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Reactive abnormal behavior is the convincing proof of immaterial suffering for the ethologist. We consider abnormal that behavior which does not correspond to, or is without object, which appears with sharply increased or decreased frequency, or which is abnormal in its motor pattern. Moreover, much reactive abnormal behavior manifests itself in stereotypies, i.e., the movement is repeated continuously in the same way. Among wild animals and in traditional forms of animal production abnormal behavior is unknown. However, it is encountered often in animals in intensive husbandry systems, and it can be demonstrated that abnormal behavior is actually brought about by conditions of husbandry. It first appears when animals are transferred from good to poor conditions of husbandry. When the conditions are improved the abnormality declines. Often, however, it remains to some extent for a prolonged period even after conditions have been improved. Abnormal behavior is then characterized as residual-reactive. The obstinacy with which the abnormality remains is a further indication that the animal is highly neurotic.

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Sambraus, H.H. (1981). Abnormal behavior as an indication of immaterial suffering. International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, 2(5), 245-248.


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The World of Abnormal Psychology
Created byDr. Philip Zimbardo
Presented byDr. Philip Zimbardo
StarringDr. Philip Zimbardo
Narrated byDr. Philip Zimbardo
Country of originUSA
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Running time60 minutes
Production companyAlvin H. Perlmutter and Toby Levine Communications
DistributorAnnenberg Media
Original networkPBS
Picture formatNTSC
Audio formatMonaural
Original release1992
Preceded byDiscovering Psychology
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The World of Abnormal Psychology

The World of Abnormal Psychology is an educational video series produced by Annenberg Media, which examines behavioral disorders in humans.[1][2][3] The series is hosted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University, who is best known for his controversial Stanford prison experiment.


This series builds on Zimbardo's first series Discovering Psychology and is often shown on PBS stations in the United States.[4] The series has been used in courses at seminaries,[5] and as a resource for teachers.[6][7][8][9] The American Psychological Association lists the series under Education and Psychology.[10]


The series has 13 episodes, each focusing on a different area of abnormal behaviour.

NoEpTitleOriginal air date
22'The Nature of Stress'1992
Examines the effects of stress on human behavior.
33'The Anxiety Disorders'1992
This episode looks at anxiety disorders.
44'Psychological Factors and Physical Illness'1992
The program investigates how health is affected by emotions.
55'Personality Disorders'1992
This episode examines anti-social behavior and other personality disorders.
66'Substance Abuse Disorders'1992
Research into alcohol and drug abuse.
77'Sexual Disorders'1992
This program analyzes various sexual disorders and their treatments.
88'Mood Disorders'1992
The program observes the problems and treatments for bipolar disorder.
99'The Schizophrenias'1992
Examines paranoia and other schizophrenias.
1010'Organic Mental Disorders'1992
Determines how the brain is affected by physical problems.
1111'Behavior Disorders of Childhood'1992
Investigates problems in childhood, such as conduct disorders, that can become issues later in life.
Various therapies for dealing with mental problems.
1313'An Ounce of Prevention'1992
The final episode in the series shows how people with disorders can overcome their problems with the right therapies.


Abnormal Production Date 3utools Free

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Abnormal Production Date 3utools Form

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