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Other interesting Windows alternatives to Facetune are Adobe Photoshop Express (Freemium), PicsArt (Freemium), Beautify (Free, Open Source) and Camera By Google (Free). The list of alternatives was last updated Apr 6, 2021 Facetune info, screenshots & reviews Alternatives to Facetune 81 alternatives. Facetune Alternatives. Facetune is described as 'gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your iPhone' and is an app in the Photos & Graphics category. There are more than 50 alternatives to Facetune for a variety of platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Android. With the help of a convenient application that claimed the title of a decent free Photoshop alternative for selfies, it is possible to eliminate unwanted hair, neutralize red eyes and dark circles, modify eye color, whiten teeth and more. The Facetune app is suitable for adding artistic touches to portraits.

Alternatives for your favorite sites, apps, stores and brands, but cheaper or better. All companies have competitors – Our pages include all the best similar free online places. Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and more. We focus on sites in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK online in 2018.


Facetune is a featured rich photos and selfie editing application for getting the pictures like Hollywood stars. You take the photos from the camera of your smartphone and Facetune presents and turn them professional looking photos as being taken by professional or DSLR camera. This fun and powerful photo and selfie editing application is jam packed with a lot of effects, filters and retouching tools that will assist you in developing the new look of the simple images. Every photo will get a brand new look with few simple retouch up. With the usage of this simple photo editing application you will enjoy the magazine like photo editing because it is containing a complicated set of tools as observed in the Photoshop. It offers easy to use editing tools. It is also containing the face retouching and face makeover tools as well so that you can get the perfect retouch on every selfie or photo.


#1 SelfieCity


If you are a blockbuster lover and want to get some sparkling over your images, then we are sure you will like this simple photo editing application. SelfieCity is a new way of exploring the style of your selfies in multiple effects. The best about SelfieCity is that it deploys the multiple sets of artistic, theoretic and quantitative methods, so that’s its users can even use it as a customizable photo editing application. This simple application will tell you the step by step ways of getting movie quality photos by simply deploying those photos filters that have been inspired by the Inception, Roman Holiday and much more. If you are still wondering why to use this application, then the simple answer is that because the filters and themes available in this application are created by the professional artists and photographers. Moreover, it contains trending effects and filters that are particularly tailored for the selfies.

#2 Selfie Beauty Photo Editor


Selfie Beauty Photo Editor combines the countdown timer and face makeup facilities in a single pack. This first allow you to take the selfies with the usage of this application and then edit them to get the look you want. In case you want to get the ready to use edited selfies then Selfie Beauty Photo Editor ready to use picture taking facility will offer you multiple filters and effects that you can choose before taking the selfies and after taking the selfies all of the setting made already will be applied automatically. You can further make the necessary editing too like smoothing or whiting the skin, adding blush to make the cheeks more visible, adding eye shadow, plumping lipstick, enhancing the eye brows, thinning both face and cheeks and likewise many other editing. Selfie Beauty Photo Editor editing and retouch tools are nevertheless with any other photo editing application.



FACIE combines the magical face filters and face editing tools together and generates the look that every person wants to see. It is jam packed with the multiple combinations of filters, and each filter is set for applying on different kind of pictures. Some streamlined filters that are the part of FACIE are pure skin filters to get the uniformity in skin, the lean face filter to get the more natural leaner look, the fresh eyes filters to make eye wrinkles and bags removed, the divine light filter to get gentle, pleasant light on the face, the bright smile filter to make the smile shine and much more. Every filter is designed for delivering a specific feature. Applying a combination of multiple sets of filters, you will get something new that is hard to find otherwise using the normal camera of your smartphone.

#4 PosterLabs


The quality of this photo editing application is that it smartly transforms the simple photos into spectacular and dashing posters. PosterLabs is the pack of hundreds of poster templates to turn the simple images to look more gorgeous as set by the professional photographers. You don’t need to be expert at all of using this application as PosterLabs is so simple and feature rich and easy to use on hands of both fresh and experienced users. The recently included minimal templates will allow you to illustrate the elegance of simplicity and get a stylish makeover over the images. Turn of the poster templates at the moment is the part of this application, and more styles are in the queue to be updated in the upcoming version of this application. Its time to express yourself with more advanced filters and templates and deploying texts. This simple selfie and photos editing app can even be used for making collage as well.

Facetune App For Windows

#5 Microsoft Selfie


Microsoft Selfie is an advanced selfie editing and selfie enhancement app designed by the Microsoft for the smartphones and smart tablets. The quality of this simple photo and selfie editing application is that it smartly considers the gender, age, skin tone, and other variables with just one click and then tell the users which parts needs to be improved first. In that’s way, Microsoft Selfie transform an ordinary looking images into an ideal and enhanced photos in few seconds. The intelligent portrait enhancement feature of this application ensures that the result seems to be more natural and real. Noise reduction is the other unique feature of this application that smartly reduces the noise by using burst shots. More the unique auto exposure allows for automatically getting the corrected exposure and clarified images particularly for backlit images. Microsoft Selfie is the best one selfies and photos editing apps because of the reasons we have already discussed.

