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There comes a time in your life as an iPhone photographer when you realize that you need more than a pretty filter to create a memorable image. Whether you’ve been photo-bombed by your neighbor’s dog, need to get rid of an unsightly mess, or just want to change a photo’s background, you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s an app for that!

Or you can use your own photos. Sometimes you’ll make a mistake while removing a background. You can restore the original thanks to the transparent green layer that follows your movements. You can find it both in the iTunes app store, and Google Play. One of the biggest cons, of course, is the device limitation. Hi guys, In today’s video, I am going to show you how to remove the background of any photo using Photoshop Express Editor. I hope you guys like this video.

How To Change Background With Facetune

Photo background apps come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus solely on erasing and changing photo backgrounds, while others are part of a more extensive photo editing app. Here are the best background photo editors for iPhone.

The top photo background apps for iPhone

Want to make a little change to your photo’s background to make it worthy of hanging or sharing on social? You can do that with the apps below. Want to create a whole new background to make your photo stand out? You can do that, too!


Download some of these awesome photo background apps and start experimenting:

  • Magic Eraser Background Editor
  • Superimpose
  • Cut Paste Photo & Blend
  • Facetune
  • Background Eraser
  • Background Editor +
  • LightX Photo Editor

Anytime you edit a photo, you often create numerous duplicates or similar copies of the same shot. Save space with Gemini Photos, which will detect similar shots and delete them quickly and easily.

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Magic Eraser Background Editor: Simple tool to remove a background

Magic Eraser Background Editor lets you remove the background of a photo in just seconds before saving it as a jpeg or png to your camera roll. The Magic Wand feature lets you quickly block out similar background colors for removal. Deer hunter 4 download. You can also cut out and save transparent images so you can use them later in other photos, videos, documents, slide shows, and more.

Video tutorials are available on Magic Eraser to help you get started. The basic version is free, and the premium version is $9.99 after a three-day free trial.

Superimpose: Perfect for combining two photos into one

Want to combine the subject of one photo with the background of another? Superimpose makes it easy to do. Simply load a background image and a foreground image into the app, mask out the portions you don’t want in your photo, smooth the edges, and adjust the colors as necessary. You can even create a shadow onto your new background for a more realistic look. Superimpose may be the best $1.99 you’ll ever spend on a photo editing app!

Cut Paste Photo & Blend: Great app for blending photo backgrounds

The free version of Cut Paste Photo & Blend offers some great stock backgrounds, a masking tool, stickers, quotes, text overlays, and cropping tools. More than 25 tools allow you to blend foregrounds and backgrounds for a realistic look. Once you have created your new photo, it’s easy to save and share to all of your social media accounts. For an additional charge, you can unlock extra backgrounds and stickers.

Facetune: Blur the background of your photo on iPhone

Facetune isn’t exactly a photo background app. It is used mostly to perfect portraits by giving people smoother skin, fresher makeup, and a more penetrating smile, but it’s also fabulous for blurring backgrounds to help call attention to the subject of a photo.

This app is great for portraits and even selfies, and even if you don’t use the more drastic face-altering tools, you can easily add depth of field to almost any shot. Facetune isn’t free but is well worth the $3.99 price tag.

Background Eraser: Change backgrounds in a flash

With more than 100,000 positive reviews, Background Eraser is one of the easiest apps for changing photo backgrounds. Similar to the Magic Eraser app mentioned above, you simply mask off the foreground, use the eraser tool to erase the background, and superimpose what’s left onto the background of your choosing.

Background eraser also comes with a decent photo editor so that you can adjust saturation, highlights, shadows, and more without using a separate photo editing app. Background Eraser is free to use but costs $9.99 to use without ads.

Background Editor +: Simple photo retouch and background blur for iPhone

Not only does Background Editor + provide powerful editing tools, but it also allows you to change and remove backgrounds, use selective coloring, and blur parts of your photo for different artistic effects. You also have access to 70-plus filters and intuitive editing sliders.

With Background Editor +, you color the area you want to keep and then change your background entirely. Or you can simply blur out the parts that you don’t want to highlight. Background Editor + is free with in-app purchases.

LightX Photo Editor: Background changer with photo effects

This is a fun and all-encompassing photo editor that includes an easy background changer for iPhone. Edit photos with advanced tools like color mixing, vignette effects, and a variety of photo filters.

How To Change Background Color On Facetune

To change your background, all you have to do is use the cutout tool to superimpose your subject on a background photo from your Camera Roll. To make things even easier, you can choose from ready-to-go backgrounds and add them to your photo with a few swipes. LightX is free to download but includes in-app purchases.

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Ready to try some more advanced editing on your iPhone photos? It’s easier than you think with these handy photo background apps, which are perfect for all types of photography.

Can You Facetune Your Videos? Yes, You Can.

*********************** Updated, July 28th 2020 ***********************

You Asked, We Built It.
Facetune Video is out now on the App Store!
we’ve Created a video editor specifically for retouching Your selfie videos!
Check it out.

It's never been easier to retouch your selfie videos.
Install Facetune Video Now.


The short answer is – yeah, there’s a way. You might call it a hidden feature, but there’s actually a live camera within Facetune2 that you can use to shoot a selfie video and use your favorite tools right there on the video: Smooth, Whiten, and Details. You can also tweak the size of your nose, mouth and height to even out the distortion caused by your camera. That’s right, a Kylie Jenner pout can be yours — live on video, no Botox or sucking on bottles required.

What’s The Catch?

What you can’t do, is “facetune” a video after the fact, but you can shoot it live. Don’t let that discourage you, thought, because facetune for video is actually our #1 user request and…we’re listening. If you’re dying for a selfie video editor, we want to hear from you! Shoot us an email here: [email protected] with Facetune Video in the subject line.

Ok, that’s great, you’re saying, maybe I’ll be in touch — but how can I work with what’s available right now?

Here’s Exactly How To Facetune Videos

  1. Open Facetune2. Don’t have it on your phone? Get it here.
  2. Next, tap the camera icon along the top. Now you see your mug live (hey gorgeous, heyyy), and under that, a slider. Underneath that, there’s a set of retouch tools just waiting for you to try them on.
  3. Now, tap any of the tools and adjust their effect by sliding the slider to the right – and watch the magic happen.
  4. Once you have the look you love and you’re ready to record that selfie video (velfie?), hold down the circle button. If all you wanted is a photo, you can just tap the circle button just once and take a facetuned pic – but that’s not why we’re here.

Go Tell Everyone You Know

In 2020, taking a good selfie is crucial to a smart social media game and now it’s easier than ever to do on video, too. Use the Facetune2 camera as a foolproof “hack” for facetuning videos for Instagram Stories, or to Facetune TikTok content, or any time you want to talk to your audience and put your best selfie front and center.

Can You Change Background With Facetune On Computer

Your Selfies have never looked so good.
Install Facetune2 Now!

Try it once and all your friends will be begging for your secret. And although your answer to “OMG how did you do that?!” is safe with us 🤐, we encourage you to share the wisdom and help all your besties facetune their videos, too. You still get the cred for discovering how.

Change Background In Google Meet

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