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Dirkjake shimeji shine 2 watch

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I have not tried the Shimeji mushroom raw, but most mushrooms I will cook. Cooking supposedly aids in preparing the mushroom for digestion by breaking down the tough cell walls. Shimeji Browser Extension.

Dirkjake Shimeji Shine 2 Watch

Sooo~ Here's a Jake Pitts (Guitarist of Black Veil Brides) Shimeji I made~ ^^ I think he came out alright~ o.o And he's so cute~
A Shimeji is a little desktop buddy that roams your screen. It doesn't really do much.. But it's entertaining and so cute~ X3
If you take a screencap with him in it, please link back to this Shimeji~
The Shime I referenced to make him is this one of France~ 8D http://lichtherz.deviantart.com/art...meji-180738701
How to download it:
1) Download the compressed folder from this link: http://adf.ly/bs6OI (Its an Adf.ly link. Wait 5 seconds, and then click the 'Skip Ad' button on the top-right) (Please note: It is a .zip file.. I do not know how to make it a .rar file)
2) Once downloaded, unzip the files so that you can access the folder and re-name files inside of it. If you do not have a program to do so on your computer, you can download one here for free: https://www.download-free.com/7-zip&source=ga That is the program I use lol.
3) Once the files are unzipped and you can re-name them, there are a few that you have to change the names on. In the main folder (Where the three sub-folders are) there should be a file labeled 'Text'. That has to be renamed ライセンス . Iinside of the folder labeled 'conf', there are two files, one labeled '10' and the other '43'. The one that's labeled 10 needs to be renamed 行動 and the one that's labeled 43 needs to be renamed 動作
4) Once that is finished, should be able to double-click the file in the main folder that says 'Shimeji' and has an image of what looks like a small face inside of a computer screen next to it, and a few seconds later the Shimeji should fall from the top of your screen.
If you would prefer a video instruction, I have made a tutorial on how to install them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtWxuFAIyM8
If you right-click on the icon that will show up in your task-bar, or even on the Shime itself, you will bring up a menu that is written in Kanji. These are the translations:
1 - 'Add One' - this brings up another Shimeji to your screen.
2 - 'Come here' - this makes all of the Shimeji come to wherever your mouse is.
3 - 'Only One' - this makes all of your Shimeji, except for the original one, disappear from your screen. Very useful if you find yourself being overrun.
4 - 'Being Back IE!' - this will bring your internet window back, if the Shimeji kicks it away.
5 - 'Goodbye' - this will close out the Shimeji.
Please let me know what you think of the Shimeji, and if you have any issues downloading/getting it to work~
I don't own Jake.. He belongs to himself~! But the Shime and the work done on it belongs to me~!
Also, if anyone is interested in making their own.. I used the guide here: http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.co...top-Buddies%29 to make mine~
If you take screencaps with any of my Shimeji and put them on FA, PLEASE link back to the shimeji's page? So people can find them? And send me a link~ I love seeing my little guys taking over people's computers XD
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