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  1. Facetune is a photo editing application used to edit, enhance, and retouch photos on a user’s iOS or Android device. The app is often used for portrait and selfie editing. It’s Features allow users to whiten teeth, remove blemishes, smooth skin, reshape, defocus and blur. Facetune users can also choose from a variety of filters, lighting.
  2. Enterprise Tech. Facetune also learned valuable lessons in what not to do. Reviews, market research, and more. If any particular tool isn't.
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Wow! it used to be so extra to manipulate Adobe and with this app it is just a touch and it is done!

Avi Sharp1115

Finally Facetune video! Been waiting 4 this forever. OMG beauty vloggers are going to die for this one


Amazing! I love Facetune & and I’m in love with this new app. It’s easy to use and gets the job done just like Facetune does. After messing around with it for a bit I really enjoy the layout and features this app brings.


Finally Finally I have been waiting for you guys to come out with a video editing app!

Mellissa Goldman

Amazing Really happy with my purchase! This app allows you to do minor tweaks to your videos from skin smoothing to colour correction. I’ve downloaded many apps in the past but I’m very pleased with this one so far. No bugs or technical issues either.

Airbrush skin for a gorgeous complexion. Control how smooth you go.
No sun? No problem. Get sunkissed, glowing skin like you just got home from the beach.
Blot away shine and sweat. Capture the moment in 80% humidity, if you have to.
Whiten teeth. Add lipstick. Smile like a movie star in all your videos.
Vanish under-eye circles. No one needs to know you’ve been up all night.
Fill in sparse eyebrows in a split second. Frame your gorgeous eyes!
Instant makeover. Tap once to look your best, we do the rest.
Emphasize or minimize features with a slider. Plump your lips for a perfect pout.
Intensify your eye color, or try a new shade. Captivate your audience with striking eyes.
Tie your showreel together with a gorgeous, unifying filter.
Personalize your clip with sparkles, neon, retro, film and light effects…and more, more, more.
A combo of retouch tools, applied all at once. Create your own looks, retouch clips in a tap.
Bad lighting be gone. ‘Cause the best videos can happen in crappy conditions.
Bring out details. Polish your video to perfection with professional finishes.
Color correction made easy. Tap, slide – fixed!

Facetune Video is the world’s first & best selfie video editing app! With just a few taps, retouch any selfie video for social media: from Instagram and Facebook to YouTube and TikTok. With Facetune Video, you can upgrade any selfie video: whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, add lipstick, and much more with this easy-to-use video editing app for selfie videos.

Facetune2 is the #1 selfie editing app in the world, used by over 100 million worldwide. Smooth skin, whiten teeth, swipe away blemishes, contour features, add makeup, better than any other selfie app out there. With so many fun & powerful retouching tools, you’ll feel great about every photo you post.

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With Facetune2, you’ll never wonder how to take a good selfie again.

Facetune Video is the first video editing app designed specifically for retouching selfie videos. All your fave Facetune features are now available for video: smooth skin, whiten teeth, shape and contour facial features, add makeup and more. Creating an amazing selfie video is now easier than it’s ever been before. Facetune your videos, the same way you Facetune your photos!

Filtertune is a new kind of filter app for photo editing and filter sharing. Looking for the perfect filters?
Want to create and share your own presets?
Use Filtertune’s professional editing tools to create, edit, share and collect filters that make every photo look beautiful.

Bartender ultralite 10.1 free download. Match the style of influencers who inspire you by scanning and downloading their filters, or share your signature look for your followers to use and get one step closer to Instagram fame!

Seen is a story maker app for trendsetters, complete with unique layouts, gorgeous transitions, fun stickers, GIFs, and more. Whether you’re an influencer or all about posting stylish social content, with Seen you’ll get everything you need to impress your friends and followers. Tell your Story with Seen.

How to strike the perfect selfie pose every time for the ultimate pic?

Facetune Reviews

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