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If you looking to edit your photos on your mobile then you are in the right place only. To edit your photos using your android mobile Facetune app is the best choice for you. Facetune allows users to use a collection of tools to edit their photos such as teeth whitening, remove blemishes, acne & pimples, smooth out skin, correct bad lighting, contour, and add makeup. Users can choose from a variety of filters, lighting, textures, contrast, and frame options.

Download Facetune2 by Lightricks: Selfie Editor Retouch App 2.4.1-free (2 Variants) v2.4.1-free (1101310) (Version: 2.4.1-free (1101310)) (11 splits),v2.4.1-free (1101310) (Version: 2.4.1-free (1101310)), Apk for android from a2zapk with direct link. FaceTune Free Download Android APK iOS - FaceTune APK Full Version DownloadWant To Learn How to download FaceTune for free 2020? Then you are at the right pl. Click Download APK to get the APK file of the app on your PC. Download Apps from Play Store on PC - WAY TWO: If Way One doesn't work, there is Way Two. To learn more, follow the instructions below. Besides APK downloader websites, there are also APK downloader extensions that allow you to download apps from Play Store on PC.

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Facetune2 was launched in November 2016,. Editing tools include realistic facial editing (changing facial expressions, for instance) and the ability to re-light a subject after the photo has been taken. It also has the ability to change the background of the photo, live selfie editing, more makeup options, and also add glitter.Users can share the images created with this app on a variety of social networking services.

Facetune Editing features


The app was released in 2013, and was unique on the marketplace.

  • Retouching: users can smooth their skin to make it appear airbrushed, whiten their teeth, reshape their face, sharpen the images around the eyes, and take in their waist.
  • Artistic: adjust the backgrounds and add filters. These take in Kawaii, Hero, Grace B&W filters, and island life-tinged and color-saturated Lani.


Released in 2016, Facetune2 contains a live editing feature. Tools for Facetune 2 users fall into the following categories, with most tools offering sliders for modification of the intensity of the portrait editing feature or one tap fix, which was not available in the original Facetune:

Facetune Apk Download Latest Version
  • Retouching: tools include the ability to smooth skin, swipe over blemishes and wrinkles, fix redeye, whiten teeth, add a pleasing glow, conceal dark circles, matte shiny skin, and refine facial features in terms of both size and proportion. Several tools focus on the eyes – with detail, color, and reflection modification options.
  • Artistic: tools include adjusting, blending, and replacing photo backgrounds behind the subject, and adding from a menu of dramatic to subtle mood filters. Special effects include the chromatic Prism and other effects via the LightFX tool, Glitter, and Paint to add makeup, contouring, or adding Neon lighting. One can also change the background of the picture.
  • Photography: a darkroom feature includes classic photography adjustment tools like Structure and Saturation. Users can also remove shadows or glare and Relight to mimic pro-style studio lighting

Additional editing features include the ability to live preview adjustable effects before the picture is taken. This enables users to experiment with photo modifications like the shape and size of their eyes or the shade of their teeth in a real-time preview.

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Facetune Apk Download

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Facetune Pro Apk

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Facetune Apk Download Latest Version Windows 10

Facetune Apk Download Latest Version

Facetune 2 Free Download

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