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Max out this base and you will see its WRATH. By: Zubby-TPM - FREE 20,000 GEMS IN CLASH OF CLANS. Steps for getting free Clash of clans account 2021. First Follow this – CLASH OF CLANS FREE ACCOUNTS LIST – Link. Select Any Free Clash of Clans Accounts available on the page. Follow the two-step instructions on the next page to ready free coc account details. A Free Clash of Clans account 2021 txt file will be ready to Download. First of all download, the Clash of clans hacks file from the following links. Backup your original game and then uninstall the original game. Install the hack file that you install from this website. Wait few minutes and after fews minutes your coc hack is install on your device. Enjoy enjoying amazing features. To track progress on the Builder Base, use Pixel Crux's Clash of Clans Builder Base Progress Tracker. Getting Started. To get started, select your current Town Hall level in the next module. This will enable other modules that correspond to the buildings, troops, spells, and more that you can have unlocked at that Town Hall level.

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RikuVehTH9 Trophy Base7 years ago36290 / 0
You Can´t Beat This Base.
97%93% 28/30100% 44/4492% 24/26100% 250/250
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Defense:Mortar, Air Sweeper
Traps:2 Skeleton Traps
Strategy Tips
Update:97% Complete, Air Sweeper Not Added, Dark Spell Factory Not Added
War:Clan Castle troops are not lureable by 1.51 spaces
Trophies:Closest Drop Zone to townhall is 17 spaces
Guide to Stats: What are they & How to use them
Total DPS:263615162228
Single DPS:244313232068
Splash DPS:193193160
Land DPSTotalSingleSplash
Dark E:57252151
Air DPSTotalSingleSplash
Dark E:103299240

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