#6 Selfie Cam


Selfie Cam is a selfie taking application with the additional functionalities of editing the selfies as well. Starting using this application and take photos like a boss. You can do many activities with selfies taken like snapping, decorating, editing and even sharing the selfies over social media platforms as well. Selfie Cam offers the rotary dial style control to its users that ensure that its users can edit the images with simple taps from one thumb only. It is packed with a lot of hipster photos tools, frames, stickers and much more that aims to offer the best decorating facilities. Moreover, in case of having internet connection more features will be updated on each update by the application. Selfie Cam is best for taking best selfies and photos. Selfie Cam deploys the advanced face detection technology so that you can decide which facial parts needs more editing as compared to the rest.

#7 Parfait


Parfait is a way of finding perfect picture of you from already taken simple picture. This application allow the smartphone users to take sequence of similar pictures either in the form of selfies or group images using secondary camera and selecting the spots where they want to look perfect and apparent from the rests. While dealing with editing of all images taken you can remove the imperfect images as well in case you want to do so. For the information of the readers, Parfait is not containing too much photo editing options at all. It is basically containing those photo enhancing tools that will magnify the photos to see the certain points more highlighted as compared to the other parts of the photo or photos of the other people in case of group of photos. For the learning of the users, a video tutorial is also embedding in this photo and selfie editing application.

#8 Meitu-Beauty Camera


Meitu-Beauty Camera is a free to use image processing application that has got the multiple ways of personalizing the pictures using the multiple tools and effects like stickers, hand drawn photos and much more. For those who want to turn the simple camera of their smartphone into a professional camera will surely like the features being offered by this renowned selfie and photo editing application. Meitu-Beauty Camera is a particularly for those people who want to get the new touch up on their images as used by the professional photographers. You don’t need to pay heavy editing prices for editing your images because Meitu-Beauty Camera is offering all premium editing features and tools for free. For the first time you will face some issues because the interface is little complex and editing involves too many steps. Once you will be addicted to this application you will not face any difficulties at all.

#9 MakeupPlus


MakeupPlus is a best in the class and cutting virtual makeup and face editing application for the Android devices. This application basically adopts the advanced face recognition technology and automatically detects the all flaws on the face so that its users can easily decide which parts and issues need to be considered in more detail. This simple photo and selfie editing application will take your editing to the next level so you can get a photo like a Hollywood superstar. The unique function that can be termed as the backbone of the application is its cutting AR nature selfie and makeup technology that will allow you to look amazing while trying the different collections of chic looks. MakeupPlus is the pack of comprehensive collection of foundation so that your skin look best ever than before. It is also containing several other retouching tools for retouching lip color, hair color, face contouring and much more.

#10 CreamCam


CreamCam is a type of auto selfie editing and selfie enhancement application for achieving the more professional and stunning looks of the normal selfies. This simple portrait enhancement and editing app is designed to get the flawless complexion in just few seconds. The latest version of CreamCam is now supporting for editing of videos as well, however, using this app for editing selfies and photos is the best output that can be get from this application. One of the best things about CreamCam is that it is based on automatic face editing system so you don’t need to go for any manual editing at all. All you need to upload the image select the filters or effects that you want to apply over the face and that’s done by CreamCam. Entire transformation is simple and can be attained with a simple touch of a button. That feature makes CreamCam simple the best selfie editing app.

#11 GoCam by Crunchfish


GoCam by Crunchfish is a hassle free and hands-free selfie application whose primary function is editing the photos and images. This application can additionally be used for editing selfies as well. This simple to use application allow the smartphone users to take and browse photos from a distance with just simple hand gestures. Right after the installation, GoCam by Crunchfish will take control of the camera of the smartphone and will deliver it back into your hand. It then detects your gestures and allows you to do whatever you want to do with your selfies. In addition to taking selfies, this application can also be used for editing selfies as well. With the swipe, you can browse through your photos and can share with your friends as well if you want to do so. GoCam by Crunchfish is simply the best photo editing app.

#12 Instasize Photo Editor + Video


Instasize Photo Editor + Video is an awesome photo and video editing platform for all the creative people who love to give their pics a unique and exclusive look. Instasize Photo Editor + Video is a superb app presented by Instasize, Inc. that lets you enjoy creating pics that people will love. You can precisely extemporize your images while having a collection of more than 80 premium filters for free.

