured rich photos and selfie editing application for getting the pictures like Hollywood stars. You take the photos from the camera of your smartphone and Facetune presents and turn them professional looking photos as being taken by professional or DSLR camera.
  2. Facetune2, by Lightricks, is an easy-to-use photo editor that acts as your own personal glam squad. Get that Insta-worthy picture every time! Facetune2 is the next generation of the award-winning Facetune app, complete with a new, amazing collection of the best pro retouching features. Get a Hollywood look or a more natural result with the best.

Facetune Alternative For PC With Portrait Editing Features

PhotoWorks is actually jam-packed with various tools necessary for portrait retouching. It is definitely worthy of being crowned as Facetune for a desktop. Why? You will be able to do tons of things! Here’s a short list:

  • Remove skin blemishes
  • Apply digital makeup
  • Tweak facial features
  • Replace background
  • Add effects and filters
  • Use creative blur and much more!

Just look at this picture edited with PhotoWorks:

How about trying these awesome features with your own photos? Then download the free trial version of PhotoWorks using the button below:

Now let's dwell on some of these features:

Sculpt Faces of Striking Beauty in a Click

Took a photo from a bad angle? Poor lighting killed a shot by accentuating the jawline? Take a deep breath - now you don’t have to spend hours trying to reshape the face with choppy selections! PhotoWorks is smart enough to recognize facial features and fix all the flaws automatically. All you need to do is drag a slider and see the magic in action. Chisel a thinner jaw, plump up lips, widen eyes - all of that in a click!


Get a Personal Pro Make-Up Artist

We often don’t have enough time to prepare for the shot. But, admit it, you’d not be against having a different lipstick color or highlighting your glance with dashy eyeshadows. You don’t need to worry about your looks anymore: apply makeup digitally with PhotoWorks! It’s similar to facetune but for computer, so you can improve your skin tone, get rid of glare, remove blemishes, play with shadow and lipstick colors.

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Replace Backgrounds to Your Liking

There is one more thing photographers do not like - spoiled backgrounds. They often break the whole idea and composition, thus all you have to do is replace them. PhotoWorks offers you an easy solution: use convenient brushes for separating an object from the background. AI will auto detect the edges and do all the hard work for you. Just place a few strokes and pick a new background from the built-in collection or one of your own.


Enjoy 150+ One-Click Effects

In this program like Facetune for PC, you can apply filters from various categories. One more plus - in PhotoWorks, you don’t have to purchase numerous effect packs after ordering the license. So feel free to enhance your pictures even more with the built-in collection of stunning one-click effects. Turn your photo into a vintage shot from the good old 50-s, add sunny vibes, improve the color scheme or make it look like a still frame from your favourite movie!


Make Your Body Look Perfect

This Facetune for Windows allows you to not only enhance your facial features and apply digital make up, but also lets you improve your body shape. Narrow down the waist, add a nice curve near the hips and make your legs longer. Use special tools for separate areas like arms or breasts. Even if you mostly edit pictures of men, you can still take advantage of this option - increase muscle and chest size to make the men on your photos look more attractive.


Words are just words, so let’s see these features in action:

What the Media Say About PhotoWorks


'PhotoWorks attempts to be a powerful trendsetting portrait photo editor in its own right. With its modest system requirements, clear interface, powerful tools, and content-aware AI, PhotoWorks is software that can be enjoyed by both new at portrait photography, and by seasoned pros.'(с)


'PhotoWorks just turned a multi-hour edit into a handful of mouse clicks. That’s quite impressive. I think it’s great to see innovative software moving in this direction and also a pleasant surprise to see a newcomer to the scene actually delivering on something the big names can’t.'(с)

The Phoblographer

'It can stand toe to toe with some of the best and most recognizable editors available today. PhotoWorks features content-aware processing that allows users to sculpt facial features without having to make a single selection: a game-changing option for portrait photographers everywhere.'(с)

SLR Lounge

'PhotoWorks .. is a bare-bones way of getting access to both the simple and highly advanced photo editing tools you might need, all in one app, without having to master advanced retouching techniques, or manage a complete catalog workflow.'(с)

Facetune App Apk

As you see, PhotoWorks is packed full with features. It’s not just a simple enhancer but an effective photo editor. Even a newbie in image editing will be able to figure everything out, and start retouching photos in mere clicks. So go on, download this alternative to Facetune for Windows and let PhotoWorks take care of your photos, giving you time to do other, more exciting stuff!

Have you ever taken a bad selfie? You must have, admit it. And if you usually delete these unflattering pictures from your phone, then you’ve probably never tried Facetune app. This mobile application is perfect for fixing both major and minor problems of your less-than-stellar photo. With it, you can smooth your skin, remove blemishes, and even sculpt your facial features in pursuit of a perfect Instagram shot. Such rich functionality coupled with ease of use is probably the reason the current version of Facetune2 app has been downloaded more than 100 million times!

Don’t you wish there was a similar portrait editor for PC? Well, the good news is that there is one. And even better news is that it - unlike Facetune2 - is free! Meet PhotoDiva, AI-powered software that can beautify your pictures in a click! This free portrait editor offers its users a plethora of automatic tools for easy and enjoyable portrait retouching. If you are a fan of old-school manual enhancements, PhotoDiva won’t disappoint you either. Want to take a closer look at this Facetune for desktop? Then read on!

Why You Should Try This Program Like Facetune for PC

Facetune 2 Download

If you think that thorough photo retouching is tedious and time-consuming, PhotoDiva is here to disprove it. This free software relies on a content-aware AI that makes portrait editing a one-click thing. Using its many presets, you can smooth your skin, get rid of wrinkles and blemishes, whiten your teeth, add a little tan in mere seconds. And if you want to fine-tune your edited shot, there are tons of smart instruments to help you.

See what you can do with this Facetune for Windows:

Facetune For Computers

  • Erase blemishes without a trace
  • Get rid of nasty face shine
  • Whiten the teeth with a slider drag
  • Tweak facial features: lips, eyes, etc
  • Apply makeup: lipstick, blusher, etc.
  • Add dimensions to a flat-looking face
  • Remove the red-eye effect in a click

It took us only a few clicks to turn this pic into a glam headshot

Want to turn any ruined portrait into a heart-stopper? Then try PhotoDiva today!

All you have to do is to click the button above, install the software to your PC, then run it. PhotoDiva works well on all Windows versions (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP).


Find Out More About This Facetune Alternative for PC

Unlike some programs similar to Facetune, PhotoDiva goes far beyond mere portrait editing. This software is packed with various artistic features that can give your portrait a dramatic and creative flair. Using PhotoDiva, you will be able to change the picture backdrop, apply over a hundred of creative filters (vintage, lighting, and tone effects), blur the background to shift the viewer’s attention, or add a stylish vignette effect. Besides, if your portrait needs some color, tone, or sharpness enhancement, PhotoDiva has all the essential tools for it. Watch this video to see PhotoDiva in action!

It doesn’t take much time or money to look great in your pictures. All you need is PhotoDiva, an easy but powerful Facetune analogue for PC.