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PhotoMania is a simple, powerful and fun photo art application providing over 400 amazing photo filters & effects. This photo wonder editor auto enhances your images easily and quickly without having to learn how to use professional software like Photoshop. Easily turn your portrait photos into artistic sketches, beautiful paintings or funny cartoons and art frames. Show your creative side by applying colorful textures or vignette photography filters. Use our card maker to create stunning holiday or birthday e-cards from your photos for friends and family. Share your creations with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or any other social photos network. Save your picture as a contact icon, profile picture or wallpaper. PhotoMania is a FREE mobile photo editor and no registration is required!
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What the press say:
'PhotoMania app wants to make you smile' - USA Today
'PhotoMania has one of the largest variety of editing features I’ve seen' - Makeuseof
* Brush feature:
New feature - Draw any effect on your photo yourself!
Apply filter using the Photo Mask feature which allows you to choose the areas in the photo that the effect will be applied on. Mix & match different effects such as a photo B&W effect together with a cartoonize effect to create a color splash.
* Painting effects:
PhotoMania’s painting effects include one tap auto-enhance, instant beauty boost, several artistic cartoonizer styles, simple photo effects like paintbrush with multiple brush stroke options such as watercolors, pastel painting and of course the famous painter effects.
* Sketch effects:
Looking for something more artistic? You may even customize the image by sketching it for yourself using a range of sketcher tools including: Sketcher, Pencil sketch, Colored pencils, Notebook doodle, Ink pen writing and more sketch types.
* Camera effects:
Feeling like a creative photographer but missing the special edge on your mobile photos?
You can try the camera section where you would find many photography styles like B&W , Sepia, Lomo, Orton, Vignetting, Daylight, HDR colors and more.
* Vintage effects:
All the camera styles look too ordinary? Try giving your photos a retro look with special vintage effects like Sunrise filter, Paper effect, Old photography, Polaroid, Gritty effect and other photo styles for a more impactful impression.
* Textures effects:
With abundant texture features including colorful textures to create mobile images that help your regular camera look like real art-work, PhotoMania helps you to unleash the artist hidden within you!
Turn your photos into amusing moments with our huge list of fun frames. Add your photo inside Billboards, Painter drawings and other amazing frames.
Create amazing Photo E-Cards for any occasion - Weddings, Birthdays, Family events. Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful, custom E-Cards with your photos in them. Easily share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or any other social photos network. You can even edit the photos first with any effect before you
create an E-Card!
* In case you have any further questions, problems or wishes please drop us a line on [email protected]
* Join our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/photomaniafx and connect with a range of like minded photo enthusiasts and artists across the sphere.
We are working hard on our next version, Thank you for your patience!
*** Please note that internet connectivity is required. It helps us conserve your phone’s memory in the process of enhancing your photos.

Facetune 2 APK for Android – Free Download

Facetune Free Apk 2018

Facetune 2.0 is powered by the most advanced image-processing technology available

Facetune – Ad Free v1.3.7 Patched + Patcher Latest Aningx 8 Comments That’s why magazines use expensive, complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. Facetune is a photo app to retouch any selfie and achieve some spectacular results. Take a photo straight from the app interface and retouch it in seconds, or add effects to photos from your gallery. Using the different tools in Facetune is very simple. Should you for some reason have a question, the app displays a short tutorial every time you.

Why Facetune 2?

Facetune 2 Premium Apk

Are you looking for the best selfie photo editor? I am glad to present you one of the most popular photo editors nowadays called Facetune 2.

Facetune 2 Mod Apk

Facetune 2 is a great app for editing selfies. If you want to look great on a social media – this app is definitely for you.

Windows 10 conexant audio not working. Facetune 2 App can be very useful for photo edits and also it has a huge support in order to share anything that you just made or already have on your mobile device, computer, laptop or tablet.

Talking about the support we should also mention that Facetune 2 Selfie Photo Editor is very popular and well-known application by many countries and nations(170 in particular).

Facetune For Windows 10

Downloading Facetune 2 APK for Android?

Facetune Free Apk 2018 Pc

With the introduction of Funimate 2 App in the industry, many young artists got excited because now they would get a chance to make all their dreams come true. However, the real issue was that it was only available for the iOS devices. As there were many people who could not afford the smart devices.

Facetune Pro Apk

Facetune Free Apk 2018

Facetune Free Apk 2018 Free

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