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Clash of Clans Hack Tool No Survey Mac

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Our team have discovered a glitch or in simpler term a loop hole in the servers of Clash Of Clan. Now you can add unlimited amount of gems, elixir, points to your game and impress your friends. Ever wonder how those people level up so fast and keep attacking your village, probably because they used our hack tool which increased theirgems, points, elixir, resources, shields. Now you can also level up fast and attack other's villages and impress your friend. Never seen before hack, our team worked day and night to bring this hack for you. So act fast and download it before it gets patched.

How It Works ?

Clash Of Clans Hack No Survey

  • Desktop Application(Recommended)
  • Online Hack Tool(Currently Not Available)(Patched)

Windows Application :

Basically it is a desktop application for Windows, that is extremely light weight and very easy to use. First you need to download it and run it on administrative permission. Now you need to plug your Android or IOS device to the PC. Once you have plugged your device and entered the amount. Our application will send a GET packet to our server and our server will inject that packet into Clash Of Clash's server through the loop hole we have discovered. You can add any amount of Gems, Elixir, Points. Once the packet is injected into Clash Of Clan's server it will take 24 hours to update it to avoid the suspicion.

Online Hack Tool : (Patched)

It also works the same way as windows application but it does not require to download anything. It is for them who don't trust us. It also sends a GET packet to our server and that GET packet is further injected into Clash Of Clan's server but in Online Hack Tool it take 48 hours to update because it's risky to directly inject packet into Clash Of Clan's server.

Proof :

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Clash Of Clans Hack No Verification Or Survey

Screenshot Of Application :


Hack Features :

  • UnlimitedGems
  • UnlimitedElixir
  • UnlimitedResources
  • UnlimitedGold
  • Works WithWindows, Android, iOS
  • No Root/Cydia/Jailbreak Needed
  • 100%Undetectable And Safe

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