It enables you to add backgrounds to any pics or videos, combine multiple photos to create a collage, and ultimately format your photos for any social channel. Instasize Photo Editor Plus Video enables you to edit videos and photos with premium photo filters, retouch tools, pic borders, format photo resizer, collage maker, and much more.

You can enrich your pics with editing tools, including saturation, clarity, exposure, contrast, and more. Instasize Photo Editor + Video app enables you to enjoy more than 100 pics borders to frame a video or photo stunningly into any of your desired formats.

#13 Filterra


Filterra lets you explore the ultimate collection of custom-made effects, tools, filters, and other stuff to unleash your creativity and get 100% rocking pics. Filterra – Make & Edit Awesome Photos is an incredible tool presented in the market by Utility Apps LP that brings a powerful and easy to use photo editing to make your memories more astonishing.

You can play and tweak in your own way with many great free photo editing tools and immense photo enhancement options to make your photos flawless. Filterra – Photo Editor app lets you compare selected effects and filters while editing pics instantly while editing the pics. You can get more from the store to flourish your creativity while getting stunning photo effects, bundles, textures, filters, and more.

It features six subscription options and lets you get unlimited access to all the functionality after choosing your desired subscription. Filterra – Make and Edit Awesome Photos app lets you unleash your creativity by having tons of amazing photo filters, beauty effects, and more without doing much.

#14 Perfect365


Perfect365 is the world’s most popular, easy to use, and robust photo editing application combined with new styles created by a team of professionals. Perfect365 – Makeup Designs and Beauty Tips is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Perfect365 Inc. that brings an exceptional makeover app filled with special functions.

This application brings more than 20 makeup and beauty tools that help you customize your pics in the way you want. You can intuitively set the liners, lipsticks, face tones, beauty level, and various other things for free. It contains over 200 pre-set hot styles and unlimited custom color options. It brings video tutorials from your most likely artists from Youtube just to recreate the virtual looks IRL.

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover app features subtle touch features, daily makeup, and fashion notes, most accurate makeup placement possible, instant save in mobile, and share your looks over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Perfect365 – Makeup Designs and Beauty Tips app provides unlimited custom options with the Pro Color Platte to design your own look with unique color combos.

#15 SNOW


SNOW is a fantastic camera app loved by more than 200 million users from all over the globe, presented in the market by Snow Inc. SNOW – Beauty & Makeup Camera is a stunning application that helps you quickly search exclusive material and search trendy contents. You can use stylish stickers from its collection of more than 1000 stickers that extemporize your selfies in a way like never before.

It features dynamic effects to make your moments shine and almighty editing tools. You can discover your most likely and beautiful version of yourself by creating and saving customizable beauty effects. SNOW – Beauty and Makeup Camera app enables you to explore thousands of stickers with unique updates daily.

It never lets you miss any exclusive seasonal content, features, and filters that add color to your life amazingly. So just give a chance to download SNOW – Beauty & Makeup Camera app over your cell phones and tablets for free and start professional photo edits with just a few seconds.

#16 Noizz


Noizz is an elegantly designed video making, and editing tool that brings lets you make MV master videos, positive and life-oriented videos, short-form videos, video statuses, and much more. Video editor, video maker photos with the song – Noizz is a fine tool presented in the market by Biugo Inc. that lets its global users enjoy endless personalized video effects.

It lets you create and edit more video effects based on the users’ preferences and manage it in the way you want. Noizz-Swag Music Video Editor brings various types of video effects such as turning into a lion, good morning, changing the sky in one second, tattoo, good night, and everything you may like.

You can precisely share your videos and moods to WhatsApp status, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Twitter, Youtube, and other social platforms. Noizz – Video Editor, Video Maker Photos with Song app lets you enjoy 1-click access to create videos with templates to show you love, record anniversary, dream, festival, and tell other your memories.

#17 InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera!


InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera is one of the most fantastic makeup photo editors for Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by Fotoable, Inc. that brings more than 50 make-up styles and over a hundred filters right on the palm of your hands.


It is a professional selfie cam app that features plenty of fantastic selfie features, stylish collage, outstanding video, quick snap, beauty, special video, and much more. InstaBeauty app comes with 5 main features, including Beauty Video, Beauty Collage, QuickSnap, Beauty Camera, and Beauty Makeup. It contains more than 10 unique and artistic filters, including big eyes filters for amazing pics.

You can precisely adjust the button to fine-tune further with plenty of advanced features, including Big-eyes, blemish, slim face, and various others. InstaBeauty – Selfie Camera app enables its global users to choose from its exclusive collection of more than 200 elegantly designed styles and create beautiful collages that look better than other applications.

