Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play

Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play
  1. Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play
  2. Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play Store

November 8, 2018

I've an Android app that is suddenly no longer available from Google Play. There was no recent release of a new APK, and the app's Release dashboard says the latest APK is 100% rolled out. Also, the App Availability flag is 'Publish'. Yes, but if you sideload, you don't get future updates from Play anymore. Facetune is a photo editing application used to edit, enhance, and retouch photos on a user’s iOS or Android device created by Lightricks. The app is often used for portrait and selfie editing. citation neededFeatures allow users to use a collection of tools to edit their photos such as teeth whitening, remove blemishes, acne & pimples, smooth out skin, correct bad lighting, contour. That’s because the long-planned deprecation of Google Play Music has taken a huge step today. You’ll see the announcement “The music store on Google Play Music is no longer available”. Unfortunately, Hikvision decided to no longer maintain apps in the Google Play store. This change is most likely caused by the US-China trade war. Instead, Hikvision provides the new version of the Hik-Connect 4.3 for download directly on their website.

The following terms apply generally to your use of Google Play promotional balances. These terms are in addition to the terms of each Google Play promotion. These terms incorporate and are subject to the Google Play Terms of Service. Use of the services described herein is further subject to the terms of service for Google Payments, and the Google Privacy Policy. In order to use a Google Play promotional balance you must meet the qualifications for, and have a Google Payments account for Australia.

A. General Terms

1. Promotional balances are issued by Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (“Google”). Unused promotional balances expire on the date specified in your promotional balance offer, or as modified according to these terms. Google does not impose any fee on your use or maintenance of the promotional balance.

2. Your promotional balance is an offer of a discount off purchases, and does not have monetary value until it is used under the terms of the offer. It may be used for eligible purchases on Google Play only. Items ineligible for purchase using promotional balance include certain subscriptions (see the Help Center for more information), as well as items in the Google Store. It may not be used on other Google properties or third-party websites. Your Google Play promotional balance is a separate balance from any prepaid balance you may now or in the future associate with your Google Payments account. Your Google Play promotional balance may not be combined by you with any prepaid balances in your Google Payments account, transferred to other users or withdrawn for cash, is not reloadable, and has no cash value. Your Google Payments account may display your Google Play promotional balance as combined with other Google Play prepaid balances to show you the total value that can be purchased, for informational purposes only.

Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play

3. If you redeem more than one promotional balance into your Google Play account, each balance will be treated, and will expire, separately and in accordance with the terms and conditions of its issuance. You may apply multiple promotional balances to a single purchase you make, with those promotional balances expiring earlier to be applied to the purchase first.

4. Your promotional balance may only be used as payment for an item you select for purchase on Google Play when your Play balance is greater than or equal to the price of the item you wish to purchase on Google Play.

5. Upon making a selection from Google Play, any unused promotional balance will be applied to the purchase amount of your Google Play selection (prior to any available Google Play prepaid balance). You may continue to use your promotional balance for Google Play purchases until such balance is $0, or any remaining promotional balance expires, in accordance with these terms.

6. In the event you receive a refund of a purchase made with your promotional balance, any refunded amount will be credited back to your promotional balance for future use under these same terms. In the event a refund is provided for an expired promotional balance, Google may extend the expiration date of the balance, unless prohibited by law.

7. If you close your Google Payments account, or Google chooses to no longer offer Google Payments or Google Play, any remaining Google Play promotional balance associated with your Google Payments account will be forfeited.

8. You certify that you are at least 13 years of age and a resident of Australia in order to redeem a promotional code under these terms. If the specific terms of the offer specify an age older than 13, the specific terms will supersede these general terms as to eligible age.

Facetune No Longer Available On Google Play Store

9. Google reserves the right to modify these terms of service from time to time in its discretion to the extent permitted by law.