#18 Fragment – Prismatic Photo Effects


Free Alternatives To Facetune

Fragment empowers its global users to transform images into totally unique, exclusive, and one of a kind prismatic art that you want to share with your loved ones or post them manually. Fragment – Prismatic Photo Effects is a significantly developed app presented in the market by Pixite, Inc. that completely redefines and boosts your level of photography that you do with your Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets.

You can precisely take your camera and compose photos or even grab your desired memory from the gallery and give them a perfect touch of filters and effects. It enables you to unleash your creative side or the inner artists and choose from collages of inspired frames, patterns, shapes, and designs.

It allows you to add colors, adjust levels, invert, blend, desaturate, and customize things effectively. Fragment – Prismatic Photo Effects app enables you to give your memories a stunning look and share them over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other photo enhancement applications in just a single tap of the button.

#19 RetouchMe

Facetune Online Pc


Install Facetime On Windows 10

RetouchMe is a body and face retouching application designed for the selfie lovers. It can be used for other purposes as well like editing group photos or dealing with collaged photos, but the best usage of this application is the area of selfies. The advanced photo correction system of this application assists the smartphone users in getting the perfect face and body processing without even having photo editing skills at all. The editing tools of RetouchMe can be used for multiple purposes like face makeup or making bigger breasts or making less stomach. Its editing system is so advanced that most of the time it is taken as being done by the artists on their own who are behind this application. Start using this simple application, and it will turn the simple snaps into a model portfolio or a poster image of the renowned magazine with in few simple steps.

#20 MIX


With the usage of this advanced selfie editing and picture filters and themes containing an application, you will never run out of editing options. This easy to use the yet powerful image and selfie editing application let its users enhance the beauty of their photos in few seconds. MIX is packed with all those features and editing tools that are highlighted in the Camera360, Facetune and likewise other photo editing apps. The latest version of MIX is now supporting for the advanced image editing as well because it contains the advanced image editing tools such as HSL, curve, split toning and much more. It offers over sixty ready to use effect enhancing texture overlays and picture filters. MIX uses the image post processing system so that every image first gets those editing that needs to be applied. MIX is simply the best photos and selfie editing apps that is more centric on filters and themes.

/facetune-2-what-is-cleanse/. Face Change apps – In the past few weeks you may have noticed that sharing photos with modifications to the face has increased considerably on social media. Much of this is due to the success of FaceApp, a controversial application that includes a gender change filter.

However, it is not the only alternative for you to have fun with your photos or those of your friends. In the Play Store there are dozens of apps with similar functions, but many users are unaware of its features. In this selection, we have listed some of the most interesting alternatives for you to have fun with this feature.

5 Best Face Change apps for you to change your photos

1. FaceApp

Success in the past with an aging function in the photos, FaceApp went through controversial moments in 2019 when it was accused of using user data for unknown purposes. Despite the complaints, nothing has been proven, but the app changed its privacy policy and arrived in 2020 with a new feature.

Best free alternative to facetune

From now on, it is possible to modify the gender in the photos: a male face can become female, and vice versa. In addition, there are other tools in the app, such as the traditional aging feature or the filter that makes anyone look like a child.

2. Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is one of the most popular beautifying apps for the mobile audience. It stands out for the great number of features it offers, allowing the alteration of the aesthetics of the face and providing tools to fine tune the nose or chin and even modify the style of the eyebrows.

Other very useful resources, but which should be used sparingly in order not to leave artificial photos, are teeth whitening and the removal of crow’s feet and expression marks. Finally, it is possible to make montages with multiple photos and share them on social networks.

3. AirBrush

For those who want to make specific changes to photos, applying color corrections and makeup filters, AirBrush is an interesting free alternative. Among the main features, the highlight is the removal of skin spots.

Facetune Alternative Windows

Filters, when applied in small doses, actually modify the image’s appearance for the better. In fact, when it comes to filters, the amount provided by the application is more than enough for you to have many variations. The results can be easily shared on social networks.

4. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Based on one of the best-known series today, The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app has a unique editing feature, but it’s amazing: you can turn yourself into a zombie. There are several variations of makeup that can be applied and the results are quite realistic.

Facetune Free Download

In total, there are more than 40 modification options that can be applied to the images. It is worth it for you to play with your friends and leave them with a scary face. Edited images can be easily shared on social networks.

5. Real Rage

How about applying bizarre and photorealistic effects to your images with just a few taps on the screen? This is the proposal of Real Rage, a curious app capable of significantly altering its expression, creating cartoonish effects, but with a realistic aspect.

Facetune Alternative For Pc

In addition to image applications, text, filters and frames can be applied to photos. Without a doubt, among the apps available in this list, this is the one that is capable of producing the strangest results. The software is completely free, but you can opt for the premium version, which removes the ads.

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